NYT McCain Story : It’s About Ethics, Not Antics

Far be it from us to congratulate the New York Times for a finely written article <here> without mentioning the fact they didn’t write a ‘s-expose’ as the talking heads would have you believe. No, it was a story about ethics, or lack thereof. It was a reminder about his brush with the Savings and Loans, his imprudMcCainence (described by a supporter) and his ‘about faces’ that couldn’t be more precise if they were carried out by a naval drill team. The mentions of Ms. Iseman were as brief as they were benign, except that’s where the noise-makers want to focus this news-maker.

Campaign and supporters calls of foul or unfair are silly and disproportionate. It is the spinning commentators that have turned this into a s-expose, not the NYT. But to listen to the disjointed pleas from some of the ex-communicated neo-con talkers, the times article is an unprecedented breach into the personal life of John McCain without substance or justification.

Frankly, we’re not sure what article they read – but the article that we read and linked above – makes a much more damning claim about John McCain’s professional indiscretions and curious reversals on ethics legislation. Then again, it must be a lot more comfortable to complain that John McCain is being accused of having an affair (of which there is little or no proof) as opposed to complaining that John McCain has some serious ethical inconsistencies ( which are readily confirmed.)


4 Responses

  1. Nicely stated – I finally read the article (thanks to your lazy man’s link) and I couldn’t imagine that the news coverage has been disproportionate about the articles references of Vicki Iseman.

    If I had read this article without knowing that it was the same article of the last 5 days worth of news cycle, it would be nearly impossible to connect it to the news stories that seem to purposely miss the 99% of the article calling McCain a flip-flopper for hire.

  2. Thanks FT – It doesn’t seem though that many want to talk about anything else other than what may or may not have happened regarding Ms. Iseman. One would think that McCain’s Keating Five Alumni standing would be of more import.

  3. Binx
    Yes, “Some serious ethical inconsistencies” indeed.
    Campaign finance reform…hello?
    Fiscal conservative…hello?

    The only thing about McCain that hasn’t been inconsistent is his pro-war, pro-empire, kill them before they kill us first stance.

    He’s publicly stated throughout his campaign that we should have never left Vietnam. And just recently he said that we might have to stay in Iraq for 100 years.


    He’s running to the right of George Bush and is extremely comfortable with the United States continuing to be an isolationist, preemptive war, Rogue Nation.

    Who he did, doesn’t, or will sleep with is of small concern to me. On the other hand, his numerous examples of poor judgment is beyond frightening.

  4. “… running to the right of George Bush” – Apparently that’s the crew for whom he’s auditioning. Remember when George Bush uncomfortably mumbled the words – “human-animal hybrids” in rebuke of the Left’s position on stem cell research. I’ve got funny feeling we ain’t heard nothin’ yet when it comes to pandering for the neo-conservative Right, posing as clerics.

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