National ID? It’s NOT What They Say It Is – Shout NO!!

29 Feb 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA – By Binx101

Here’s an idea about National IDs – NO!!!  Consider that said in the monosyllabic intonation as  Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) when he was asked to reduce the size his multi-million dollar pork barrel “Bridge to Nowhere” in order to help out  Katirna victims – he shouted a resounding “NO!!!”

Well in this case, shout a collective NO!!  Say NO!! to any elected official -seeking reelection that supports this abridgment of civil rights and intrusion of privacy.  Say NO!! to any government that would encourage its citizens to controlled by such an invasive tracking device.

Our own Vice President, gunslinger Dick Cheney, won’t even play by the rules of his office regarding his public obligation to provide records ( See Time Magazine Story ) yet he supports National ID.  That in itself is enough to force a NO!!!

Here’s the ACLU’s take on this – view flash video – Sign the Petition, won’t you?


GOP Offensive Language : Destroying the American Image at Home and Abroad

-San Jose, CA – The Almost Daily Binx – by Binx101

Jack Kingston (R-GA): An example of the cancer rotting GOP

Jack Kingston epitomizes many citizen’s worst nightmares about our government. That being, that it is infiltrated by essentially unproductive irritants that treat our government and leaders in the opposing party, as enemies of our country. We, at The Almost Daily Binx, opine that Jack Kingston represents the low of politics. A Tom Delay styled smiling joke-ster that repeats platitudes and follows the orders of his political bosses with the precision of a blindly faithful village idiot.

Of late, his Billy Cunningham styled repeating of Barack Obama’s middle name is not onlyRep. Jack Kingston - R-GA offensive to Obama supporters, but rather points to another ideology of the Republican Party that offers offense to anything Muslim, or even Middle Eastern. It is offensive, un-American and by any standard, pure bigotry. The lapel pin controversy that this career liar has perpetrated is another example of his blind faith in following the orders of his party bosses who sent him out like human mine-sweeper. Of course, he’s ambitious and evil enough to jump at the chance.

Islamo-Facism ?

Not only an incredibly inappropriate term, but how did these freedom eating zealots get away with insulting one of the world’s most prominent religions? Well, they didn’t. It’s not only George Bush and his White House, but his eager, willing and dim-witted accomplices such as Kingston and scores of others, that have routinely insulted other nations, other religions and lauded the invasion of a Sovereign Nation and presiding over the deaths of untold tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, the displacement of millions of surviving Iraqis and the creation of the largest terrorist condition that this planet has ever known. Imagine of we condemned TV Evangelists because Pat Robertson has routinely spoken in a most un-Christian manner. Imagine -Christo-Facist? Bapto-Facists? Biblo-facists?

The list is endless of Republican counterparts that words are carried by C-Span all over the world. Vile words, insulting to Ally Governments and Enemies -without distinction. With a strong push to limit the Democratic upsurge in the next election cycle, the Republicans have stepped up their offensive language. It’s as offensive to at least half of the American population as it is to the world.

We’ve listened to McCain assert that those opposing the Iraq Occupation are cowards; regularly hear speeches where Dick Cheney simply makes stuff up, and the President of the United States actually unaware of the serious situation with the economy, insisting that we are not in a recession – as though his will were enough to make it so. But all these comments are punctuated with Islamist, Islamo, Islamish – or any other nearly unpronounceable prefix for terrorism, facism, extremism and killersism. It has gotten so awful that friends of The Almost Daily Binx have reported canceling business trips because they fear our Government has put every American at unnecessarily increased risk. They’ve also pitted Americans against Americans and created a dichotomy in the country that is unprecedented, unproductive and openly vicious.

GOP Will Suffer if McCain, Romney or Huckabee Represent the Brand

Truly, there’s no hope for the GOP in its present form. Many Republicans that we’ve been flagnotrepubtalking to have openly expressed that the GOP has no appeal to them any longer. It essentially started with Gingrich’s conflation of history and ideology. Tom Delay was an anomaly that has most career politicians unwilling to talk. Where do guys like Chuck Hagel go? How about Olympia Snowe? Reasonable politicians that didn’t subscribe to the extremist views of the insurrection that performed the coup in the GOP. They’ll get their party back, when the Jack Kingstons, the Peter Kings, the Norm Colemans, the Ted Stevens, the James Inhofes and Mitch McConnells are gone to start. This is only a partial list – but they certainly have their work cut out for them. Apparently, the panic is starting to spread – be on the lookout for very drastic measures from the GOP.

