John McCain Diagnosis : PTD – Puppet Tendon Disorder

28 April 2008, The Almost Daiy Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx101

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

” … it doesn’t seem that he actually believes the words he speaks.”

There’s no question in any reasonable person’s mind, that there is something wrong with John McCain.  Not just wrong in the sense that he has an empty vagueness in his eyes.  There are number of reasons for that including sleep deprivation and constant traveling.  Private corporate jets may have certain advantages but constant travel is still no picnic.  Circumvention of Senate and Election rules with respect to improperly reporting his rides on wife Cindy’s plane notwithstanding – the pace is tough for Senator John “Loop-Hole” McCain and we think he deserves the benefit of the doubt.  That is to explain the emptiness in his eyes.

As for the emptiness in his words, we suggest that his puppeteers have been trying to change his lines at a pace that is not commensurate with his ability to incorporate them in a worn series of platitudes and talking points.  When he says that Barack Obama doesn’t understand the poor -because he’s opposed to paying them off for a 2 month suspended federal gas tax –

But for that matter did Howdy Doody actually understand the words of Buffalo Bob ???

Did Kukla, Fran and Ollie actually have an equal understanding of the dialogue ???

Isn’t it safe to believe that Jerry Mahoney and Knuckle-head Smith did not necessarily understand the words that Paul Winchell provided their wooden lips???

It truly seems as though John McCain doesn’t believe the words he speaks.  Perhaps, it would be more precise to say that it seems he doesn’t understand the words he appears to mouth.  We all saw Independent Joe Liebermann feeding him and correcting him on the talking points in Iraq.  We’ve heard him confuse Shia and Sunni, while clearly not understanding the intricacies of dozens of other violent special interests in the area.  And we’ve listened to him when he flies-by-wire and “my friends” his staff is all nail biting and rocking horses until he stops talking, scrambling to write explanations for his latest gaffes.

The Rapport of the Puppet and Master

“… he’s never had to buy health insurance. “

We submit that the problem is not necessarily John McCain, but perhaps a division in the people that pull the strings and feed the lines.

Certainly, John McCain can’t claim to have a better working knowledge of the poor than the former inner-city activist Obama ? If one factors in the Budweiser Beer Demographics available to him (“Loop-Hole”), we think even in an Ashcroft type semi-coma, McCain couldn’t possibly suggest a leg up on the downtrodden data ??

While certainly he (“Loop-Hole”) can speak volumes on Government provided health-care (John McCain has never had a job other than to work for government and have his salary paid for by taxpayers. While he has received millions of dollars from lobbyists, corporations and special interests, he has never worked in the private sector) he’s never had to buy health insurance.  He’s never, been poor.  He’s always been the pasty white son of an Admiral, later adopting a cowboy nick-name.

So why the odd behavior? 

Why the illogical arguments?

What caused the shift in talking point details?

We believe this will be answered in the current weeks when the press focuses on the shifts in the powersbehind the curtain.  The entangled web of strings that control movements of the campaign. The sudden shift into policies ostensibly designed to distract the eletorate from the actual inconsistencies of John “Loop-Hole” McCains record.  A record of more about-faces than a typical Navy Drill Team practice.  If only it were tendonitis.  We don’t fear John McCain – but we are very suspicious of the origin of the puppeteers that operate him.


Obama – Close the Deal? Journo-tainers Stir the Pot

– 25 April 2008, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx101

“… played into the GOP’s hands by dividing and self-conquering. “

Popular television and cable news Journo-tainer Chris Matthews offered what he considered, solid sage advice for Barack Obama  at the close of Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.  We respectfully submit that Matthews needs to bone up a little on his political science and his reading comprehension.  He proposed that Obama would be taken more seriously if he shifted his conversation to taking on McCain and showing what a fighter he can be, just like Hillary.

