Eliot Spitzer : Do As I Say …

10 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA, by Binx101

We Thought We Couldn’t be Dumbfounded Anymore

… a conviction against public enemy and interior decorator Martha Stewart

spitzer.jpgOh yes, it’s a private matter when the nation is informed that one of its more vociferous Governors of one of the most recognized States in the World, has just gotten his cover … suffice it to say that his dalliances in procuring prostitutes is no longer a private affair. Spitzer would be best served by not talking about it again. However, how will he avoid being prosecuted under the same law he so meticulously and endlessly pursued in order to get a conviction against public enemy and interior decorator Martha Stewart?

It was quite clear that the then Attorney General of NY State knew she didn’t do anythingMartha S other than what her broker told her to do. She wouldn’t take a deal to put him in jail so they retaliated. Just the thing one needs for one’s resume when planning a run at the big house in Albany. He even trumped-up the charges further by adding Fraud because she took the step, under the law, to declare her innocence. For declaring her innocence, he charged her with Fraud. Legal scholars around the country were shaking their heads at this and the fact that Spitzer was using White Papers about the economic impact of Mutual Funds as the connection that would make Martha Stewart an insider … which she wasn’t.

Well …. what goes around …. comes around (pardon the insensitivity) and considering the possible solicitation and Mann Act charges, we are truly dumbfounded.

Just What the Extreme Right Needed

“… the Democratic Party is like riding the Cyclone at Coney Island”


You know they will, since Hillary has received enthusiastic and apparently genuine support from Spitzer and the NY Dem Machine. What could she possibly say except shrug her shoulders like the rest of us. No doubt though, there will be jokes about phone calls with Hillary and Silda and the inevitable SNL sketch about the same.

The extreme Right can always count on a Democrat to hand them the help they need when they most need it. It never fails. We’re not energetic enough to post the montage of Democrats shooting themselves in the foot, or waiting until the last minute to tell their colleagues that they’re switching parties. Sometimes the Democratic Party is like riding the Cyclone at Coney Island.

(Special Thanks to Louis M. and Ron S. for the nudge)


5 Responses

  1. I just heard Congressman King call Eliot (client # 9) the most self-righteous person he had ever met.

    Maybe I am jaded but this type of behavior from politicians no longer shocks me. What I find inexplicable is the wife is always there by the disgraced politician’s side. I would hold my own press conference announcing my intention to file for divorce. The call girl got $ 4300 for this tryst. If I was the wife I would be mad about that waste of money as well.

  2. If I committed such an act, I could never bring myself to march out my wife to stand by my side while I confessed. How humiliating for her! He obviously cares not for her feelings..only the ability to show the world”See she is with me!” What a selfish unethical piece of garbage. If New Yorkers allow him to remain in office, it will say much more about them tahn about spitzer. We already know his character.

  3. Well considering your handle – Sola Fide – I found it highly commendable that you didn’t condemn him for his transgression but his rather selfish and inclusive act before the press. Very interesting point you made. It WAS very selfish to drag her into that wasn’t it?

    Unless of course, she insisted and felt that she could mitigate the ill effects on her family unit. In either case, his lack personal standards will certainly impact his future and further give insatiable corporate media more titillating stories to focus on while the current Administration is in the last throes, busily shredding the Constitution.

  4. “We’re not energetic enough to post the montage of Democrats shooting themselves in the foot…”

    I’m sure you could muster the energy for a montage of Republicans shooting themselves in the foot.

  5. You don’t see one do you ??

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