New Feature – Coming Soon !!

Very soon – we will begin posting the Blog Novel – Yes you heard correctly.  The newest feature of the The Almost Daily Binx will be a Novel – published by installments and free.  Yes free to read, free to share and free to vent your rage, for there is no promise of meaningful literacy.  However, we haven’t determined if we’re going to feature the alternative reality format of Politics in the United Fates of America – or the truly enjoyable story of non-political but very bright mis-fit kids and their adventures in learning.  Right now we’re leaning towards the youngsters.  Mostly because our current reality is already a reach to comprehend – and satire would have to include Karl Rove becoming a nationally syndicated TV News commentator; or,  hermaphrodite clowns from outer-space that are enraged over the misuse of the color red on planet Earth and waging war on trans-gendered defectors known only as Kristol, Pearl and Bolton.

While as a general rule, we have more staff than visitors or motto is – well, truth be told, we don’t have motto yet … but you can count on the fact its going to be in Latin.


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