We demur, despite Matthews’ popularity as a TV Journo-tainer, we respectfully submit that he’s once again fallen off-the-wagon and is making news instead of commenting on it, by manufacturing facts that aren’t facts.  The Democratic nomination process is still underway and as far as we can see – the divisions in the Democratic Party are causing the actual nomination process to be prolonged while they disenfranchise party supporters and have played into the GOP’s hands by dividing and self-conquering.  Barack Obama needs to take on Hillary in exactly the way he is – and the national figures will still favor him – despite the Clinton propaganda machine and “new math.”

“… drive-by paint-ball currently passing for journalism”

Obama isn’t Hillary, and apparently he does not find her style appealing or helpful.  However, we are certain, that if Hillary had determined that Obama’s style, as it were, could be helpful, she’d drop the screeching and nervous laugh and be enrolled in “cool” lessons faster than she was just heard invoking “Noth Caylina,” with her newly re-polished Pennsylvanian, New Yorkish, Ohioan, Arkansan drawl.

Matthews further conflated the facts when suggested that there were three(3) people running for President.  While we acknowledge the corporate Media elite (pardon the expression) would be gleeful for such an opportunity, the simple fact remains that the only person currently running for president – is John McCain.  The Democratic opponent has yet to be determined.  While a three (3) person race might be the corporate journo-tainers’ equivalent of a big-game safari, fully stocked with drugged animals for them to shoot it remains impossible.  For the time being  we’ll continue to suffer the drive-by paint-ball currently passing for journalism. (We do concede that Matthews certainly does understand but struggles to present the facts cogently in fulfillment of his corporate obligation to provide a boat load of fans and carloads of manure in which to hit them.)

“Obama, has not wavered very far from his message of hope.”

Barack Obama is not running for President.  He’s running to be the Democratic nominee.  There is a considerable difference in the latitude provided under the pretense of each.  There is limited opportunity to challenge John McCain while he’s seeking the nomination.  His opponent is Hillary Clinton.  She’s chosen to go for the nomination in what we consider,  the politics of the darkest Democratic past.  Obama, has not wavered very far from his message of hope.

Hillary Clinton has mocked hope as a dementia of the masses, mere wishful thinking and promised hard fisted fighting.  Barack Obama has repeated that citizens will make the difference and their involvement, while Hillary has either mocked his words or opted to incorporate them as needed.  Hillary has a huge corporate machine and Obama has a political machine that ostensibly has risen from grass roots humble beginnings

“Hillary never fails to deliver a completely balanced assortment of demographically nutritious emotions …”

One Clinton characteristic that is amplified by the lengthened primary is that she is by far a reliable and predictable pit-bull of political ambition.  Her focus is unwavering, her ability to attack and fight is admirable.  Admirable in the sense of a guard-dog, but not particularly admirable in the sense of one who is required to pilot a ship of State. One that is admirable in the sense of performing the same trick in a reliable fashion, but not particularly admirable in the ability to represent sensibilities of the shamefully abused middle-class that has been all but stomped out of existence. Stomped that is by the destructive and distracting politics that the Clinton once shunned, but now embraces.

Her demeanor is reflective of the task.  In small community settings she is soft and even lachrymal, yet when counted on to deliver a forceful message she can be Stalinesque, particularly in her gesticulation  and hand gesturing to the Heavens with authority.  Sometimes, listening to her range of emotions, we are carried off in thought to fond memories of the High School Drama Club’s endless hours in preparation of Thurber Carnival.  If nothing else, a mixed bag of emotion as  Hillary never fails to deliver a completely balanced assortment of demographically nutritious emotions selected by the Madame and her Maitres De campaign.

“While their … political affiliation is the same, their leadership style  … from this point is likely to be incredibly divergent. “

Conversely, Obama is generally consistent, but unless he’s delivering a speech that will carry 27 news cycles, the Journo-tainers are crushed.  Take the recent PA Primary concession speech.  In what period of time, in what election has any candidate been criticized for a concession speech being lack-luster?  That’s precisely the consensus the corporate media agreed to this past week.  Hillary, was covered in laissez-faire splendor even though her speech contained at least a dozen factual misrepresentations.  Hey, we’re just paraphrasing Pat Buchanan or Howard Fineman, and it isn’t limited to them.  These are no longer solely Journo-tainers, they have become political theatre critics commenting on what we can only imagine they perceive as fiction.

