National ID? It’s NOT What They Say It Is – Shout NO!!

29 Feb 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA – By Binx101

Here’s an idea about National IDs – NO!!!  Consider that said in the monosyllabic intonation as  Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) when he was asked to reduce the size his multi-million dollar pork barrel “Bridge to Nowhere” in order to help out  Katirna victims – he shouted a resounding “NO!!!”

Well in this case, shout a collective NO!!  Say NO!! to any elected official -seeking reelection that supports this abridgment of civil rights and intrusion of privacy.  Say NO!! to any government that would encourage its citizens to controlled by such an invasive tracking device.

Our own Vice President, gunslinger Dick Cheney, won’t even play by the rules of his office regarding his public obligation to provide records ( See Time Magazine Story ) yet he supports National ID.  That in itself is enough to force a NO!!!

Here’s the ACLU’s take on this – view flash video – Sign the Petition, won’t you?


One Response

  1. Isn’t it ironic that Obama, Clinton, and McCain each have recently had their personal information accessed illegally? Real ID will just put everyone’s info into a central database that will make it much easier to access, hack into, or unlawfully steal. Yet they all support the Real ID. We truly live in an idiocracy.

    “Ron Paul Is Strongest Opponent of Real ID”

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