Beware of Right Handed Lefties

It has become intolerable to read about lucky frauds, such as Jane Hamsher of vie so publicly for a leadership role in the thought police. She hammers Caroline Kennedy in her article – but neglects to point out that Chuck Schumer hired the same guy. Now either Caroline Kennedy is extremely Senatorial in her actions,  or,  Chuck Schumer should get the same treatment from Hamsher. Alas that only happens when rigorous honesty is the driver of reporting and not a personal repartee with the Democratic Dinosaurs at cocktail parties. By the way Hamsher, as Al Giordano so eloquently stated, doesn’t live in NY, never has and probably could use a primer on Boss Tweed and NY politics even though she hobnobs with the current Demosaurus Rexes, but alas, I digress.

Al Giordano wrote a brilliant blog about Kennedy here without calling for her coronation, but rather, her consideration.  It was a fair and accurate appraisal worthy of reading, unlike Ms. Hamsher’s article which was published in what’s become the Daily Fishwrapper – although I understand, an enormous business success for the Huffington Trust.

Before long, the facts will come to light as to what primary business relationship influences Hamsher’s position on Kennedy in such a way that she is almost a singular voice speaking with surprising disrespect to someone who’s accomplishments have never been exploited. It’s hard to know whether Hamsher even knows Kennedy’s credentials since she ostensibly skipped right past that discussion and began throwing stink bombs.

A final word. There is no possibility that Obama’s election was the singular work of any group. It was a team of people that share common principles. Perhaps there is more dissonance than harmony. However, when frauds like Hamsher begin publicly lobbying for access to greater stages, we should stop cheering and examine what, when and why they make the statements or take the positions they do. Personally, I’m not about to support with my commerce or my comments, someone that has launched a baseless attack for, perhaps, less than principled reasons. It is my belief that Jane Hamsher is a very very lucky fraud and Valerie Plame should invite her out for shopping and coffee talk, after all that is the extent of her creds in journalism and that was more of a fluke. Fiction is her business and she’s bringing it to a news blog near you. Beware of Lefties with  a Right agenda.


2 Responses

  1. Man, I thought I was the only one bugged by this – nice read – it’s about time.

  2. Nice to see you blogging again Mr. Binx and what a great read as usual. We miss you. Stop by and say hello or give me a jingle.

    I have to say you took the words, well better than mine, but at least the thought right out of my head. Her admonition of Caroline Kennedy is astounding and bewildering, until you introduced a likely causa occultus and the fact that she hasn’t even addressed Caroline’s legal background or pro bono work which is widely known from those that have benefited from her hard work – yet has never been exploited by her for personal gain. The only thing that’s missing from your article is the smoking hatchet.

    Best wishes

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