John McCain Diagnosis : PTD – Puppet Tendon Disorder

28 April 2008, The Almost Daiy Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx101

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

” … it doesn’t seem that he actually believes the words he speaks.”

There’s no question in any reasonable person’s mind, that there is something wrong with John McCain.  Not just wrong in the sense that he has an empty vagueness in his eyes.  There are number of reasons for that including sleep deprivation and constant traveling.  Private corporate jets may have certain advantages but constant travel is still no picnic.  Circumvention of Senate and Election rules with respect to improperly reporting his rides on wife Cindy’s plane notwithstanding – the pace is tough for Senator John “Loop-Hole” McCain and we think he deserves the benefit of the doubt.  That is to explain the emptiness in his eyes.

As for the emptiness in his words, we suggest that his puppeteers have been trying to change his lines at a pace that is not commensurate with his ability to incorporate them in a worn series of platitudes and talking points.  When he says that Barack Obama doesn’t understand the poor -because he’s opposed to paying them off for a 2 month suspended federal gas tax –

But for that matter did Howdy Doody actually understand the words of Buffalo Bob ???

Did Kukla, Fran and Ollie actually have an equal understanding of the dialogue ???

Isn’t it safe to believe that Jerry Mahoney and Knuckle-head Smith did not necessarily understand the words that Paul Winchell provided their wooden lips???

It truly seems as though John McCain doesn’t believe the words he speaks.  Perhaps, it would be more precise to say that it seems he doesn’t understand the words he appears to mouth.  We all saw Independent Joe Liebermann feeding him and correcting him on the talking points in Iraq.  We’ve heard him confuse Shia and Sunni, while clearly not understanding the intricacies of dozens of other violent special interests in the area.  And we’ve listened to him when he flies-by-wire and “my friends” his staff is all nail biting and rocking horses until he stops talking, scrambling to write explanations for his latest gaffes.

The Rapport of the Puppet and Master

“… he’s never had to buy health insurance. “

We submit that the problem is not necessarily John McCain, but perhaps a division in the people that pull the strings and feed the lines.

Certainly, John McCain can’t claim to have a better working knowledge of the poor than the former inner-city activist Obama ? If one factors in the Budweiser Beer Demographics available to him (“Loop-Hole”), we think even in an Ashcroft type semi-coma, McCain couldn’t possibly suggest a leg up on the downtrodden data ??

While certainly he (“Loop-Hole”) can speak volumes on Government provided health-care (John McCain has never had a job other than to work for government and have his salary paid for by taxpayers. While he has received millions of dollars from lobbyists, corporations and special interests, he has never worked in the private sector) he’s never had to buy health insurance.  He’s never, been poor.  He’s always been the pasty white son of an Admiral, later adopting a cowboy nick-name.

So why the odd behavior? 

Why the illogical arguments?

What caused the shift in talking point details?

We believe this will be answered in the current weeks when the press focuses on the shifts in the powersbehind the curtain.  The entangled web of strings that control movements of the campaign. The sudden shift into policies ostensibly designed to distract the eletorate from the actual inconsistencies of John “Loop-Hole” McCains record.  A record of more about-faces than a typical Navy Drill Team practice.  If only it were tendonitis.  We don’t fear John McCain – but we are very suspicious of the origin of the puppeteers that operate him.


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