Randi Rhodes Suspended : Air America Eating Itself

Remember Lenny Bruce ??

 … a satirical political commentary …


In a rare act of preemptive fetal position, Air America decided that it must suspend Randi Rhodes for comments she made at a private function, while on-stage, doing a monologue.  This self-inflicted response is indicative of a cowardice that can usually only be experienced in literature.

The flap developed as a result of Ms. Rhodes’ exercising her comedy / political chops at a sold-out fundraiser for Green 960 (960 AM), the San Francisco Air America affiliate.  The crowd was there specifically to hear Randi Rhodes, and she was promoted by the Clear Channel owned station, as a way to raise funds as well as a meet-and-greet for her listeners.

During her brief monologue, a satirical political commentary, not unlike a comedy act – she chose to drop the “F” bomb numerous times and describe Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro as ‘whores.’  Our agreement, notwithstanding, it was clearly a rebuke of the ‘Kitchen Sink’ tactics of the Clinton campaign and her comments were met with laughter, applause and howls at the San Francisco, Broadway Studio, the site of the evening function.

Air America :  Follow Your Pilot’s Instructions

“What a cowardly act !”

green.jpgSimply stated, Air America could have stayed out of it, and, if brought to task by Liebermann type Democrats – such as Clinton and Ferraro – they could have hung tough and preferred that the Team Clinton bring this into the spotlight by drawing attention to it.    Instead the Greens (owners Air America) decided to inform the Blues (Champions of firee speech) that they were seeing Red over Rhodes comment, to avoid publicity.

What a cowardly act !  Instead they assumed the fetal position that made the our Congress famous, with the requisite hand-wringing.  What an inappropriate and capitulating response to the boogeyman.  Progressive Radio – Lite just showed their Democratic New York Machine credentials and were showing the money changers that they wouldn’t stand for NY’s Hillary being beaten by the truth; even though Clinton has managed to “mis-speak” on numerous occasions.

We do though believe that Randi Rhodes’ comments were an afront to prostitutes.


5 Responses

  1. Yo Binx,

    Thanks for touching on the subject of Air America’s suspension of Randi Rhodes.

    As you might know, I have been a lister of her show since before there was an Air America on West Palm Beach’s WJNO and, when I was in New York, from that station’s internet stream.
    This topic is very dear to me.

    Randi Rhodes was instrumental in the formation of Air America and is the only show surviving all of Air America’s business incarnations.

    I saw the video of the offending incident. In my opion, it was not inappropriate to the situation.

    I think you nailed it when you spoke of the cowardice of the Green family. Mark Green, former Public Advocate of New York City, now has a management role at Air America. Your implication the he is much too close to the New York political machine which includes Ferraro and, of late, Hilary Clinton.

    Could you imagine that phone call from a Clinton campaign poobah to Mr.Green?

    If anyone is interested, there is an email address: feedback@airamerica.com .

  2. Indeed – I imagined that phone call and visualized Mark Green hitting himself in the head with his knee in a panic. What foolish cowardice.

    What? The Clinton Campaign was going to publicy go Tony Soprano on one of the few Progressive / Liberal networks in existence ?

    Mark Green ought to be worrying about how his Chuck Schumer carried Mukasey’s water and not Randi’s rant at a private function in the Bay Area.

  3. As a long time listener of AAR, I feel it really doesn’t matter if Randi returns or not. Air America has compromised it’s reputation with this suspension. The damage is done. Now it’s just another corporate controlled/censored mouthpiece. Hopefully Randi will move to another station where we can enjoy her without censorship.

  4. I wouldn’t mind giving AAR a chance to redeem themselves – there aren’t yet that many outlets for truth radio other than AAR and Mother Jones if one wants to distribute it, so it’s a lot more than moving to another station. I like many of the things that Mark Green has done, but right now his partisan slip is showing – big time. The NY Democratic Machine is dealing with the fact they shot themselves in the foot with the incredible investment in Hillary.

  5. If you ever want to hear a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for four from five. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn msn to find the missed bits. Thanks, anyway!

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