Obama Connects the Dots : Clinton Draws Distinctiions

Party platform, notwithstanding, there is a lot of difference between the approaches of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. So much so, that this may very well be the most important popularity contest of all time. The breakdown of voters displayed by CNN is most revealing (for popularity purposes that is) even if the broadcasters are rightfully struggling to explain them. CNN has done the most to put the information in a simple and useful form. See the <CNN Election Center – Wisconsin Results > Likewise, John King, CNN Political Analyst did a nice job in explaining the trend lines and what they mean. He compared it to an investment in a 401K and it was actually a very simple an effective explanation. No doubt, in a society of diverse opinion, access and potential influence, someone will decry “foul.” Nonetheless, The Almost Daily Binx applauds CNN for delivering useful information in an effective manner – despite the fact that they domicile Larry King.

That brings us to the central point. It seems as though Barack is energized beyond the confines of the typical candidacy, is connecting with most young people and according to much of the information – white males in comparison to Hillary. Hillary commands leads, although narrow, over women in general but the definitely the 60+ group.

That being said, Obama is generating excitement and for the most part – Hillary is generating a lot of mixed activity. Now this isn’t a landslide but if Obama continues to trend in this manner, there won’t be any need for the convention other than unifying the party.

Wait! Unifying the party ?? No easy task.

The Democratic Leadership Committee is dysfunctional – The Democratic National Committee is all about seniority and a ledger of favors – general party politics accounting that is – Hillary Clinton for President is all about DLC/DNC and Obama for President is comparatively brand new. We’ve seen what the ‘party’ will do to those that don’t fall in line. I’ll bore you to tears with stories of them leaving Kucinich to face well funded opposition in Ohio … and what they did to Paul Hackett when he didn’t yield to the DLC and ran in Ohio. He lost to Jean Schmidt by 3.5%. He got no help from the national Democratic Leaders such as Schumer and the DLC crowd that support Hillary. With even a modicum of help – Hackett would have had a great victory -but – they didn’t like his anti-war comments and he didn’t seem like the kind of card carrying party guy the leadership was counting on … so … what to do ??? Nothing else to but – get the Republican elected. They’ve done it more than once. They even managed to assist the Republicans in getting Lieberman re-elected in Connecticut after he didn’t get the nomination by not kicking in to the race because it’s wasn’t important enough. Every wonder how Russ Feingold feels about that ??

Well, The Almost Daily Binx has great hopes for the next Presidential election if the Democrats don’t implode and rig the nomination for Hillary and cause a breaking of the party – don’t count on it – but don’t rule it out. If she were an apparent front runner – that would be something else. But, with the former President as her bull-dog and the coffers and support of the DLC at her aid – Harold Ford, Jr. falling over himself because of his aspirations in a Clinton White House – and the fact that Obama’s message is unifying in contrast with Hillary’s polarizing tendency – not to mention that Clinton represents the AARP version of politics and not the energized set – its starting to become clear that Obama’s plan to simply ignore the fact that Hillary is running is a useful tactic. It certainly has the Republicans energized because they want to run against Hillary. Simply stated, its their only chance to potentially win. Our opinion is that Hillary is beatable by a Republican – Barack is not. Then again – we’re only virtual.


6 Responses

  1. The days of the DLC are numbered if so much as one of them votes for Hillary in the election.

    We are coming for them and if they deprive us of our candidate, then they will be toppled from office.

    This is not ‘cult’ following, this is fury at Bush and a desire to have someone who will REALLY do the job of cleaning house inside.

    Hillary is not that person and most people (especially educated people) don’t believe it for a second.

    Her only remaining core followers are the ignorant.

  2. Mystic – you certainly said a mouthful.

    I’ve never once felt that the Obama energy is a ‘cult’ following. It is hard not to be moved by the expression of his vision and the grassroots support I’ve witnessed.

    Hillary, by the simple design of her campaign and the engineering of her strategy – is truly part of the past. She embraced the Internet with a resounding thud. Her initial messages were like home movies as well as uninspiring. If I didn’t know better I would have thought that the relic – Dick Morris – was feeding her ideas. The campaign seems like its geared for the AARP. Perhaps it is.

    Harold Ford, Jr. and the DLC – NOT a fan and while very young, he is a serious player in the DLCs game. A lot of Democrats seem to be in favor of ending the coup of our Federal Government at the same time they end the coup the Democratic Party. I’m afraid the Clinton’s are on the wrong side of this debacle, although it was their choice.

    We’ve withheld all contributions except those that go directly to Kucinich for re-election, some selective other Congressional Democrats and the Obama campaign.

  3. Mystic55: People of your mindset are opening the door for a Republican party win this November, and win they will if Obama is our party’s nominee. The last thing that the Democratic Party need right now are alleged members insulting “any” group within the party.

    One of the key characteristics of the Republican party that I detest most is their “labeling” of anyone that does not buy in to their bull…. litmus test for “membership” so to speak. They, at least do not stoop to your level of idiotic Superiority. When was the last time you heard a Republican refer to their own as ignorant, or old? Your reckless behavior is consistent with that of a zealot fool not even worthy of being called a Democrat.

    We put the “D” in democracy, and we don’t insult those who have carried the banner before us regardless of their age, or level of education. If you want your candidate to win, then do it like a real Democrat. The Republican Party will have you and yours, for lunch for the accusations that you just made in a General Election.

    Perhaps you should sit down and talk with one of those ignorant old uneducated Democrats who has “been here, done this before” They know that “real” change, long-termed “change” does not happen on demand. Nor does happen overnight as Senator Obama is leading many to believe. Excuse them for their cautiousness. They are supporting a more experienced “measured” candidate of change. You see, they have watched a few of their heroes in our great party die for them while trying to live up to their pledged of “change on demand” without the tools of implementation.

    The lives of my family members, my house, my car, my life savings, my very freedom as a American citizen is on the line. Son pretty words walks, and credentials talk here. A carpenter does not build a house, and then learn the trade. Too much is at stake for “the on the job training” of anyone seeking to become President of the United States. At least Senator Clinton has a record to bash.

  4. TN – It seems there is room for discussion without opening the door for the Republicans. I think the honest discussion and airing of opinions is a healthy thing – on the other hand, coming together at game time is very important too.

    Clinton closed yesterday’s debate on a high note of Democratic unity. The DLC is going to have lot of soul searching and revamping in order to be relevant to civilian Dems that have felt sabotaged by party royals.

    While I don’t share your choice and I could argue your reasoning – it is your choice and I’m glad you aired your views and consternation here. It seems, based on your sentiment, that you will support the surviving nominee, even if it happens to be the other.

    Am I correct in that assumption?

  5. tnwalker, you wrote:

    “When was the last time you heard a Republican refer to their own as ignorant, or old”

    You heard first right here. I’m a republican and McCain is about as old and ignorant as it gets.

    As an anti-war republican voter, I’ll vote for anybody except John McCain in the general election, except of course Hillary Clinton. I see them both as card carrying veterans of the same war-machine-team, representing the antithesis of everything I don’t. Hillary is a pro-war George Bush democrat anyway you slice it. There is nothing that either could say or do that could possibly win my vote in the general election, period.

    At this point, my republican vote will likely go to Obama.

  6. Barack Obama requires a double strategy in order not to be compromised by Clintons virtues. Regardless of such a effort they should get on mark towards their delayed democratic nommination. Most of republicans work or part is done and actually pirrated from the democratic new skills.Campign teem need to hide their mussles but fight hard on side of back doors before nomination.

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