Web 1.0 / Web 2.0 –

Yesterday there was an article in at Slate (http://www.slate.com/id/2183415/) by Daniel Gross entitled ‘Web 2.Over.’ Okay, cute, but what did the article have to do with 2.0. It’s the second article at Slate in mere hours that decries that a great number of people, (including the neo-Net-informed) regularly use terms for buzz value but without an understanding of the actual meaning.

The article was about a potential take-over of Yahoo by Microsoft, the economic strategy, the quarterly earnings and revenue projections … essentially everything that Web 2.0 is not. Once again, the unfortunate naming convention has research challenged re-defining the intended term. Couple that with a story of one of the monoliths of ‘versions’ and the reader is swiftly carried on whitewater raft ride to the new destination that is about Internet economics and nothing to do with the socially democratic ‘access and influence’ of Web 2.0. Actually a theoretical approach to the Internet that is generally agnostic. If it is overtly, or even slightly, directly connected to a commercial enterprise it isn’t Web 2.0 at all. It’s Web 1.0, home of the .com as in dot-commercial.

Web 2.0 is a methodology, not a destination. Therefore the article’s title is particularly confusing – how could Web 2.0 be over, when it hasn’t even begun in the subject of the article. Ownership is not the critical element to determine Web 2.0 consideration. It is the operational hierarchy at the public point of access that determines the denomination, not the shareholder list of the operating service provider.

And lastly, this isn’t to say that Web 2.0 can’t be used with the ultimate purpose of a particular commercial success – however in that context – there are risks associated in a Web 2.0 environment that empowers users in a dialog with the marketplace, that doesn’t permit top-down scattergun marketing, but rather relies on the vociferous influence of the actual market.


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