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– 29 February 08, San Jose, CA – The Almost Daily Binx – by Binx101

Lou Dobbs: Challenges Ivory Tower’s – No, No, No … Not the “R” Word

LouDobbs_2Notwithstanding the fact that we are still very confused by Lou Dobbs’ stand on immigration, or for that matter, interpretations of his stand on immigration – we are very much heartened by CNN’s Dobbs publicly challenging Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. – and calling him out to debate the matter of “inflation” and the economy in general. Indicating by his invitation that Blankfein will be served as lunch.


Clearly a proponent of the G.W. Bush’s close-your-eyes-and-you-won’t-see-the-monster’ style of leadership, Blankfein is noted of late to having dismissed claims, including Lou Dobbs’ assessment that the economy is tanking. There is a reason for this silly refrainLloyd_Blankfein_Goldman from the orthodox rightist regime. Out of control Federal Debt – defensible. Gasoline at $4.00 a gallon – explainable. Inflaming inflation – arguable. However, using terms that depict precisely the state of the economy – TANKING – Outrageous! Blasphemous! Unpatriotic! Besides the fact that it is true. This is a danger signal that the most treacherous Karl Rove tactics; the most deceitful Dick Cheney misinformation; and the most disturbing malapropisms by the current Natural Born US Citizen President – cannot provide the necessary distractions. The middle class taxpayer is looking askance at the destruction the GOP has delivered to Americans and the United States, and they are armed with their vote in record numbers.



Neo-Conservatives Call on the Masters of Illusion

So the conference calls, the private calls, the emails, the nudging, the winking, and the whispers among the Illuminati lead, otherwise, reasonably intelligent and successful individuals, to be pressed into service for the cause of their ‘brothers-in-ideology.’ The ungrateful masses are expected to imagine reality is really a box of chocolates, even though material matters have begun to demonstrate the properties of inertia. To wit, the equal and opposite reactions of reckless economic policy, feckless domestic policy (with regards to people and places) and foreign policies that seem as though they have been ripped from poorly written fiction.


We recently witnessed the CEO of one of the globe’s largest financial machines, Goldman Sachs; speak with a similar smugness of America’s President. None of the White House team wants this word ‘recession” to be used anywhere. “Recession” is a word likely to sink the GOP faster than John McCain’s on-going (and very sad) battle with reality. What to do, send out the political troops, be they from Corporate Boards Rooms or in Congress, just like Blankfein, or his Congressional counterpart, professional Republican slime-thrower Representative Jack Kingston – (R-GA). Get the White House talk-radio action team like Sean Hannity and Bill Cunningham to disperse disinformation, Glen Beck. Take your pick from the conservative talk radio list and you will find incredible similarities in the words-of-the-day. If one were from another planet, it would be impossible to surmise that the US Government had been under sole GOP stewardship for six years prior to and including all of 2006.



Middle Grounders Awaken

Perhaps all the political strategists have missed the biggest point. The middle grounders, the ones that take the heat, pay the most taxes, provide the most productivity, buy the soap powder and formerly were the backbone of military, don’t believe the story anymore. More and more people are finally realizing that the theocrats, neo-cons and reckless corporatists posing as visionaries and pillars of ethics and humanity have truly been lying to the American public, misleading true patriots and pilfering our Nation’s wealth by creating another class of slavery.


This time the slave master is the corporate banking cartel in concert with the energy brokers. One does not need to be a clairvoyant in order to realize what has happened. All one needs to do look at the government spending money on a credit card for seven straight years. The credit card is co-signed by the American people. The current chapter of US history began seven years ago with money in the bank and great credit. Today … we are in severe debt and our credit has been discounted. Seven years ago … the mid-grounders were feeling hopeful. Today …we need economic stimulus packages in order to quell a riot on the White House with otherwise reasonable people, storming the gates looking for Bush – Cheney, chanting cries of traitor and criminal, seeking their heads on sticks.




Blankfein will be a No-Show

They will not permit Lloyd B. to accept the challenge from Dobbs. There’s no upside for anyone on his team … certainly not Goldman Sachs, definitely not the White House (they already have enough renegade talkers over there that don’t have a clue) and clearly not the Republican National Committee which is going to have a wholesale consumer revolt on their hands, less the enslaved gerrymandered political appellations , come this November.


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  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. Lou Dobbs is coming to talk radio on Monday and will be going up against Republican propagandist Sean Hannity in a number of markets. I wish him well.

  3. Thanks RD ….

    Here’s the Lou Dobbs Radio Link –

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