Obama to Take Texas and Ohio – Prediction

4 Mar 08, San Jose, CA – The Almost Daily Binx – by Binx101


The Almost Daily Binx is predicting that Obama will succeed in both Texas and Ohio. It is our opinion that the Clinton advisers have encouraged Hillary to go-for-broke in an unprecedented series of politically dangerous attacks on Obama. This signals us, that Clinton, very experienced in political demeanor and consequence – has agreed to push all right now – or there is no point in continuing, despite the encouragement of up-surges etc… from Clinton stats.

We strongly believe that information from the corporate media is less reporting and more wishful thinking, in order to prolong the ‘news’ cash cow. Joseph C. Wilson, former US Diplomat, has been hammering away in a series of very unflattering and very disturbing rhetoric about Obama. While he’s free to do so, he has thrown huge doubt on his critical thinking or usefulness in the future to the Democratic party. For the most part, his attacks have been pure conjecture and opinion, supported by … contorted facts. We’re very disappointed in his style – not his choice – but his vicious, less than honest style, and his willingness to do so.

Needless to say, we will be very surprised, regardless of the damage the Clinton advisers are willing to do to the Party, that this will amount to a successful strategy. On the surface, it seems very simple – a meaningful popularity contest.

Who do you want to be the voice of the United States of America for the next 4 and possibly 8 years?

Who do you think is capable of building a better team?

Who do you feel is more likely to move us to a less polarized environment in the legislature?

Who do you think is likely to mobilize the youth of our country?

Who do you think is likely to deliver a Democratic victory over John McCain and the panicking Republican Industrial Complex?

We found that when people were asked these questions in a random poll – the answers were overwhelmingly favoring Obama. There a no public stats for our poll, it was not scientifically sound, nor was it conducted on land-line telephones.


6 Responses

  1. Joe Wilson’s latest article has Bill Clinton’s hands all over it. I have no justification for saying that but it sure seems like it. This is a shameful way of uniting the party.

    Your poll, as unscientific as you said it is, probably has a lot more significance than the corporate media polls that seem more like the Socratic Method than they do actual questions.
    They use the technique of an emotional screening test.

    It will be very interesting to see how this ends up today considering y our prediction.

  2. We can only pray.

  3. Oy !!! Predictions !!!!! “Take”, Schmake.

    Sorry to disappoint. But it’s 10:21 pm EST and with no results from the Texas Caucuses, just the primary votes from the 4 states – with the inclusion of the the commited superdelegates – I think we’re looking at a wash between the 2 Democrates.

    By that, a very close split of the delegates tonight.

    Pennsylvania, Anyone?

  4. We are amazed at how far off our polling data is from the actual results, thus far.

  5. Hey Binx.

    You may have been right after all.

    As you know, I’m the one naive enough to tell everyone that the only thing that matters is the delegate count. I’ve been this way since before Iowa.

    When the dust settles on this 4 state primary, and Texas reports its caucus results (maybe by Saturday), It may very well turn out that Obama was the net winner in the delegate count.

    Any bets on when we hear about it?

  6. Certainly not for the matter of being right – because this was never about wishful thinking – it was about the map and a small project of folks on the ground in both states.

    No doubt ‘we’ have EGG on our Bold Faces for having the chutzpah to suggest we could prognosticate, but you do bring up a great point. The math looks relatively straightforward – we do though, fear the mathematicians.

    The Democratic National Committee has an opportunity to do the right thing ; we’ll see. We were here before and that’s how we ended up with Super delegates.

    So how does Puerto Rico end up with more delegates than half the actual States in the Union?

    Indeed. Florida and Michigan come into play. Florida Gov. Crist (R) has already begun to have fun with the opportunity to have some fun by intimating that he’ll support the State spending to ‘re-do’ the Primary.

    We were wrong, no doubt – but we predicted based on our data which, although not at all scientific revealed a double digit lead by Obama in both States.

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