Dobbs, Snobs and Slobs

– 29 February 08, San Jose, CA – The Almost Daily Binx – by Binx101

Lou Dobbs: Challenges Ivory Tower’s – No, No, No … Not the “R” Word

LouDobbs_2Notwithstanding the fact that we are still very confused by Lou Dobbs’ stand on immigration, or for that matter, interpretations of his stand on immigration – we are very much heartened by CNN’s Dobbs publicly challenging Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. – and calling him out to debate the matter of “inflation” and the economy in general. Indicating by his invitation that Blankfein will be served as lunch.


Clearly a proponent of the G.W. Bush’s close-your-eyes-and-you-won’t-see-the-monster’ style of leadership, Blankfein is noted of late to having dismissed claims, including Lou Dobbs’ assessment that the economy is tanking. There is a reason for this silly refrainLloyd_Blankfein_Goldman from the orthodox rightist regime. Out of control Federal Debt – defensible. Gasoline at $4.00 a gallon – explainable. Inflaming inflation – arguable. However, using terms that depict precisely the state of the economy – TANKING – Outrageous! Blasphemous! Unpatriotic! Besides the fact that it is true. This is a danger signal that the most treacherous Karl Rove tactics; the most deceitful Dick Cheney misinformation; and the most disturbing malapropisms by the current Natural Born US Citizen President – cannot provide the necessary distractions. The middle class taxpayer is looking askance at the destruction the GOP has delivered to Americans and the United States, and they are armed with their vote in record numbers.



Neo-Conservatives Call on the Masters of Illusion

So the conference calls, the private calls, the emails, the nudging, the winking, and the whispers among the Illuminati lead, otherwise, reasonably intelligent and successful individuals, to be pressed into service for the cause of their ‘brothers-in-ideology.’ The ungrateful masses are expected to imagine reality is really a box of chocolates, even though material matters have begun to demonstrate the properties of inertia. To wit, the equal and opposite reactions of reckless economic policy, feckless domestic policy (with regards to people and places) and foreign policies that seem as though they have been ripped from poorly written fiction.


We recently witnessed the CEO of one of the globe’s largest financial machines, Goldman Sachs; speak with a similar smugness of America’s President. None of the White House team wants this word ‘recession” to be used anywhere. “Recession” is a word likely to sink the GOP faster than John McCain’s on-going (and very sad) battle with reality. What to do, send out the political troops, be they from Corporate Boards Rooms or in Congress, just like Blankfein, or his Congressional counterpart, professional Republican slime-thrower Representative Jack Kingston – (R-GA). Get the White House talk-radio action team like Sean Hannity and Bill Cunningham to disperse disinformation, Glen Beck. Take your pick from the conservative talk radio list and you will find incredible similarities in the words-of-the-day. If one were from another planet, it would be impossible to surmise that the US Government had been under sole GOP stewardship for six years prior to and including all of 2006.



Middle Grounders Awaken

Perhaps all the political strategists have missed the biggest point. The middle grounders, the ones that take the heat, pay the most taxes, provide the most productivity, buy the soap powder and formerly were the backbone of military, don’t believe the story anymore. More and more people are finally realizing that the theocrats, neo-cons and reckless corporatists posing as visionaries and pillars of ethics and humanity have truly been lying to the American public, misleading true patriots and pilfering our Nation’s wealth by creating another class of slavery.


This time the slave master is the corporate banking cartel in concert with the energy brokers. One does not need to be a clairvoyant in order to realize what has happened. All one needs to do look at the government spending money on a credit card for seven straight years. The credit card is co-signed by the American people. The current chapter of US history began seven years ago with money in the bank and great credit. Today … we are in severe debt and our credit has been discounted. Seven years ago … the mid-grounders were feeling hopeful. Today …we need economic stimulus packages in order to quell a riot on the White House with otherwise reasonable people, storming the gates looking for Bush – Cheney, chanting cries of traitor and criminal, seeking their heads on sticks.




Blankfein will be a No-Show

They will not permit Lloyd B. to accept the challenge from Dobbs. There’s no upside for anyone on his team … certainly not Goldman Sachs, definitely not the White House (they already have enough renegade talkers over there that don’t have a clue) and clearly not the Republican National Committee which is going to have a wholesale consumer revolt on their hands, less the enslaved gerrymandered political appellations , come this November.

MSNBC: Dumming Down Dem Debates

by Binx101 – San Jose, CA-27 Feb 08 –

MSNBC - Debate - Clinton_Obama

Brian Williams and Tim Russert presided over, what is hopefully, the last debate for a while. Far be it from us to discount the value of watching potential Presidents debating in action; however, the questions developed by the moderators were derived entirely from the campaign rhetoric without any probative value.Obama_Clinton If one follows the campaigns, one already knew the nominees responses. So? what was the point? Was it to see how well they would do their lines? With all due respect – crazy Uncle Nunzio could have come up with the same questions. Here’s some we heard last night:

“Eh, how about the picture in his pajamas !!!”

“Oh, now tell him shame on you to his face !!”