Chris Matthews’ and his colleagues (with the exceptions of Eugene Robinson and Rachel Maddow)  seem unclear that most of America sees Barack Obama as running against Hillary Clinton for the nomination.  While their general political affiliation is the same, their leadership style and ultimate direction from this point is likely to be incredibly divergent.  The differences in health care is minimal, but these are health care programs that were meant to familiarize the public with theory.  There is no health plan yet. Certainly not one that’s ready to be published, yet they talk about the differences in Health plans that are nothing more than smoke right now and simply meant to pass election muster.  While we have great affection for the Edwardses, they aren’t helping right now.   There is a Democratic primary going on, and while time may be of the essence, they were instructed to sit this round out by the electorate.

Hillary Clinton Elected President of Pennsylvania or Texas Redux?

23 April 2008, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA by Binx101

Pennsylvania Counties

In an unbelievable upset – Hillary Clinton … WAIT !!!  STOP !!!

  1. Didn’t the  primary end the way that it was predicted for the last week??
  2. Wasn’t Obama expected to lose by at least a 20% margin??
  3. Did I hear Terry McAuliffe praising Fox News for being fair and balanced??
  4. Doesn’t double digit refer to whole numbers, decimal points??
  5. This much excitement for a non-event??
  6. Did I just hear Terry McAuliffe praising Fox News for being fair and balanced??
  7. Did I just hear Karl Rove praising Hillary Clinton??
  8. Does your water taste funny??
  9. Did I just hear Terry McAuliffe praising Fox News for being fair and balanced ??
  10. Did Hillary just become the President of Pennsylvania??
  11. Who promotes the primary as an upset ??
  12. Did I just hear Terry McAuliffe praising Fox News for being fair and balanced??
  13. Aren’t net results likely not to change current stats by very much??
  14. Isn’t the apportionment of County results key to the real results and not available yet??
  15. Did I just hear Terry McAuliffe praising Fox News for being fair and balanced??
  16. How’s Rupert Murdoch doing with that FCC battle to control the NY Press?

Barack vs. The Oligarchy : Deal or No Deal?

22 April 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA, by Binx101

PA Primary Underway in America’s Family-rooms

“Abandon any thoughts that this is democracy in action.”

While it is assumed that only the popular vote statewide will reign accurate today, American homes will be lit up with the glow of TV’s carrying the coverage from a variety of sources.  Sports analogies ad nauseum will be hoisted as commentary and in-depth analysis will challenge consciousness.  Yet, the simple approach will be denied since “More = Wins  / Less = Loses” is not the vehicle that will inspire folks to buy a plethora of products that drive Corporate news profits.

While not a hard and fast rule – some info-tainers will use hockey allegory and others will make comparisons via baseball.  It’s all in the demographics provided by the analysts that no-one sees inside the infotainment HQ.  But, make no mistake – this is not about the USA, this is about the US currency that is the ultimate object drawing your viewership.  Abandon any thoughts that this is Democracy in action.  That will wait until after the election and will be relegated to the heady pages of the not so profitable periodicals, Web-life and Congressional reports.  A few radio outlets can be added to the list, but with very few exceptions – they are mostly entertainment and focus on listener consensus, lest they cannot survive.  Yes, there are exceptions but they are very limited.

The Power is Not in the Electorate


What ???  Unfortunately this is, for the most part, true.  The power is in the hands of the Oligarchs that essentially tell the electorate how to vote.  How to cast their ballot based on political operatives that influence the community, churches and the above-mentioned smorgasbord of media outlets.

Take ABC the during last weeks faux-debate of the Democratic opponents.  By now, any interested American with an Internet connection or a TV knows there is considerable criticism of the manner in which the debate was handled.  Our own words on the subject can be found <here.>

After the article was written it was learned that the question that George Stephanopoulos posed to Barack Obama about Mr. Ayers was actually part of the list of talking points that were provided to Right Wing Activist Promoted – Sean Hannity – a Fox News info-tainer.  Hannity is known for his promotion of Right Wing extremism and his close relationship with Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter and a variety of the coalition-of-the-shilling.  Careful examination will reveal to anyone with the time that this is a widely deployed practice.  The talking points are unmistakable and reformed “Republican Conservative Hit-man” David Brock, routinely tracks the major disinformation of the American public at Media Matters.

