Barack vs. the Volcano

– The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose CA, by Binx101
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Mount Confuse-us

by doing so have avoided being obscured by the McCain volcano clouds of distorted facts

Not unlike a volcano, the McCain campaign is huffing and puffing and spewing noxious gases, quite often looking like billowy rain clouds. But make no mistake, this is acid and ash.  The warmth you experience is deadly to the middle class of America and smoke screens obscuring the newest version of a neo-con puppet desperate to hatch a single cogent remnant of straight-talk are deadly to everyone but a few oligarchs that flourish in the dark and confusion of acrimonious political theater.  Senator John McCain is the current poster-boy of the neo-con campaign of last resorts because he is comfortable as a long shot, has everything to gain, and nothing to lose.  Not unlike the current U.S. President, his history of public service in government is replete with hidden documents, a controversial past and a money trail of lobbyists and supporters that generate endless contradictions

Campaign finance reform is one of the topics of continuous misinformation that seems to confound much of the press.  A press that completely misses to report the time-line and context of the current public financing argument and is generally devoid of troublesome facts.  Facts that would lead any modestly capable citizen to comprehend that the currently gamed system would help only McCain and be suicide for the Obama campaign.  Since the campaign strategy is not a matter of governance, but a matter of exacting a system of winning tactics, we acknowledge that the Obama leadership has repeatedly forced the game on their own terms and by doing so have avoided being obscured by the McCain volcano clouds of distorted facts and disjointed reasoning.

The Leaning Power of FISA

but will he support criminal prosecution against members of the Bush Administration and Congress for knowingly subverting the US Constitution?

Telecom immunity privileges notwithstanding, the upcoming Senate vote on the FISA bill will clearly complicate the message of change.  In certain respect, the Congress was duped by the Bush Administration into becoming willing co-conspirators, they may need immunity as much as the telecoms and the Bush Administration.  The undeniable lure of accountability may have to be waylaid to avoid a mass hari-kiri among a large bi-partisan contingent of U.S. public officials.  The central argument being that there was wholesale displacement of human rights and someone should be accountable.  It seems that most US citizens would be pleased if the subversion were exposed, revealed clearly and corrected.  On the other hand, we are a litigious lot and whether or not the President promised the telecoms immunity because they were doing the people’s work – the act of making the promise and compromising the privacy of Americans seems much more important than setting the stage for corporate bloodshed.

On the other hand, if our Congress were actually interested in our Democratic Republic, they would make transparent what occurred, provide immunity to corporations that were pushed into service and force government officials that provided the smoke screen (possibly for personal gain) into the open and subject to the wrath of the American public.  Once again, the American public would also be able to exercise an appropriate use of commercial discretion and decide whether or not they were going to continue to do business with their carriers based on their own judgement.  Accountability should begin with the Bush Administration, not the telecommunications companies that have already been pressed into service by collecting revenue for the Federal government in the forms of line item charges that most Americans don’t even understand on their telephone and other communications provider’s bills.

The argument, however, was communicated to the American public through a timid and often incompetent and unwilling press as the American People v. Telecoms.  This isn’t the case.  It is the American People v. The Bush Administration and if Congress were interested in actually doing the right thing – they would encourage the telecommunications industry to provide evidence as to how the Bush Administration, principle supporters of John McCain, subverted the US Constitution in the practices they requested and guaranteed immunity.  McCain supports the immunity, but will he support criminal prosecution against members of the Bush Administration and Congress for knowingly subverting the US Constitution?

Facing Facts

and stand a considerably more naked battle in the commercial court of public opinion, once Americans learn – what-is-what.

It seems to us, that Barack Obama’s comments expressing his intended approval of the current FISA legislation, including the telecom immunity, will include provisions as we outlined above.  There appears to be a number of potential solutions that may not provide the public flogging of the telecoms, but rather directly address those in responsible positions in Government from encouraging the abrogation of rights, the abuse of office and other very high crimes, knowingly deflecting the US Constitution for political control and personal gain.

This approach though, will require a very mature electorate, forced to practice a balance of emotion and reason far beyond that with which the corporate media has been comfortable or finds profitable.  It will require, US Citizens to abandon sound bites for sound reason.  It will require our Constitutional guardians to quell their whetted appetites for court directed damages and accept rewards that may not include monetary gain for class action lawsuits and the associated commission, but rather a restoration of principle and propriety to the lawfulness of American practices at home and abroad.  It will also force the telecommunications companies to make amends to the very people they assisted in abusing, and stand a considerably more naked battle in the commercial court of public opinion, once Americans learn – what-is-what.


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  2. How delightful … Thanks.

  3. Barry – Easy there guy – it America you know — the land of free speech?
    Bookmark this site – you will find after a small application of windex to the old spectacles and some adjustment of the pan-optic tilt, this blog is informative, pretty witty and amusing. Besides Binx101 has never un-misunderestimated anyone to my knowledge.

  4. very good post. thanks for sharing!

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