Bush: “I Don’t Agree with That!”

Say what you want about GWB, but if one can deliver that kind of believable sentiment to an inconceivable argument- he’s got choices for his next career. Among them; teaching method acting, or possibly, Professor of trickle-down economics at family friend Pat Robertson’s Regent University, as the Milton Friedman Chair.

Take the challenge – next time you have the date and time of a Presidential interview, plan on visiting your local TV retailer, and bring your Video camera. Do what it takes to insure that all the TV’s are tuned to the proper station – then aim your camera and begin filming the onlookers with the audio track of the president recording clearly. Watch the faces of the crowd react to our President as he actually makes things up. Just makes them up. There’s no need for ‘My Pet Goat’ or ‘Treasure Island.’ No need for references to actual fact. The setting is whatever comes to mind, and with an unusual halting style of speaking, our President begins to … well actually … he makes things up.

The Democrats are unmistakable. They are in their usual pose, just shaking their heads as though witnessing a small child misbehaving at the mall with his mother close-by chatting idly on her cell phone. Then of course, the middle of the roaders, you know the uncommitted, otherwise known as ‘I’ll leave it to the others and vote the way my car pool suggests’. They can be spotted with a constant flinching of the shoulders and widening of the eyes as they begin to realize that our President is apparently out of his mind. But the best is to watch our Republican friends. You know, that good friend that has always been a Republican, so about 7 years ago you decided that you just wouldn’t talk politics and harm the friendship. Remember how he started not to be so Republican after watching Sean Hannity spout disturbing commentary outside Terry Schiavo’s nursing home room – and GWB didn’t land on a FEMA aircraft carrier bringing relief and ‘Mission Accomplished’ to Katrina victims. And now, there he is, shifting uncomfortably on the balls of feet watching the television considering that Al Gore and John Kerry couldn’t be this dumb if they were in a persistent vegetative state.

The Congressional Republicans can be found, immediately thereafter, swearing to its (latest comments of the President) context or relevance. They line up in groups of four or five, looking much like little reenactments of Mt. Rushmore with podium and microphone. Often it appears they’re going to sing a barbershop number. They usually mention the White House, but rarely the President by name. Earlier today, NBC’s Ann Curry interview with Bush was aired. The President stated that he didn’t agree that the economy was adversely affected by the war in Iraq. Rather, his opinion was it was because “they” built too many houses.

Now here’s the absurdity in that Crawford switcheroo (no offense to the fine folks of Crawford except for the President) There is no war in Iraq. There never was one. There was bombing, and then their was submission to an invading force. Now there’s terrorism that was directly caused by the invasion, that was caused by a purposeful lie, that was caused by the man that was asked the question about the economy. A man who could likely face criminal charges and would easily be impeached ( if not removed from office) if it were not for the fact that many of our leaders find the cure to be more harmful than the disease. It is painful to describe the President of my country as a disease, yet cathartic.

The debt associated with the Iraq invasion is directly impacting our long bonds and the underpinning of our debt funded economy. We’ve mortgaged our Purple Mountains Majesty around the globe in order to not completely tank right now. Our President thinks we’re a corporation that can be bailed out by finding more dopes to buy our debt in a sellers market. And this is all while allegedly sober. Heaven’s knows this ole boy must have been a riot when he was ‘a usin’an abusin.’ The Larry the Cable Guy of Presidents.

Now of course the comments about the housing market – dripping with ignorance and deserving of a Three Stooges styled dope slap and kick in the seat of the pants. The reason, of course, that “they” built so many houses was because of the predatory lending practices that this Republican led Administration has championed and few Democrats and most Republicans supported. Not to mention the sucker punch with the change in the bankruptcy laws and how that affects recent property owners. But, alas, its so much easier to say – “they” built too many houses while NBC’s Ms. Curry, ‘hmmmed’ audibly pretending the President’s infuriating and disjointed assessment was an actual answer that had substance instead of symptomatic of mental illness that doesn’t even have a name.

This would be so much fun if it were fiction.


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  1. im not even going to get started about bush good post 🙂

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