Obama White House : Antidote for Neo Conservative Contract on Americans

The Almost Daily Binx – San Jose, CA

The Setting

“… porked up Democrats made good eat’n …”

It was nearly 14 years ago, that former Speaker of House Newt Gingrich (R, GA), conservative operative, led the charge (with a Falwell-esque flurry of misinformation) in order to distract Americans from the ultimate end game and whip up public dissatisfaction with Democrats; who, riding on the coattails of Bill Clinton’s popularity, sat comfortably back on their heels and miscalculated their ability to fend off political attacks from the sitting position.

Not only did Democrats nearly invite the attack, but in many cases, the lumbering Democratic, pork-proud politicians fell under their own weight and invited the slaughter.  It was hunting time for those with growing appetite for tasty Democrats. Fattened up nicely and as easy to catch as box turtles, the porked up Democrats made good eat’n whether slow roasted as the Clintons, or served rare,  on a skewer sitting on a bed of House Ethics Complaints, as was former Speaker of the House Jim Wright, as Gingrich worked the Minority Whip, fanning the flames in the House.

The Circumstances

“Gingrich … he was driven, albeit, the Democratic leadership were lazy sitting ducks, but Bill Clinton would be the ultimate gift that kept on giving.”

Even life-long Democrats were tired of career doormen posing as legislators at what seemed like the biggest private club in the world. Congress.  And so, much of the electorate felt that change would be good.  Now the stage was set.  Democratic legislators were drunk with power,  POTUS could be easily distracted by a well formed ‘babe’ or finely adorned pizza. But mostly, public sentiment would be caught off guard and the corporate media would spin the Republican temporary shut down of the government as Democratic foot dragging, instead of Republican retaliation.

In retrospect, irrespective of the truth surrounding the power-play, it elevated the presiding Republicans to the level of public activists. Further, assisted by Roger Ailles pet propagandist – the corpulent drug addict, Rush Limbaugh, as Gingrich executed his plan with precision.  From the moment Gingrich replaced newly appointed Defense Secretary Dick Cheney, as minority whip in 1989,  until he obliterated the self-absorbed Democratic majority in the House – he was driven, albeit, the Democratic leadership were lazy sitting ducks, but Bill Clinton would be the ultimate ‘gift that kept on giving.’

The Message

//www.light-to-dark.com“… among Neocon propagandists, it was not only pure theatre and puff, but curiously written in the code of white supremacists.”

Key though, throughout the assault on Democrats, was a singularly disturbing undertone, equating support for the Democratic party and/or Liberalism in general, as distinctly anti-American.  This undertone has taken root in our society – whereby even the corporate media has adopted a lexicon that assisted in the conversion of the American lexicon.  While a key instrument in the overall set-up, a theatrical play to the emotions of the  American people to demand change – the play only included the Brutus moment’s, never a peep from a Democratic ‘Marc Antony’ in the form of a “Brutus is an Honorable Man” speech.   Thus, Democrats walked into their shallow graves, following dyslectic and mostly incoherent party orders, and lied down while the hijackers of the Republican party threw dirt over them and with the credo of the coup. ‘The Contract with America’ would soon be recognized as The Contract on America, on Freedom, on the Constitution and on Truth.  Most of the contract, never came to pass, although it is revered as the document of a defining moment, among Neocon propagandists, it was not only pure theatre and puff, but curiously written in the code of white supremacists.

The Scam

“… the Exterminator – Tom Delay – would soon be unleashed in the House,”

Any fan of ‘film noir’ or classic mystery novels knows that crimes typically have victims that are key characters.  In the case of bunko though, the ideal victim is lulled into complacency, lured by confederates or simply led into compliance by his own dim wits.  We Americans rushed to casting call and got the part of the victim en masse.  We tuned in, turned up, and turned in droves.  Invoking the popular presidency of Ronald Reagan long after his tenure, became the battle cry, as though George H. W. Bush, hadn’t even existed, or  for that matter, presided over one of the finest made-for-TV Wars, with essentially no casualties other than the US Treasury and the increasing Military Industrial complex stake-holder’s taste for profits. Branded a liar by his own party for raising taxes to pay for the war he and James Baker (both protagonist and Secretary of State) had started, infuriated Neo Con operatives in the Republican party and exposed the beginnings of the coup.  But no one was watching.  The Patsy was just beginning to get the treatment, particularly when the Congressional Crayon box was recaptured – new lines could be drawn and the Exterminator – Tom Delay – would soon be unleashed in the House, long before facing the legal charges he now faces as a former US Congressman and current raconteur.

The Collaborators

“… the American Dream of a Christian Nation that tolerates Jews and  possibly some other helpful minorities.”

