Obama Speech: Poised, Precise, Powerful

-18 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx101


 “… the very first word that passed his lips was ‘We.’ “

“We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.” This was the first line spoken during the recent speech of Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama – the first sentence of the preamble of the U.S. Constitution.  One would be hard-pressed to find a self-sustaining piointing-obama.jpgmoderately competent individual that wouldn’t be listening keenly to the words to follow with a degree of patience.

In our opinion, this is what sets this leader apart from the field, by a wide margin.  In the heat of controversy, all of which is about other people’s words or other people’s deeds, Obama managed to capture attention by leading not only with an historical American epistle, but the very first word that passed his lips was ‘We.’   The Preamble to the Constitution is recognizable to Amreicans devoid of politics or heritage and the mere simplicity set the tone for a speech that was not about outrage – but about understanding.


“The new visibility, may just impact the reality of the heavily Clinton favored Pennsylvania primary, in a way her camp had not considered.”

He then, didn’t move the discussion away from Rev. Wright’s highly provocative words from the pulpit, but rather steered directly into it.  The Pastor’s words have been largely the focus of the media and the Clinton political operatives Mark Penn and Howard Wolfson have been considering the controversy to be just the party Pinata they needed to sweeten up thier odds.


Unfortunately, it may turn out that instead of a Pinata, they’ve handed Barack Obama the opportunity to be visible in yet another way that is likely to widen his lead.  The new visibility, may just impact the reality of the heavily Clinton favored Pennsylvania primary, in a way her camp had not considered.


“… a lesson in respect of which a battle fatigued electorate desperately needs.”

Obama’s speech never deviated from the posed arguments from political operatives. He even cogently and skillfully disarmed (mentally competent) detractors by equating Wright’s comments with those of Geraldine Ferraro, making it difficult to create a different argument for each of their words, and in fact, dismissing both of them as relics of their own relevance in the current conversation.


As usual, his words were hopeful and some of the most powerful and healthy rhetoric our Nation has heard in decades.  Newscasters were visibly moved as the powerful delivery left them searching for description.  MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was hit his professional high with concise and sober summary.  We hope the rest of the MSNBC team reacts ‘in kind’ instead of cheer-leading or storming the gates of reason.

The CNN team was a bit overwhelmed and in need of hand fans, but while they may have taken a brief respite from broadcast demeanor – it was indicative of the powerful speech in which many “Newsies” thought that the U.S. Senator from Illinois was going to distance himself from Rev. Wright.  Howeer, he very eloquently and directly responded by delivering a lesson in respect of which a battle fatigued electorate desperately needs. Perhaps we will not have to suffer the continous loop of Rev. Wright and Geraldine Ferraro’s comments in the coming weeks.

The entire speech can be read at this Raw Story Link.


5 Responses

  1. Too bad Binx101. CNN says the first line is from the Declaration of Independence. You said it was the preamble of the USS Constitution.

  2. You’ve either misheard or misunderstood someone at CNN. Even if that were the case, why did you post here? You could have easily checked the fact that, indeed, it is the first phrase of the first sentence of the Preamble to the US Constitution on the very device you use to post this unnecessary and incorrect reply.

  3. As a republican, Obama continues to impress me. He looks, acts, and speaks presidential. His anti-war rhetoric will quite likely win my vote in the general election. I believe that the power elites are quite comfortable with either a Neocon McCain or a Neocon Hillary as president. Obama’s anti Iraq war position puts him at odds with the war profiteers on both sides of the isle. To win the nomination he will first have to deal with a growing smear campaign, and then an even larger problem called Super Delegates. His navigational skills will have to be flawless.

  4. 22nd April, PA Primary, let’s make Hillary win…

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  5. As a proponent of free-speech, I wouldn’t block your post – as I only block spam and profanity. That being said – we’re not Hillary Fans since she endorsed John McCain as better prepared for the infamous 3 AM Call than Barack Obama and believe that ALL Democrats should keep in mind the timbre of her campaign as a precursor to the timbre of her leadership.

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