John McCain: “… I Don’t Care What Anybody Says!”

25 Mar 08, San Jose, CA, The Almost Daily Binx, by Binx101

NEO CON Talking Points

” …lacks in statesmanship he compensates with a frightening loyalty …”


… And my Democrat opponents who want to pull out of Iraq refuse to understand what’s being said and what’s happening _ and that is the central battleground is Iraq in this struggle against radical Islamic extremism,” said John McCain;  just as the US Death Toll in Iraq passed the 4,000 dead mark.

Indeed, John McCain is one tough talking hombre – and that is precisely what his supporters want to hear him say.  What he lacks in statesmanship he compensates with a225px-william_kristol.jpg frightening loyalty to a “Stay-the-Course” credo adopted by the Bush administration in the worst management of our Nation’s affairs in World History.  Just ask William Krystol, the Neo Con man about town, that has been very Right, but not correct on any political observation since he was dubbed “Dan Quayle’s Brain.”

Continuously pushing the Islamic extremist line in an effort to garner support from his ilk of American, John McCain further drives world opinion  as the antithesis of America’s former greatness.  He may be even less “statesman-like” than George W. Bush, if that’s at all possible.

We’re Succeeding in Iraq?

“… world peace … seeing the United States as a haven for mentally deranged leaders … dark ages.”


This leaves little doubt that John McCain has taken the loyalty oath to the NEO CON empire.  Some of the American public desperate to prove that the U.S. invasion of  Iraq  was actually a response to the pleas of Iraqis to topple the dictator Saddam Hussein; this continuous eroding acid rain of misinformation has crept into the American understanding and pockets of U.S. citizens actually have adopted the propoganda in the same manner as McCain, in order to assuage the terrible guilt.

The kind of terrible guilt that drives unconscionable blindness to inhumane conditions that our Nation has actually produced in the Nation, dispossessing tens of thousands of otherwise peaceful Iraqi Jews, Christians and Muslims.  A haunting of the reality that the United States’ antagonistic meddling in the region has done little to aid a peace process since the end of World War II and much to keep the pot boiling.

Our first step towards world peace will be when the rest of the world stops seeing the United States as a haven for mentally deranged leaders with the potential of plunging the marionette.jpgbalance of the globe into the dark ages.

John McCain is just another stage character in the political puppet cast that Americans have been buying as legitimate leadership, instead of the political theatrical farce it has become.


9 Responses

  1. If the Bush era has taught us nothing else, it is that we must be skeptical of interventionist foreign policies grounded in the national greatness “conservatism”. It produced a foreign policy quagmire that eviscerated any opportunity to advance the desperately needed people-centric domestic agenda.

  2. I find this article to simply be ridiculous. It is just another attack that someone launches against a prominent conservative because for some reason they think conservatives are all out only to increase their power and keep power in the country. That simply is not the case. Many republicans and conservatives have and set out to greatly aid the country that is what John McCain is doing.

  3. It also completely redefined ‘conservatism’ as a wasteful fist pumping hegemony instead of mindful and fruitful patriotism and preservationists of liberty.

  4. Austin – ‘That simply is not the case’. Just consider that I am essentially a conservative, and not at all happy that posers like John McCain have transformed what was conservatism into the polar opposite of liberalism.

    If you feel the article is ridiculous or that it wasn’t valuable – I can’t argue – perhaps you have exceptional taste. But to say that this is just an assault on another conservative … phooey. McCain is not conservative … he is suckling the neo-conservative resource pipe.

    Our Nation has many great conservatives and many great liberals. It isn’t so much what they are as to what they are devoted.

    Chuck Hagel, Olympia Snowe are conservatives. No offense but you really don’t know what conservatism is if you think John McCain is a conservative.

  5. Admittedly John McCain is not the most “right winged” of conservatives. Although this article feels very false and merely created for the purpose of attacking the Republican nominee.

    On the other hand, John McCain is a conservative but not one of such extremes like many others. He holds plenty of conservative views on plenty of policies. He holds liberal view on a couple others.

  6. Perhaps then I’ll admit that I am getting a degree of pleasure at excoriating McCain because I believe he lied, in a most deceitful way, when he folded like a cheap camera … 2 weeks after reminding everyone that water-boarding is in fact torture.

    If you closely examine John McCain’s support system, he may have lost the Focus on Family support and some key religious – but he has the Neo Con base camp of the American Heritage
    Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute, both of which are primarily funded through global oil money. The twin cities, so to speak that now house, Rumsfeld, Feith, Perle, Krystol etc. These highly insulated and lofty institutes have greatly influenced the current administration and are the string pullers that delivered Bush as President, by virtue of direct investment, yet a chiropractor’s skill of manipulating the pressure points of our three branches of government.

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  8. […] a benchmark, wouldn’t the Republicans have been more encouraged to run Laura Bush instead of McCain, who is clearly out of his mind and in the pocket of Oligarchy’s Founders […]

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