KRLA’s Kevin James : The Anatomy of Idiocy – UPDATED

-San Jose California, The Almost Daily Binx; by Binx101,


This story is brief, because the subject of this story,  Kevin James the quintessential idiot, reveals his essence immediately – out of the gate.  A neocon’s nightmare come true, this ranting imbecile becomes almost uncommunicative and backs himself into a corner by having a conversation with two relatively smart guys, while quoting the Nation’s leading idiot – George Bush.  Additionally, he is deranged.

There is a video below.

Secondly, let’s eliminate any confusion about Kevin James.

It’s not this one:  He’s a successful and funny comedian with a syndicated TV Show under his belt.

Here’s the second rate neocon from LA with less brains than a mailbox and more hate than a junkyard dog

Anatomy 1-2-3

Step One: Accept a Booking to Provide Commentary to Boost Your Ratings

What a mistake if you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Apparently, Mr. James only talks … and has no ability to listen or reason.  He is the absolute epitome of a neocon information puppet.  He opens with a repetitious and unkind tirade about Barack Obama – surprise !!

Step Two:  Lose Your Mind and Keep Talking

It’s incredible, as though he didn’t even understand English.  If this were not live television it would have seemed as though it were a spoof.  He was without self-control and apparently not in possession of a GED from a correspondence school.

Step Three:  Continue to talk over the host

And, continue to prove that you  and the person that hired you should be fired together.  Make sure by the time you’re finished … everyone knows that you are a paid propagandist so that they can begin boycotting KRLA and it’s sponsors.  We are.

Enjoy video by clicking  HERE. Video will open in new window.

Click Here for a different video of Chris Matthews Interview on Countdown Guest Hosted by Rachel Maddow – Fri Night – discussing his views on the greater cause of what occurred on his show with James.


If you would like to offer your civic minded disdain to KRLA, the highlighted link (in the above article) to KRLA will open to the station’s homepage.

The horizontal bar, about a third of the way across the page has a link to a list of the station’s advertizers.

Clicking on it reveals email links directly to those advertizers.

We encourage you to be heard by sending email to these advertisers and experience the benefit of helping stamp out the terrorism movement of this extreme Right Wing misinformation machine.

It is our opinion that Kevin James is an anti-American terrorist. We strongly believe in the First Amendment and see no better way to fight terrorism than starting at home with these sabbateurs of reason, by letting our collective voices ring louder than their despicable propaganda, and by giving those that pay them a reminder that they have a choice.


14 Responses

  1. Common Sense would dictate that one would read up about Neville Chamberlain before appearing on a live television broadcast.

  2. They actually PAY this guy Kevin James? If I were KRLA I would ask for my money back.

    Anybody happen to mention to him that Nixon went to China and had drinks with Mao?

  3. It was forgivable that Miss Teen America has a moment of incoherent rambling “Such As” when asked a question about US education and maps by Mario Lopez. That clip is now infamous.

    But this is an alleged broadcaster / propagandist on a station that breeds contempt and chicken hawk talkers. He repeated. These guys are scripted talking heads that repeat what they receive through channels.

    While the tape is funny – this miscreant isn’t.

  4. I just sent an e-mail to the only site I could find that looked like it might get to someone of KRLA. Can you provide a surefire address that might guarantee that it gets to the approprioate desk? Here is my e-mail:

    I was born in Burbank 80 years ago, but raised from infancy in Glendale. Attended Hoover High and Glendale College, UCLA, UCSF Medical School and have never been exposed to anything as embarrassing as the exhibition by Kevin James on “Hardball” on 5/15/08. His ridiculous performance has been repeated on the local TV at least four times today and it has gained many viewers on Youtube already. This fiasco that demonstrated the shallowness and lack of information on the part of James was unbelievable. How could such a loud mouthed lout, with no knowledge of history, be considered an appropriate representative of your station? Thank heavens I don’t have to admit to living in the same area now that I am hundreds of miles away in Northern California. Were he an employee of mine, he would be barred from even entering my establishment. Get rid of the bum.

  5. Thanks for your comment Dr. Merhoff – Here’s what we did.
    The link for KRLA in the story opens up to a main page … here’s the link again That opens up to the main page – you were probably here already. Around third way down the page is a horizontal bar. The last link on that bar is ‘Advertisers’ We sent a copy of our letter of disgust – to EVERY advertiser on their list – advising them that we would expect to hear what their opinion is of Kevin James.

    We’re confident that will get attention. I hope you will do the same.

    Thanks for posting your excellent letter here.