“Kid, you really think you got as much experience as the nice lady?”

“When we went on strike, my wife Rosa, rest her soul, taught the other wives in the local how to prepare for the strike and then how to get through it. Everyone recognized her as amazing. Do you think she could drive a locomotive?”

“Fahgettabowdit, what’s with the insurance talk What happened to health-care? All you they talk about is coverage. Didn’t you guys go to school? In the insurance racket – someone has got to lose, but its never the company. Aren’t enough of us losing now ?? How in God’s name did you convert this issue to insurance? We need a health-care for people who work hard. Charge them for the health-care they use – forget about insurance!!!”

About this time, we encourage Uncle Nunzio to go back to his room and listen to a little Julius La Rosa. Plus the fact that striped sweater that the kids bought him for Christmas makes him look like he’s on a chain gang – but don’t confuse crazy with stupid.

So Tim Russert, using Al Jolson hands sans white gloves, repeats himself, russert_debate1.jpgurging the candidate to commit to something, even if its irrelevant.

Wouldn’t you have been blown away if he asked the Uncle Nunzio insurance / health-care question? Maybe asked Barack to elaborate on the Rezko matter?


Brian Williams, certainly he’s a nice guy too, but he causes spontaneous narcolepsy when he takes 50 seconds to ask a 3 second question. Another fan of Jolson hands,williams_debate he has to tell us that he’s going to read something and then read it. Didn’t anyone tell these guys that they are on television? We can see them reading. This isn’t a 1927 radio broadcast.

Then there is the debate coverage analysis which should more appropriately be aimed towards analyzing the moderators and how they squandered a perfect opportunity to ask two very bright and capable candidates questions that weren’t memorized – the way kids know the remaining candy in the big bowl a week after Halloween.

Frankly, form our perspective, we’ve learned a lot more from listening to the Senators Clinton and Obama speak to crowds or one-on-one interviews than any of the debates have provided. The silly semantics involving Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement of Obama were a waste of time and revealing about some of Clinton’s experiences. It reminded us of the airplay that “the definition of is” got for Bill Clinton just over a decade ago. Obviously, Hillary beginning to see a waning of the Black support she had previously commanded would pipe up in some manner – it just didn’t seem relevant to incredible opportunity to ask these two candidates revealing questions of principle, rule-of-law, immunity, our military preparedness, States rights, the Supreme Court etc… How about what they would be looking for in Cabinet choices? Attorney General? Joint Chiefs?

Perhaps it’s just us – we wanted to hear something new. We don’t need to hear from the NBC News-talkers – we wanted to hear responses to well thought out intellectually stimulating questions. What we got was debate for dummies, largely because of the moderators. The Candidates are clearly intellectually capable – the moderators seem to be either terribly scripted, constrained by management or simply less than imaginative. As far as we’re concerned – leave the millionaire talking heads to sell soap powder and provide some depth next time. Please?

NYT McCain Story : It’s About Ethics, Not Antics

Far be it from us to congratulate the New York Times for a finely written article <here> without mentioning the fact they didn’t write a ‘s-expose’ as the talking heads would have you believe. No, it was a story about ethics, or lack thereof. It was a reminder about his brush with the Savings and Loans, his imprudMcCainence (described by a supporter) and his ‘about faces’ that couldn’t be more precise if they were carried out by a naval drill team. The mentions of Ms. Iseman were as brief as they were benign, except that’s where the noise-makers want to focus this news-maker.

Campaign and supporters calls of foul or unfair are silly and disproportionate. It is the spinning commentators that have turned this into a s-expose, not the NYT. But to listen to the disjointed pleas from some of the ex-communicated neo-con talkers, the times article is an unprecedented breach into the personal life of John McCain without substance or justification.

Frankly, we’re not sure what article they read – but the article that we read and linked above – makes a much more damning claim about John McCain’s professional indiscretions and curious reversals on ethics legislation. Then again, it must be a lot more comfortable to complain that John McCain is being accused of having an affair (of which there is little or no proof) as opposed to complaining that John McCain has some serious ethical inconsistencies ( which are readily confirmed.)

Hillary Campaign Fatal : Political Suicide Bombing – Blasts Obama Hope Message –

Call us cynical but it seems that Hillary Clinton’s advisers have and are doing a very poor job of interpreting feed-back or for that matter – keeping up with current events.  Last week’s rebuke of the Obama flyer challenging Hillary on issues (NAFTA to be specific) has been around for quite a while, in fact, long before the last debate.  It is difficult enough to complain about factual references to actual positions, but to recapture the moment weeks later, as though it was just discovered is a new low in strategy.  The lowest point though, may have been invoking the name of Karl Rove.  It seems this latest rant may in fact be the death rattle of the Clinton Campaign.