You know that phrase, The Most Trusted Name in News?  Forget it for now.  It has deteriorated into oblivion since it was first flown as a flag – and we helped it with a collective fixation on ourselves.

The Power is in the Power

“…self importance is the fulcrum that political charlatans use to leverage their doctrine.”

It is political operatives (now reformed David Brock tells us) that move elections by moving people’s minds in a carefully plotted direction over a period of time.

It is brainwashing.

It is programming.

It is an American political reality.

It is as difficult to detect as a dose of arsenic in an almond flavored liqueur.

Many Americans obsessed with achieving social status, whether locally among a small rural crowd or in larger economically aggressive circles, are perfect subjects.  Why else, would any responsibly minded individual spend 50K on an SUV to negotiate the parking lot of the mall, that averages 13 miles to the gallon, in an era when energy, carbon foot-print and green initiatives abound.  It is because self importance is the fulcrum that political charlatans use to leverage their doctrine.

And the Power is the Oligarchy

“… the Nation has never been less secure, including the final months of the Revolutionary War.

A hand full of people are actually controlling the game.  Even after proving that the Ohio and Florida elections were essentially rigged in the 2000; even though miscreants such as Rep. Peter King -R, NY on a drunken tear described that “others” would see to the “counting” and declared a Republican win long before polls closed.  Follow his career and the careers of long list of political operatives with marching orders in Congress.  Parties that “we” the American people empowered with thoughtless votes because someone bought us a pulled pork sandwich, or got the zoning board to change a long-standing ruling that favored us, or got a friend’s friend’s friend’s son into Annapolis or West Point.  Great guy that Pete King !

Create a need and fill the gap.  We’re very simple. We say things that are truly indicative of the oldest social rules of society.  You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours – the mainstay of simpleton compromise.  The mainstay of political compromise. An unusually dangerous practice when a Nation is in peril, a currency is in terrible danger of further devaluation; and the Nation has never been less secure, and that includes the final months of the Revolutionary War.

Hillary Clinton Endorsed by the Man That Paid 24 Million to Destroy Her???

“What experience?  Certainly not being the President’s wife.”

Perhaps it’s all just coincidence or perhaps she agreed to pardon George Bush for war crimes that are certain to be charged; or perhaps it’s just a matter of magnanimously letting bygones-be-bygones; but, doesn’t it ring particularly peculiar that Richard Mellon Scaithe (you want to see power? – try to find a picture of him – go ahead, use the google !! )- the known financial backer of the “War on the Clintons” including Whitewater, Foster, Hubbell and the “intern,” felt compelled to give her a listen ???  Did you read  his interview as he expressed that he sorta-kinda was impressed by her??  As though one meeting with his board around a table was all it took to undo a decade and half of vitriol and warfare ???  (For anyone unconvinced of the dark workings afoot – we’ll be offering a series of $100 NYC bridges and  $25 Rolex watches for sale soon on our website, and forwarding the profits to offset health care expenses for the uninsured)

It would be hard to conceive that Hillary Clinton believes that the residents of Pennsylvania are so collectively stupid that they wouldn’t suspect something of on unsavory alliance.  Yet, the Corporate Media is with few exceptions – silent on the matter.  All fist pumping aside – wasn’t it a tad suspicious when Hillary Clinton began articulating that John McCain’s experience was superior to Barack Obama??  Yet to date, not one corporate media outlet has demanded that the Clinton campaign provide data relying to her repeated claims of experience.  What experience?  Certainly not being the President’s wife.  If that were a benchmark, wouldn’t the Republicans have been more encouraged to run Laura Bush instead of McCain, who is clearly out of his mind and in the pocket of Oligarchy’s Founders Club?

