Hillary Clinton Going Negative on Obama : Republicans Outsmarting Democrats Again

6 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA – By Binx101

Clinton Understands the Math – So Does GOP – So Does Obama

mathSo do we and we’re floored by the lack of savvy by leading Democrats. Then again, we’ve watched them do it time and time again. But mostly, Hillary Clinton’s comfort with negative attack ads may be a cathartic for her … but is it good for Democrats. Well, obviously Clinton Democrats think that’s the case – but what about the case for party unity and fairness.

Clinton Camp Very Comfortable Negative – Obama Seen as Slow to Respond

Well, that was the buzz from around the talking heads yesterday – no doubt very carefully seeded controversy by the Clinton campaign. But is it actually fair to label Barack Obama as slow to respond because he doesn’t actually do ‘dirty’ very well. How can one use an equal amount of negativity in order to dampen Hillary without completely abandoning a message of hope?

He would be a fool if he played someone else’s game. Eventually, over the course of thechess.jpg next couple of weeks the dust will settle and calculators will come out. The Superdelegates are going to start resenting the aggressive arm-twisting by Bill Clinton and Hillary’s endorsement of John McCain will be viewed as the political threat as it that was intended, to new Democratic Party Upstarts. Memories of Boss Jim Taylor (second time I referenced this today) in the Capra Movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” come to mind.

Mostly though, the best possible response that Obama can provide is exactly what comes natural to him. It was only a couple of months ago that John McCain was not even considered viable. Yesterday the POTUS tap danced on the back porch as waited for the septuagenarian to find the White House.

Democrats Dangerously Divided

Would you advise Barack Obama to have a Hillary “shame on you” moment? We certainly don’t advocate it. We think the Clinton campaign can add just fine and they are waging this campaign in an effort to threaten the Democratic electorate into accepting a joint ticket.


The talking heads love this – without exception. Even our most trusted voices are shooting their mouths off like a crowd on the floor of NYSE. It’s bizarre. They haven’t a clue but now even the last hopefuls have offered their conclusions.

“Obama must slam back or he’ll be called a chicken ! ”

“Hillary can’t let up now – she’s surging!”

“The hell with the election – lets drive mid-grounders to the GOP!”

“Joint Ticket Now !”

Phooey! Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the same ticket is a long shot. They would look to be a complete mismatch in philosophy, strategy and in timbre. While she keeps hinting at it … the Obama message has been essentially clear, that it isn’t on the table by dismissing it as not under consideration at this time.

Democratic Strategy – Empower McCain??

Folks, that’s how Paul Hackett was denied a Congressional Seat in Ohio, How Dennis Kucinich was nearly thrown to the Wolves and how both Bushes were elected. Everything from Willie Horton, the Howard Dean Scream, Gary Hart’s lap, and Jimmy Carter’s Rabbit swimming attack, were brought to you by other Democrats.

The Obama campaign has been a delightful departure from the awful Dem on Dem bloodsport that so many of the career political mercenaries have created as a cash turbine for themselves., irrespective of the damage it does to the process. We also feel that it would be highly unlikely to see him tap dancing outside the White House with nothing to do but wait for a Politician. That’s like Crazy Uncle Nunzio waiting for the paperboy. Highly unlikely … indeed.

There’s still hope though.


3 Responses

  1. So far Obama has done a great job of staying professional and presidential when Hillary and co. have attacked him. But I wonder if he will be able to keep this up as the primary comes to a close. Hillary could end up running right over Obama and all Obama will be left with is his message of hope. It’s a great message, but is it enough to convince the ignorant populice that the allegations against him are false? we will see. check out this video about Hillary’s negative campaigning.

  2. Its very tricky – I think he can fight back – just not dirty – he’s got to fight back without changing his core message. That’s my opinion anyway. Thanks for the link.

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