Main Dish: McCain with a Side of Rice ??

-10 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA, by Binx101 –

She’s Definitely “Tested”

“… Condi stays the course.”

While she may be a long shot, one thing is for sure; she is of the most loyal members of thecondi03.jpg Bush Administration, right up there with pedantic Tony Snow, malapropist Andrew Card and the truly ‘tested’ (soon-to-be-pardoned convicted felon) I. “Scooter” Libby. Insiders regularly remark at the close trusting relationship of President Bush and Sec. Rice.

Understandably, the GAO or Congressional Hearings are not exactly the equivalent of water-boarding, but nonetheless, Condi stays the course, regardless of regular brutal battles with facts – Condoleeza Rice does not change her position until it is an official position. We defy cynical observers to indicate a time when Rice’s comments were at odds with the larger ‘Administration.’

Richard Land Pushes for Rice VP

“… suggested … Rice’s name as a potential vice president…”

This is isn’t an aberration, this is what’s being floated out there right now and the potential social justification to attract the middle ground that may be tolerant of McCain but attracted by the social change of electing other than the 44th consecutive middle aged through septuagenarian Caucasian male.

landrice.jpgCalling her “one of the most impressive human beings that Americans will ever meet,” Richard Land, president of the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, suggested Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s name as a potential vice president for McCain.” – Baptist Press, 10 Mar 08 Full Story

NYT Reporter Phlip Shennon’s New Book Tells a Different Story

“… terrorist threats were simply not an issue …”

Excerpt from Shennon’s Book – The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Commission -“Either she committed nothing to paper or email on the subject, which was possible since so much of her work was conducted face-to-face with Bush, or terrorist threats were simply not an issue that had interested her before September 11. Her speeches and public appearances in the months before the attacks suggested the latter.”

There is an excellent Slate Article -here- that also has a link to a sizable excerpt from the book at the Sidney Morning Herald. Use this link to print the large excerpt if the link is no longer working at Slate.

Mum is the Word

“… she’s had the most retaliatory dominance of any Secretary of State in US History. Homeland Security – the ultimate campaign accessory. “

Not a peep from McCain, Obama or Clinton camps on the rumors. However, we suspectclinton, mccain, obama that even the beleaguered Corporate Media types aren’t going to treat Condi Rice very nicely. She’s been brutal to the press and while they’ve tried pay her back a few times, she’s always won. We haven’t had a free-press since Habeus Corpus was put into solitary confinement, and the Secretary of State is clearly an Administration Asset that would fall under the purview of Homeland Security. For a number or years, she’s had the most retaliatory dominance of any Secretary of State in US History. Homeland Security -the ultimate campaign accessory.


9 Responses

  1. Your articles are getting better and better. Very compelling conclusion. She is still Sec of State and in a campaign – Chertoff could be quite helpful.

  2. It was very good that you were able to write this article without slamming Christians. I misunderstood your point in a previous story and was certain you were going to go there. Now I’m getting it. I have to read what you write more carefully. I enjoy your perspective. This was very good, including the links. Thanks

  3. Dear 3.14159265 – thanks for reconsidering and your kind words. We love your handle.

  4. Man…I have no idea who is going to win this. Will go down to the convention. maybe legal contestations. fun!

  5. Legal contestations – Fun? Perhaps for the legal industry – not for the Democratic Party – the divide is quite dangerous now. The only mitigating circumstances are that the Republican Party is equally divided.

  6. The lead in the New Yorker this week suggests Rice as VP.

  7. Excellent article – thanks Vince.

  8. You are very welcome, Vince.
    I suspect that McCain will want a woman to balance the ticket, but not Condi. I think it may be Lynne Cheney, since this would let Dick run the country for another four years.

  9. very good article. thank you for sharing!

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