Essentially, Democrats willing to play along were not only given the opportunity to exist, but to actually flourish.  Republicans were merely the vehicle of the coup, select Democrats from the entrenched old school party were invited to participate.  Indeed their speeches would be castrated, their votes would be relied upon when necessary and their political power would remain unchallenged so long as they became bi-partisan examples in the Congressional reach around that was mostly out of view.  This was not at all what it seemed. It was for the most part a collaboration with forces that were far more dangerous than any of the unconscious taking up space in Congress would ever realize, as they were hypnotized with the power of pork  At the same time they were helping the Neocons begin the the shredding of the US Constitution, bit by bit.  It would be years later though, that Presidential impostor George W. Bush, would blatantly brag about the powerful shredders and how they were good for the American Dream of a Christian Nation that tolerates Jews and  possibly some other helpful minorities.


“… blindly comply with the teachings of a self-appointed “religious” leader (the small ‘c’ “christians” version of a ‘Mullah'”

The rancor of the “Contract with America” has long subsided.  What is left are the remnants, the victims and  a “juiced-up” hate machine that quite often declares it is a Christian movement.  That is to say, alleges they are a Christian movement, and not unlike their fundamentalist brothers and sisters, alleging themselves to be religious Islam, they are terrorists.  Homegrown, cultivated, and disturbed terrorists.  What we like to refer to as small “c” christians,  preaching hate-of-things they dislike;  and, preaching hate-of-people who don’t agree with them.  There is no talking, only slogans or shouting.  There is no reason, only conformity.

They preach of their work, preventing dangerous Liberals from taking hard earned American-worker’s wealth and “converting” it by redistributing it among those that are merely freeloaders. Then sometime before, during or after the elaborate multi-media revivals, they convince droves, of these very same Americans, to voluntarily line up and convert large sums of their money into the small “c” christian non-profit corporate coffers.  Freely and enthusiastically the downtrodden repeat praise for a God that has as much to do with the corporate fund-drive that they have just contributed, as He does with someone’s decision to blow their own brains out.  They pretend that they understand what religious scholars have failed to comprehend as they blindly comply with the teachings of self-appointed “religious” leaders (the small ‘c’ “christians” version of a ‘Mullah’) as they curse the ignorance and bloodshed of Shia and Sunni barbarism.


“The Nomination of Barack Obama for Democratic Candidate for President, will change the national discussion.”

There is great hope for the United States.  Perhaps the Age of Reason will meet the Age of Reality as youthful Americans organize to solve the problems a bloated and selfish generation or two before them created by looting the American treasury and stuffing their mouths with more than they could possbly swallow in one hundred life-times.

Obama spoke of volunteers and has a campaign, that considerably under the radar – has obliterated and essentially blind-sided the fattest of the Democratic old network.  The network, that is, that assisted the Neocon coup of the Republican party and the obfuscation of critical facts from the eyes of the American electorate, thus aiding and abetting actual acts of treason.  While the Republicans are largely acknowledging that they are disadvantaged, they still have a hypnotic hold on a great number of Americans that suffer from a National plight – Hubris.

Obama has taken control of the Democratic party despite the threats of the true party purse string elite.  Hillary Clinton, is the last chance that the coup of American National Government, and the Contract with America propaganda have to survive.  That isn’t to say that Hillary Clinton herself is a bad person, but she is definitely a Democrat with a foot dangerously dangling in compliance of the NeoCon agenda by her deep connection to the corrupt Democratic machine hold-overs.  Perhaps its Stockholm Syndrome and perhaps it’s her Republican roots – but Hillary Clinton’s camp is the camp of the porkers that applauded while Americans have been abused and bullied by policies that they were unable or unwilling to prevent.  The Democrats that were so corrupt, that they cowered while an exterminator from Texas with the scruples of gutter snipe, ate their lunch, stole their toys, and took their bus-fare while they sat quivering in the Congressional sandbox.

The Nomination of Barack Obama for Democratic Candidate for President, will change the national discussion.  He’s proved it by not responding in the methods of the Hillary Old School Democratic desparate attacks.  He’s proven it by assuming ostensible control of the party with his team-building spirit and positive mention.  He’s proven it by speaking directly to issues.  And, he’s proved it by looking the threatening Old School Democratic and Republican Corruption Machines straight in their collective eyes and saying – “Not this time!”

Although we shudder to think at what the remnants of the Power Brokers will look like – we think they’ll be drawn to sing in the choir anyway.


Special thanks to Stephen Pitt,  for his original artwork included in this article. – Binx101


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  1. Wow. Powerful.

  2. Thanks Will

  3. Hey Binx, This is finely written an article as I see anywhere, including venues that I pay good money to read. I’m very impressed and thankful for your commentary. I also have been following your comments over on your other blog endeavor at HubPages. Very solid arguments with excellent understanding of the histrionics. Thanks So much.

  4. Everyone needs to read this post! Very well done!

    Godfather (theslowbleed.com)

  5. Thanks very much for the kind words.

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