The Oligarchy Antidote – Americas Youth and their Revolutionary Spirit

“A pusillanimous pipsqueak of atomic proportions that appeared in a Cameo on a TV show that depicts his style of leadership. Deal or No Deal…”

There is truly on one thing our Nation can count on right now and that is to have faith in the youth of our Country.  A youth that is not so lazy and marred.  A youth that respectfully marches off to war, even when they don’t understand. Alas, many more didn’t march off to war and among this youth our Nation will rely to grab control of a runaway train.  They’ll seek the counsel of wisdom and experience from a dwindling yet less graft susceptible bench of experience in order to help temper our collective anger; and, to tamp our disgust at our appointed President.   Disgust at his utter disregard for the many crises he’s caused around the globe, dutifully following the orders of his handlers, defiantly wearing a smirk of incomprehension as though it were a handle-bar mustache.  Proud to defy our eyes and ears; George W. Bush describes a beautiful landscape while we stare in grief at the wreckage in his wake.

A pusillanimous pipsqueak of atomic proportions that appeared in a Cameo on  a TV show that depicts his style of leadership. Deal or No Deal, missing all but the neanderthal shrugging, raised eyebrow and indiscernible breathy utterance that traditionally follows in succession near feeding time.

Much more of our youth has witnessed the mind boggling performance of the Oligarchy’s latest virtuoso, and we trust they can see the difference between smoke and mirrors, and a chance to bring America to a rehab with public service, volunteerism and reasoned discourse; as well as, abolishing the “voodoo economics” that Ronald Reagan sold us with the same lack of understanding and unbridled enthusiasm as he sold us Borax when he hosted a TV series.   A time when theatre goers rejected him yet the Oligarchs mustered the resources to support his rise as Goverenor so they could appoint him as President while the voters went through the motions.

Debate or Da’ Bait : ABC News Goes Springer

17 April 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx101

Wasted Opportunity – The Skipper and Little Buddy

Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos, looking a lot like the main characters from a comedy sketch parody of an actual political debate, presided over the worst televised Presidential debate – ever.  While ABC may be patting themselves on the back for record viewership – their tabloid styled questions revealed their lust for ‘gotcha’ as they abandoned any pretense of being a legitimate News adjunct or a legitimate challenge of the potential nominees vision and policy principles.

The sense that the TV event was a debate was shattered in mere minutes as the subtle slap-fest began.  All anticipation of the general public learning the nuance of the potential nominees’ policy bent through reasoned argument was shattered from the first words the hosts uttered.

Towering Charles Gibson, with spectacles permanently perched on the tip of his nose, reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting, appeared to be delivering lines in a read-through of a new stage play.  Though he paid particular attention to enunciation and dramatic inflection, there was every sense that the questions were carefully designed (including untimely follow-ups and moderator interruptions) to evoke emotion rather than provide any probative value

George Stephanopoulos, highlighted his diminutive stature further by addressing Clinton and Obama from an unusual and peculiar-looking crouch; a body language that curiously projected tremendous discomfort and uneasiness.  His voice and demeanor, lacking their usual confidence and animation, seemed that of a reluctant interlocutor rather than a an interested interrogator.  His questions, not unlike Gibson’s followed suit, requiring a defensive posture by the candidates each time necessitating them to defend against media manufactured innuendo before expressing any policy ideas.

ABC News – Heck’ of a Job – Drive News Cycles and Profits

Indeed, there was clearly one objective in mind from the ABC News Bureau – to keep the pot boiling and create a buzz.  A lesson right from the Rupert Murdoch hand-book of journalism – it’s all about the money stupid !!

We’re terribly disappointed that the Disney owned ABC thinks so much of the American dollar and so little of the American electorate. A forensics team with the assistance of dazzling technology would surely fail to extract any other benefit from last night’s ABC “News” hosted debate other than re-igniting the Reverend Wright controversy, Hillary’s sniper gaffe, Obama’s inartful ‘bitter’ comment and Hillary’s poll declines in honesty.  All of which have had coverage ad nauseum in the corporate media yet appeared to represent the Network’s vested interests.

