Ron Paul beats McCain in Maine

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“Ron Paul is primed to finish second with likely 35 percent of the total delegates.  In the actual election of state delegates the so-called “frontrunner” McCain is far behind Ron Paul.”

Here we have according to the Tennessean a candidate who doesn’t actually exist, beating the media anointed “front-runner”. Now why isn’t that news? I watched the news tonight. Romney and McCain got plenty of air-time, and Huckabee got a minute or two himself. But not a single mention of the name Ron Paul. I have to go to the Daily Paul to find out what’s going on with the campaign.

Any American who loves their country and wants even a small measure of truth should be outraged.


2 Responses

  1. It disgusts me to the point where every time I turn on the news, it triggers an actual physical anxious reaction.

    That being said; Ron Paul 2008!

  2. And no doubt – you aren’t alone – in fact, I have found myself becoming very angry at the important details that the news people leave out. There are some alternative sources that help too. For instance – Public television’s Bill Moyers does a wonderful job with guests. He’s had Kucinich interviews as well as Paul interviews. They spoke directly to their treatment by the press. These are generally interesting conversations without the buzz words. Whether the guests are political or not, it seems that everything right now is politics, because our Nation and the World needs some serious attention and their is a large goodness deficit. Unfortunately, a Nation that led an invasion of another Sovereign Nation is largely to blame for the current state of affairs. The rest of the world speaks about it that way … not here in the USA. Its all about … they made us do it … and then UN Ambassador John Bolton lays out the reasons and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice backs up the rhetoric.

    When it’s all done though – 2 of our Nations largest News outlets are owned by two of the world’s largest war / defense industrial monoliths, and a third by a media monopoly that owns broadcast, publishing and newspapers all over the world including one of the biggest in NY. Is there any doubt that the news from all of the news outlets is likely skewed.

    It began when the News bureaus went from fixed overhead to profit producing units with the same math required of the entertainment sector. How to do it ? Make it entertainment. Turn politics into bloodsport , turn disasters into nail biting splendor, replete with booming timpani and glaring horns. And … we buy it.

    News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS is my only reliable source for actual news. The commentary comes from thoughtful contributors and not celebrity info-tainers. Chris Matthews has is so far off the reservation he’s not interesting or even logical any longer. Tim Russert, Meet the Press, is no longer relevant. It seems very rigged – not at all revealing. Actually the Daily Show, Colbert, at least the entertainment is somewhat cerebral and based loosely on the truth rather than rigged news and news talk. After all, they’re just satire and comedy.

    That’s another reason why it is important to confine this blog to reasonable discourse – disagreement or agreement in a conversational tone and not a place to campaign but rather a place to discuss -what and why.

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