Dennis Kucinich – Why Everyone Should Help Him in Ohio

Rep. Kucinich is a patriot. He is though, not very popular among: the neo-cons since he represents the Constitutional antithesis of their beliefs; or stalwart old school Dems because he is a thorn in their side – putting truth before things that are politically more favorable. He’s also not particularly favored by those that worked diligently to change the mindset of the American public to think that its Health Insurance reform we need – and not a complete construction of a Health Care system.

Kucinich has not shied away from one significant issue – even the deadly ones. To that end he’s fearless and tireless. He’s also done the American public a great service by displaying good humor, fine manners and not once – even in the face of insulting treatment by the corporate media, mis-characterization by alleged compatriots in Congress and virtual summary dismissal by the Democratic National Committee – has he ever whined about the treatment. He deserves our respect as Americans irrespective of his political provenance.

He went into the Presidential race with a commitment second to none. Endlessly trying to get the American public to recognize that the fundamentals of our Constitution have been obliterated by the current Presidential Administration. The facts are that there are scores of Congressional investigations underway right now, partly because of Kucinich’s vociferous and public ‘on the record’ comments.

The DNC however, sees him as an annoyance. A whistle blower. While his local Democratic leaders and supporters hold him in very high esteem – it is apparent that the DNC would rather risk losing his seat to a Republican than to push resources and support his way. I mentioned in a previous column that they taught Paul Hackett this lesson in 2004 in his race against Republican Jean Schmidt – most notable for her calling John Murtha and those that oppose the war – cowards. The DNC told Hackett – you’re on your own and didn’t lift a finger to help.

Let’s help an American Patriot and at the same time send a message to the stale, the distanced and the omnipotent Democratic National Committee – that our country and the Patriots are what count – not the befuddling lunacy that currently defines the Democratic National Committee. I’m not even wasting any energy discussing the polarizing and mobster style operations of the Harold Ford Jr. led, Democratic Leadership Committee. We’ll save those anecdotes for when they will be devastating only to the mobster tactics posing as leadership and not the entire family of hard-working Americans who are active politically.

Help Dennis Kucinich get re-elected in Ohio. It doesn’t matter where you live or how much you can help. What does matter is that he needs our help because the Democratic National Committee is working very hard, by doing nothing, to silence dissent. A fundamental essential to a free republic. Don’t let well heeled corporatists take over another seat in Congress

Please help an American Patriot who believes in the Constitution.  Kucinich has repeatedly asserted truth over politics – and he’s lived it.

Link to Dennis Kucinich Website

The comments in this article are editorial comments by The Almost Daily Binx, and should not be construed as approved by Rep. Kucinich 0r his re-election campaign.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the good words about a great man! I had the privilege of working in a small way for his two campaigns, this last time I was in NH for 5 days and it’s a real joy being around Kucinich folks.


  2. There’s millions of us that can help a fine American like him to succeed against an awful campaign being run against him. He needs our help and he deserves it. I’ve never met any ‘Kucinich folks’ but I did talk to his campaign HQ today. They were most pleasant and open.

  3. He fights the media cartel and his own party at the same time because he dares to tell the truth. Far easier to simply go with the flow and avoid the real issues citizens face. But that’s not Dennis. In my opinion he is indeed an American hero. Wishful thinking for him to be our president, but as such, he would serve our country well.

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