Two important considerations.  If the Campaign reaction was mere theater – the campaign advisers are terribly off-the-mark in distinguishing opportunities from quick-sand.  If, however, this rebuke of Obama’s flyer as direct challenge to candidate Clinton’s positions is because they just discovered it – then the noise we heard was the death rattle of an incompetent campaign.  In either case – Hillary in negative mode is not inspiring.  While she may be a very smart and good person – her tactics are desperate and reckless.  If this is an example of Hillary under fire – this is not a keeper for the resume.  Further, her campaign’s distribution of Obama receiving a gift of Kenyan garb, is not unlike pictures of a long list of US Presidents and Politicians traveling the world, wearing headdresses, kimonos, robes etc…   If this is the experience that Hillary Clinton wants to share with the US electorate – it seems we’ve had nearly 8 years of that kind of disingenuous and nefarious negative rumor manufacturing.

When Hillary Clinton, unusually energized by the sound of her own voice, began mocking the Obama movement – mischaracterizing the freshman Senators message of hope, volunteerism and the importance of commitment by citizens – she may have pulled the plug on her own campaign hopes.

Clinton’s position that Obama is feeding the public a fairy-tale deadly dangerous.  Her explanation that she knows how bad the special interests have a hold on Washington seemed to be rather resigning in her reluctance to rock the boat.  We think that Hillary’s choice will have resounding negative effects, immediately.   Not the least of which is the alienation of centrists by her mocking of those moved to action by Obama’s inspirational words.  The Clinton camp’s use of Fox News’ description of ‘lofty rhetoric’ may come back to bite.  Her latest rebuke was hardly recognizable as coming from the promoter of “It Takes a Village.

This divisive and combative approach of attacking strengths, as described by the corporate press – may make good reading – but not a good strategy when you don’t have willing accomplices in Government and the Press.

Clinton Defeating Clinton

This past week’s Xerox comment, notwithstanding, it seems that Hillary Clinton is not getting the reactions she had hoped for when crying foul. Just days after accusing Obama of plagiarism for using a line offered by his campaign co-chair – Clinton cried foul in Ohio when the Obama campaign used Newsday’s words describing Clinton’s original support of NAFTA, asserting that she felt it was a ‘boon’ to the economy. Ohio, a State particularly hurt by NAFTA, is the scene of this skirmish.

Clinton has been vociferous in pointing out that it was Newsday that used the term ‘boon’ and that she never said it. Newsday has also added that they felt the Obama information suggests that it was Clinton’s choice of words, not Newsday’s. Baseline volleys aside, while claiming foul as to Obama’s tactics – Clinton responded with suggestions that Obama and George W. Bush are very much alike and delivered an ear splitting, grimace producing “Shame-on-you-Barack-Obama!”

Whether, this evoked ‘AttaGirls’ from Clinton campaign elite or not – The Almost Daily Binx feels very strongly that campaign combat is very revealing about the candidates. We also think that by using the obviously canned ‘Xerox’ comment the other night, coupled with this overreaction – many Ohioans sitting the fence are going to be offended by the panicky nature of Clinton’s rebuke and attack. Particularly in the wake of Fox News-Talker – Bill O’Reilly -and his casual and highly insensitive reference to ‘lynch party’ referencing Michelle Obama. O’Reilly may very well be an argument against human cloning, however, his astonishingly glib, dismissively insincere and highly aired apology may have also created a sympathetic electorate. The conditions of which are effortlessly made worse by Clinton’s intoning the dissonance of anger while delivering speeches.

Hillary Clinton closed the debate this past week on a high note -that appeared very sincere – Barack and Hillaryand followed it 2 days later with harsh and not carefully considered words. Perhaps, as many newsies reported, her debate closing comments seemed very much like the missing concession speech after the Wisconsin primary. Perhaps the pressure of coming in second in a 11 straight contests has caused some serious worry in the campaign. Needless to say, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has engineered a series of tactical missteps. If this latest barrage was designed to compensate for appearing too sensitive or conciliatory after the Texas debate – it was a terrible decision. Considering that Clinton has been very aggressive in negative TV ads and suggesting that Obama lacks experience just like GWB did – the “shame-on-you… ” plea could prove to be viewed as insulting to many Democrats.

The Almost Daily Binx predicts that Clinton may have very well defeated herself by pushing many off the fence into the welcoming arms of the Obama campaign because of her personal style and persona. And, Obama will emerge victorious in Ohio and Texas, not only because of the Obama enormous ground game of young volunteers, but because Hillary Clinton is using the tools of the past in a contest of the future. Her refusal to admit mistakes or bad decisions demonstrates a dramatic lack of humility. Her very aggressive tone does not serve her well. She has much more in common with the hubris afflicted POTUS than any innuendo she attempted to deliver regarding Obama.