  6. What is it with these guys that have half an upper plate of teeth? We have seen Huckabee do something completely assinine at the NRA also.

  7. That was horrifying, but typical. When I look deeper into the personalities of people like the young and ignorant neocon I see that the bush administration’s personalities are psychopathological and exhibit personality disorders. And since like often attracts like in human psychology the bush et al. psychopathy has opened the flood gates to a sea of psychological ill maniacs.
    God save America.


  8. RedPill wrote: “That was horrifying, but typical”

    I wish that weren’t true but it is. In the military the understanding that nothing good will come of bucking the system up the chain turns typical into second class citizenship. Of course there is a need for discipline and in battle, blind faith. That is though, predicated on competent leadership. The lack thereof has driven me to the civilian world.
    God Bless The United States of America and may HE watch over our brave military women and men. Obama ’08

  9. I think Kevin James was a blowhard and should be fired myself.

    However I should note there is a certain amount of hypocrisy in stating you support 1st amendment rights and then immediately follow the statement with a request for people to assist in stopping someone, however deranged and hateful, from voicing their opinions.

    At the least it’s a comment I think you should clarify a bit.

  10. Hello Robert:

    Certainly I’ll clarify. I would rather be accused of being a bad writer than a hypocrite. Bad writing can be fixed. And I appreciate your polite timbre.

    That being said, I can’t find where I suggested that people should do anything other than voice a protest. The only place I used the word “fired” was in Step 3. of the tongue-in-cheek anatomy.

    As far as free speech goes – there is speech that isn’t protected – for instance shouting ‘fire!!’ in a theater. There is nothing preventing a person from s-a-y-i-n-g ‘fire’ in a theater, but when you s-h-o-u-t ‘fire!’ in a theater you are subject to legal prosecution. In fact the mere act of trying to create panic, is a crime. It is terrorism.

    My feeling is that Kevin James did precisely this by taking his role as an “Expert” to offer dangerous lies to the public that he is provided by third parties. Inasmuch as he’s a former Asst. U.S. attorney, he knows the dangers of what he is engaged in both professionally and personally. He should be held accountable for the words that he offers in his professional position.

    My suggestion about citizens voicing their disdain is just that … touch the money .. follow the money. I didn’t call for Kevin James to be fired – I called for people to let his advertisers know what he said and that they will consider the advertisers commercial support of him, when deciding whether to engage them. I think this is a perfect example of free speech. I fail to see the hypocrisy.

    I’m calling for Kevin James’ line of work, propagandist, to be called into question and even made to be obsolete. I’m calling his patriotism into question too. I’m even accusing him of terrorism.

    I would never condone abridging his rights – or – ours.

  11. As I understand it, even if Binx had called for Kevin James to be fired for what he said — that is NOT a breach of the Freedom of Speech rights. The Constitution doesn’t declare that everybody has the right of saying anything they please without consequences… rather, it states that the Government cannot abridge the right of free speech. There is a difference… if you doubt this, slander somebody and don’t expect to be sued. Or make fun of your employer in public and don’t expect to be fired.

    Or, to this point… prove that you’re stupid on a network program, but don’t expect to be excorciated.

  12. Well said Cokefloat, very well said !!

  13. KRLA

    It does not say much for your radio station when you hire idots like Kevin James. You people shoulds be embarassed after Chris Matthews tore James out a new ass. FIRE JAMES THE IDIOT. Get some self respect back for your station.

  14. The link to your comments has been replace by MY comments because you wasted the opportunity to state a logical and intellectual argument by expressing contempt for people that disagree. My article was indeed harsh but it exposed not only Kevin James but George Bush for using the term appeasement without an operational knowledge of the word – not to mention a lack of understanding the analogy (Prime Minister Chamberlain) concerning appeasement pertaining to Nazi Germany during WWII. Yet, both, repeated the talking points provided by the Right Wing information machine and at NO TIME were they capable of explaining the actual meaning of the words they quoted.

    Kevin James is an opportunist who appeals to the terminally misinformed. George Bush, while a very affable fellow, presided over the decision to attack Iraq, affecting the death of 1,000’s of US Military personnel, 100’s of thousands of Iraqi civilians and the displacement of 3 million Iraqi Christians because of the emboldening of partisan and disparate Muslim power centers.

    If you wish to continue to praise idiot talk radio infotainers, please create your own blog and please do not come here again. However, if you care to provide an intellectual argument for you views – feel free to try again. Meanwhile, this is my blog and I make the rules.


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