Election Results – Okay – But the Commentary Doesn’t Make Any Sense

binx101-1282.jpgWhat are they talking about ?? I’m actually still sitting watching some of the primary results from our comfortable home in Northern California, yet I’m whisked away into a rabbit hole as I listen to the commentary. Chris Matthews: “It seems that the debates impact the trend lines ?” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is spinning in his grave as if on a rotisserie, rebuking his creation Sherlock Holmes, as the cosmos is filled with the myth shattering frankness of Matthews’ observation. And this is only an hors d’eouvre. The main course is a work of fiction without a plot. Only two voices in the entire broadcast speak with some meaningful observation – Rachel Maddow and Tom Brokaw. The only two that don’t seem as though they are auditioning for an announcer spot at the Kentucky Derby. The only two that spoke about strategy and weren’t interested in the polling numbers versus the actual primary results or projected winners. The only two that didn’t look like they were measuring each word based on stage directions.

Then there’s ‘apparent projected winner’ – versus – ‘projected winner.’ This, obviously drummed up by the legal team at Rockefeller Center. Wait there’s more. Matthews: “Senator McCaskill, what does it mean to you that Senator Obama is the ‘Projected,’ sorry, ‘Apparent Projected Winner’ in Missouri. <uncomfortable pause> McCaskill: “Er … ah … it means that Senator Obama is doing as we expected <uncomfortable shifting on heels>. Keith Olbermann: “Senator, is their any apparent reason, any question, any concern that Senator Obama is ready for the job of President of the United States on day one?” Clinton campaign associate director also sharing the interview jumps in and says “Hillary is ready day one. ” I’m checking to make sure that I haven’t nodded off and dreamed some of this dialog. No such luck. McCaskill works hard to not scratch her head and responds with anything that would prevent her from looking at the camera while shaking her head in amazement.

I’m not sure what they are talking about. Super-duper-Tuesday, now a television event seems to be the only driving force.

Hold it, Chuck Todd, NBC political director actually shows a little math and rationale about the delegate count. Now at least this is a little bit encouraging, since this is all about the Super Delegates if the race is split in the manner it seems on the Democratic side. Never mind – Howard Fineman is now on the screen speculating and it’s having the effect of a sedative. Just more silly words like the one’s I’m writing now. What happened to Todd, he was making sense.
From the looks of things, Matthews’ has been exorcised by the NBC brass and isn’t spitting all over the microphone, but he does seem to be playing Lou Costello to Olbermann’s Bud Abbott.

I don’t know – Third Base.

Hold the phone – CNN – they are actually showing the results and what it means in terms of delegates and what it could mean at the convention. Uh-oh, Larry King is chiming in … that’s okay … they have Larry, we have crazy Uncle Nunzio. At least Larry wears pants.

Fox – well … now at least they sound like fiction. It’s apparent they’re just talking. The clue was using the term – ‘McCain’s surge’. That’s just wrong for so many reasons. I need to go to bed. Apologies tomorrow.


4 Responses

  1. Yo Binxy!!!

    I hope you slept well.

    Us East Coast types actually witnessed a miracle early in the morning. MSNBC’s Joe Scarbourough was actually discussing the delegate count.

    Kudos to Chuck Todd for actually sqeezing in the information, within his limited segments, about the process of the Democrat’s apportionment of delegates.

    From what i learned, at least for Democrats, I’m going to call it even.

  2. Oddly enough. CNN has been keeping a delegate count since before the Iowa caucus. Apparently, there was some delegate selection taking place that never made the news.

    The URL: http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/primaries/results/scorecard/#val=D

    (You might have to refresh the page after loading. Possible cookie issue)

  3. Very good line – “I don’t know – third base”

    It was pretty comical to surf channels yesterday in order to see the different corporate newsies falling over each other pulling out their new toys, sets and that guffawing. It reminded me of some other American tourists I saw years ago in England that also thought Sherlock Holmes was an Historical figure and Winston Churchill was a fictional character.

    That being said – how about that cool screen at CNN ??

    Great Blog – keep it up.

  4. As promised morning apologies –

    That CNN Link is terrific thanks Napazoid – and Watchline – that big screen at CNN was very impressive … and he apparently knew how to work it.

    I’m still having problems with Joe Scarborough – since after many years – there still hasn’t been any clear and understandable explanation of the intern that sadly died in his Florida office. I’m not saying that he was complicit – but it was enough for him to forget about running for office ever again. Then last October – watching him get his clock cleaned by Sen. Jim Webb, Scarborough got a lesson in Blackwater that was in complete disagreement with the nonsense he was positing on the air. Let’s say he was corrected and admonished for speaking without an understanding of the facts.

    Even here at TADB – we check facts.

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