Economic policy and follow-up questions were relegated to the last moments of the debate even though they were preceded by a question to the potential nominees that was worthy of national dope slap.  That is, if they would follow suit and invite and regard the advice of the George Bush, should either one of them win the election.   This not only was a waste of the candidates time … but a waste of the viewers time and like most other questions of the less than dynamic duo of hosts – engineered to inspire gossip and late night talk show gags.  None of which was their charge.

We feel very strongly that Gibson, Stephanopoulos and ABC News were not simply derelict in their responsiblity but proved to be content with creating less clarity and more unuseful information instead of providing a the candidates an ample opportunity to discuss their differences in policy and vision.  The inclusion of silly man-on -the-street questions was almost as transparent as the uninspiring hosts’.

(The Almost Daily Binx apologizes for not including images in this article for visual esthetics, but after considerable discussion, we unanimously agreed that we didn’t want to have look at Gibson or Stephanopoulos for a while.)

Hillary Clinton : Defeating Herself

April 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA – by Binx101

Praise God and Pass the Ammunition

“… the Senator’s insinuations that she is an avid church-goer and gun enthusiast …”

In a most disturbing series of gaffes, misspeaks and political malapropisms, Hillary Clinton has managed to turn Pennsylvania on its (Gov. Ed Rendell endorsed) head.  But perhaps most disturbing is her dismissal of a question as “ … not a relevant question in this debate … ” when she was queried as to the last time she shot a gun or went to church.   However, what sparked the questions were the Senator’s insinuations that she is an avid church-goer and gun enthusiast, in strong contrast to her position before attempting the presidential run; in addition to her reputation of being a devout Secularist.  By her own admission Hillary hasn’t attended any Church service since Easter.  However, in a CBN interview last year she spoke about her Christian faith <here> with David Brody.

The Bitter Truth About The Bitter Truth

“... she did not disclose this information until she posted her transcript …”

Hillary Clinton was quick to pull out the stops and as though talking to children, she explained why Barack proved he isn’t fit to be President because of his much touted ‘adult straight talk’ earlier this month.  By the end of the last news cycle, Hillary has once again over-played a weak hand.  This was not the lasting impression she had hoped for as she challenged Barack Obama’s awkwardly worded assertions spoken at a private fund-raiser in Northern CA.

These elements were pivotal in the matter:

  1. The fund-raiser that Obama addressed at a private home in San Francisco was not a media event; and, his comments were in response to a question about the devastation in PA.  While the comments were awkwardly worded and are undoubtedly not his best effort for clarity – there is no evidence either in context or demeanor that suggested there was anything but compassion for the people of whom he was speaking.
  2. There was no reasonable expectation that the private function would be recorded – nor – was there any opportunity given Sen. Obama to amplify his comments, but rather, Mayhill Fowler, a paid subscriber to the private fund-raiser and enthusiastic ‘Citizen Reporter’ taped the event and posted the story at Huffington Post found <here>.
  3. Obama, responded days later with these comments in Terra Haute, IN.
  4. Clinton, continued to imply that Obama’s comments were proof that he is not in touch with the real people in Pennsylvania and proceeded to succumb to a crowd encouraging her to have a shot and beer at a bar in Philadelphia.

New Democrats Threaten to Overpower Clinton’s PA Machine

“… everything she does is calculated for a response …”

It would not be surprising to see Obama split PA, or worse for Clinton, for Obama to actually exceed her draw of the crowd for the primary.  None of this would have even been possible without Hillary Clinton’s assistance.  She is quite possibly the most polarizing figure in national politics.  It may simply be the chemistry of her personality, or her distinctive facial expressions and mannerisms, her incredibly faulty memory or simply her biorhythms and general timing. Nonetheless, we chose to observe that everything she does is calculated for a response and she’s always willing to tell people what they want to hear.  We also submit that is precisely how we got where we are today, that is to say, by failing to trust the American people to be part of the solution other than just going to the polls.

McCain and Clinton – Talking in Circles

“… America’s versions of Baghdad Bob – Sen. Joe Liebermann / William Krystol.”

