FL Republican Gov. Crist Not Telling True Story : Playing Games with Obama, Clinton and the Democratic Party

– 7 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, by Binx101


Gov CristHe’s declaring his opinion about Democratic Party matters, but omitting that when the Florida Democratic Party requested to change back to the original primary date, as to not violate DNC rules, the Florida Republican majority legislature blocked the measure and prevented it. Some may be tempted to describe it as lying by omission.

This surreal push to assist Hillary Clinton on the part of GOP powers and supporters ishillarycampaign.jpg compounded further by the close business relationship between Mark Penn, of the Clinton Campaign and Charles Black of the McCain campaign. Details can be viewed at the here at the Washington Post and here at the New York Observer.


Why not? First of all, it is the Republican position that Clinton loses to McCain. Perhaps they have more control over the candidate’s ultimate demise because of powers within their control.

The Obama campaign conversely, while not entirely free from larger supporters, has aObama rally huge grassroots roster that has just exceeded 1 Million individual citizens making smaller contributions, and highly motivated young contingent of volunteers on the ground. It isn’t the Ron Paul movement, but nonetheless, we have seen a lot of Paul supporters considering Obama as an option for this cycle.

ronpaulrevolutionThere’s clearly an easier sell to the Republican supporters as opposed to the Paul Libertarians. Again, this is troubling to the Republican power elite. The same power elite that closed ranks to shut out Ron Paul, with the help of ALL the other Republican candidates.

What to do ??

It seems pretty obvious to us. The Republican machine is vast. Long-time Republican supporters need to be reached. They can’t be reached if the Democratic contenders spend all their efforts fighting each other. They need to be leaders, and develop a plan to take the White House. Right now … it’s a street fight and it is needs to end on a high note with a unified party reflective of the people … not the power brokers. Even if it’s make believe for a while – it’s better than what we have now.


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