IRAQ War Over – No Further Discussion Required

Did you notice ?  No one’s talking about Iraq.  Oh there are a couple of tid-bits here and there, but its just not on the tongues of pols or newsies right now.  American men an women are still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan every week … and we’re not talking about it.  Why should we ??  We have Super Tuesday to talk about, how about that John McCain – and don’t forget that Mitt Romney has quit so as not to further hurt the Nation by yielding to Islamo-Terroristc-Jihadi-Banafana-fo-Fahdi – ists.

No mention anywhere about American men and women dying in Iraq.  Not from the pundits, not from the talking hairdos in front of green-screens, not from columnists, no where on the corporate media outlets of any significance.

Angelina Jolie got some coverage because she’s Angelina, but her mission is an important one- one no talks about.  Iraqi refugees.  The press is miffed because she won’t play with them.  The press so hates celebrities that won’t be celebrities.  Angelina is certainly no Britney.  Now there’s a play-ah!

Take a look at the AP word on  deaths in Iraq.  You’ll also find a link for Afghanistan.  So when they say a percentage died of hostile action – what?  The others died of old age ?   No not quite – but a glimpse at how ill prepared and un-serviceable many of our military assets are will start to clear up the picture.  Aircraft falling out of the sky, trucks breaking down or malfunctioning resulting in death.  Unsafe working conditions in non-combat areas … and then of course there’s the actual fighting that none of the corporate newsies want to talk about.

What are you going to talk about ??


2 Responses

  1. Donald Rumsfeld was right; at least about one thing. It has been a long slog.

    For lefties like me, the fatigue of the great fight to end our involvement in the misadventure that is Iraq, has been all-consuming. The hopes that I placed in a non-functional Democratic majorities in the House and Senate achieved in 2006 also make me tired and reinforces a rage of silence. Disappointment loves silence.

    What’s to talk about?

    Perhaps another Republican president looking for a military solution for Iraq?

    No. That’s not going going to do it for me.You might not hear me talk about it but you will observe me doing whatever I can about it.

    Not to talk of such things doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the service, with honor, of all who serve in the military. Their honor is in their service regardless of the how the Iraq occupation ends and in spite of the dishonor of the civilian chain of command that sent them into a conflict based on lies.

    No talking. No forgetting. Hold the grudge against the irresponsible powers-that-be. Take them to task if you will. Do what it takes. Make America ‘America’ again.

  2. Well said Nap.

    A morsel from the past came rushing to mind. Once tasked with describing ‘what distinguished America’ from other free nations, I remember struggling for an answer. The fact is I was sitting in class room, carrying 18 credits in full-time night school, wearing a military uniform from my day job, during very difficult times. Many of the folks my age were split between raging against the Viet Nam war or admiring those that did in secret, while publicly scorning them. Some of us were somewhere in the middle. I remember losing my faith, as it were, in America and Americans. Even if I had the time to hang out … I was a misfit, proud to wear my Nation’s uniform and shiny bangles but terribly conflicted deep in my soul.

    But soon something impressed upon me that America wasn’t quite a destination as it was a methodology. It included conflict, compassion and conversation. Sometimes conversion and cooperation, other times chaos and consternation. But always it was learning and growing. Always, that is, until it got very very sick.

    If it is true that “… all living things are either growing or dying” – the final sentence of your comment is the crown jewel of clarity.

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