With all due respect (and not an iota more) to the friendly Senators, their recent attempts to paint Obama as not in touch with the American people is more evidence that the Republican Party will do anything possible to NOT have to run McCain against Obama.  Against Hillary, they are confident … against Obama … hopeless.

In further evidence is the unveiling of the latest smear from the Right.  such as William Krystol’s suggestion that Obama is a Marxist <link here>,  and associated comments by America’s own Baghdad Bob – Sen. Joe Liebermann, that it is okay to ask Obama about any Marxist analogies that Krystol has manufactured.

But nothing is more incredible than to listen to the endless and robust Neo Conservative Spin Machine in action from the Fox News Bunker to the rotund Limbaugh broadcasting on “Party Propoganda Radio” lending as much support to Hillary as possible in order to achieve the a McCain / Clinton race.  Insiders have reported that Hillary Clinton and her team are well aware of the efforts to the Right and are willing participants – with one exception – Team Clinton believes she will ultimately emerge victorious despite trends. Instead, we’ll just observe PA for the time being but we are expecting another premature cry of victory – as the final result of the Texas Primary and Caucus revealed. <end>

Hillary Clinton: Endorsing McCain

Sen. Hillary McCain Clinton (R-lite, NY) Beating by Joining

“… talked about … sniper fire … over her combined 109 million dollar income …”

Hillary  McCain Clinton has hit a new desparate low in political tactics this week as she has again, favored Republican talking points in her effort to campaign for John McCain.  Ostensibly, it appears that Hillary McCain Clinton is campaigning on her own behalf; but, insiders close to the Hillary McCain campaign have shared that the Team Hillary McCain Clinton / McCain - Happy Together approach is to double-team Barack Obama when ever possible with long time good friend, John McCain.  This does not preclude McCain Clinton  from  completely manufacturing statements out of context or out-right factually misrepresenting her opponent.  Fact is, Senator  McCain Clinton and her campaign have already demonstrated a considerable yen for fictionalizing her experience and dramatizing her experiences.  This past week-end,  in a case of word-spinning of gyroscopic proportions, team McCain Clinton  and team McCain. described a two week old Barack Obama speech at a private fund-raiser in CA, as proof that Senator Obama is elitist.  Shortly thereafter, Sen. McCain returned to one of his eight homes with 3 lobbyists in tow; while Senator McCain Clinton threw back a shot of Canadian Whiskey (proving how in touch she is with working class Americans) with a beer and talked about her many experiences with sniper fire by the press over her combined 109 million dollar income over the last seven years.

Obama Counters with Plain Talk About Republican-Lite Hillary McCain Clinton

“… I want to see that picture of her out there in the duck blinds.”

Perhaps because she has thrown considerable support to Republican John McCain (the curmudgeonly continuously confused Senator from AZ) presidential hopeful Barack Obama launched into an unusually biting response to Hillary McCain Clinton’s absurd assertions that mirror the words of her own husband’s, when then Presidential contender Bill McCain Clinton in 1991 was quoted as saying, “the reason George (H. W.) Bush’s tactic works so well now is that you have all these economically insecure white people who are scared to death,” Apparently there is more to the kitchen sink attacks as the Pennsylvania Primary Polling data indicates that Barack Obama has made up considerable ground in what looked like the big State for Hillary McCain Clinton.

If the Team McCain Clinton assertions are correct, Hillary McCain Clinton in actuality, is not only attacking Barack Obama, but rather an expanded target that includes honest Democratic principled observation of domestic economic policy in America.  Considering that Hillary McCain Clinton felt comfortable sitting on the Wal-Mart board of directors as representative of her political and economic values we are not surprised.  However as Sen. Obama indicated, perhaps the fact-challenged Sen. McCain Clinton mis-spoke.

“She’s running around talking about how this is an insult to sportsmen, how she values the Second Amendment, she’s talking like she’s Annie Oakley! Hillary Clinton’s out there like she’s on the duck blind every Sunday, she’s packin’ a six shooter! C’mon! She knows better. That’s some politics being played by Hillary Clinton. I want to see that picture of her out there in the duck blinds.”

We’ll leave the conclusion to you.