John McCain: Owned by the NeoCon Empire

15 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA – by Binx101

McCain Town Hall Meeting – Set Ups

“… Strawman dialogue currently under development at NeoCon hate laboratories …”

The NeoCon extreme right is going to start with their own version of  the ‘Kitchen Sink’. mccain-passing-the-buck.jpg For example – John McCain’s meeting in Pennsylvania  – fears that al Qaeda or another extremist group might attempt spectacular attacks in Iraq to try to tilt the U.S. election against him.  This was in response to an obviously planted question in Springfield, PA, regarding whether or not McCain is concerned about foriegn extremists helping get Democrats elected in the US.  Yes… read it again …. that’s what we wrote.

American’s better get used to this type of new Strawman dialogue currently under development at NeoCon hate laboratories all over the US.  This is only the beginning.  We haven’t even gotten to the actual contest … this is just the warm-ups.

McCain – Unfit for Presidency

“A combat pilot and a descendant of a long line of distinguished Naval heroes notwithstanding, we think John McCain is demonstrably unfit to be President.”

John McCain vociferously contested US use of torture, but then, as if out of the blue, changed his tune and voted against the torture ban.  Why?

The answer isn’t complicated at all.  In fact, its very simple.  John McCain has written in his own memoir and has been endlessly quoted about his personal experience, having broken warningmccain.jpgunder torture.  But alas, he’s also been very clear in repeated statements that torture does not work.  Okay then, which is it?

Our vote is that McCain is Mad.  Not Mad as in angry, not Mad as in Mad Magazine … no were thinking of  Mad as  in the Tin Foil Hat denomination. He’s a man of extremes.  Black or White.  ON or OFF.  Hot or Cold. Angry or Smiling. And subject to change his mind at the drop of hat, but more likely at the drop of check or endorsement.

We should be very afraid of a McCain presidency.  If one thinks that George W. Bush was the perfect front man for NeoCon masters – he’s a total amateur next to this genuine war survivor – who has actually done the things that Bush imagines he’s done himself.  He’s been in command.  A combat pilot and a descendant of a long line of distinguished Naval heroes notwithstanding, we think John McCain is demonstrably unfit to be President.

He’s changed his opinions with reckless abandon.  Can you imagine anything more clearly representative of dementia than John McCain, a tortured prisonerjm.jpg of war,  reversing himself and embracing torture as a viable tool of Democracy.  We can’t.  Further, we think its the big tip-off that the man has gone totally mad.

We’re not fooled by set-up Town Hall questions or an enthusiastic group of Neanderthals that think that we should occupy Iraq for the next 100 years.  Sorry – thanks for your service – but with all due respect – take a seat.


7 Responses

  1. I’ve heard many people (some of them republicans) say that our current Commander in Chief is the worst person to have the job in their lifetimes. That may be. But it doesn’t preclude the next occupant from being worse. As president, John McCain would be the most proactive accomplice the War Cartel has ever seen. The ultimate prize to the legions of corporate warmongers who fatten their purses by spreading fear, hate, division and lies.

    Yes indeed Binx, I AM very afraid of a McCain presidency.

    And it’s not a mental stretch to wonder if the War Lords are planning their third stolen election.

  2. Not once in this dialog have we used the word Republican. And that’s key to the plans. Just as the Democratic Party permitted other’s to define the party – the Republican party has succumbed to a similar plight.

    Many of our friends and neighbors of the Republican persuasion, don’t even realize that the Republican party has slowly been imbued with a radical religious undertone that poses as a Christian force. The dialog forces detractors to appear to chose between an imaginary partnership with a deity that is rooted in Americanism. Then by stacking the deck in the Supreme Court – in order to further obscure the conversion from Capitalism, which is essentially non-denominational, to Corporatism representative of the colloquial ‘Company Store’ concept, encouraging the government and its citizens to accept deep debt as akin to gravity.

    Just like George W. Bush, John McCain is more concerned with reigning over a Kingdom than healing a Nation and bridging its divides. The inflammatory language that these individuals have introduced into our National lexicon and the looting of our National treasury is the biggest con job ever perpetrated on US Soil.

  3. Who are the Merchants of War? Do they really exist? According to Aaron Russo, acclaimed Hollywood film maker (see Wikipedia), they do:

  4. Another issue regarding the US involvement in the region is the Trans-Caspian pipeline. We hear all the politicians talk about energy, global warming and a horde of inflammatory accusations beginning with ‘Islamo’ and ending with ‘Terrorism’ but no mention of US Citizens involvement with the purposeful shut out of Iran and Russia from the European energy markets Americans don’t have a clue about what America is doing.

  5. So we all saw that John McCain made a surprise visit to Iraq ?? Surprise ?? The press has been talking about it for a week, including the fact that Sen. Deputy Dawg and Sen. Boo Boo Bear would be in tow.

    Seems to my like home team advantage. No one really buys the fact that this isn’t about photo ops and bolstering a campaign do they? Nice use of public funds to aid the campaign.

  6. interesting how he is still vying to prove his conservative credentials. dead is the maverick. alive is the wannabe republican. notable that he is still trying to shore up the bush/republican base instead of positioning himself for the general.

  7. Vote for McCain or the terrorists will eat your children!

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