Lou Dobbs CNN Crew: The Magpies of Media

The journo-tainment industry may not be factually relevant or inspire an intellectual curiosity … but it sure does sell soap powder and create a compulsion to stay tuned.  After all, when Lou Dobbs says he will be right back to smirk about how pathetic Congress is … right after the toilet bowl cleaner commercial … one may very well be compelled to not miss a single  of his latest diatribe.  It is this scat singing /  “s” talking that has so attracted droves of viewers to become a part of the ‘not-a-clue’ forum. And no one needs a clue – because this isn’t an exchange of informatoin – it is battleground of emotion.

With the precision of a military drill team, people without a working knowledge of our government or history begin to talk, argue and even publish their criticisms on the subject.  You can always spot the chronically uninformed.  They are precisely what you need if you are casting extras for a riot scene in a film.  They are noisy, ostensibly without direction and even though they are talking or shouting, it is impossible to discern what it is they are saying … however … they’re common bond is fear.

Lou Dobbs, the Eddie Haskell of journo-tainment,  has the easiest job in broadcast history.  It is difficult to perceive that he does any personal research.  His journalism requires sniping from a high altitude and then surrounding himself with people that are very glad for the evenings’ wages.  They don’t actually disagree with him as he criticizes anything and everything.  Dobbs and company rarely recommend any risky alternative.  In fact, even their criticisms don’t seem to be able to endure a  junior high school debate team’s scrutiny.

He smirks and hrrmmphs at world calamities as though he were in the cafeteria with cohorts ridiculing one of the less stylin’ teachers.  Flanked by terminally partisan hacks that have managed to get paying gigs as “S” talking chorus members – there are no actual facts.  Instead, Dobbs and his compatriots all over the dial, frame their opinion as though it were in actuality, representative of facts – but these are fact-free diets of mostly fiction with nary a scintilla of fiber.

Yesterday, while at the gym working out, I tuned my headset to the CNN broadcast with Lou Dobbs.  It was just what I needed to do another set even though my arms were fatigued.  The roundish honest faced broadcaster repeated the words “largest transfer of wealth” three times without ever considering the fact that if tax payer money was moving towards job creation the operative term would be “transferring back.”  On the same broadcast, comments about John McCain’s objections about long-term investment in Broad-band infrastructure was unacceptable without recollecting that only a matter of months ago, John McCain promoted the idea as second only to Green initiatives in its job creating  potential in order to help the economy.  Singing back up was Ed Rollins, a political consultant with no political consulting gigs, yet he gets to peddle is head-shaking admonishments as they are needed.  His role is color commentary and additional head shaking while agreeing with Lou Dobbs disagreement.  The ball is often passed with the instructive – “right?”

At least the Magpies didn’t have tele-prompters.  They also didn’t pose as anything but trouble makers.  They didn’t prance around with turkey feathers to wet our appetites, but they would close the glass door on the poor sap while distracting him.  They constantly gave commentary – but never called themselves commentators.  Is one a commentator when sitting in the bleachers screaming “throw da’ bum out !!! ??

The list of these Journo-tainers is without end as are the stories they broadcast.  It is a serialization of the news designed to sell products and advertising by dramatically creating a series of vignettes that give the viewer a sense that they are actually engaged in reasoned discourse, while in actuality it is a dramatic rendering of the days events with incredible license.


Michelle Obama Thinks Sasha, Malia Dolls Are “Inappropriate”

This is how the downward slide into the abyss occurs.

You say: “Chill out” Right off the bat, its clear that you have no clue as to the context of what occurred, because you made it sound as though Michelle Obama raised the point. She didn’t.

Her spokesperson was asked at Press conference to comment about the dolls. The spokesperson expressed that the First Lady was not pleased. ‘Inappropriate’ That’s it !!

No one is need of chill’n … there was no lack of chill, and poster completely missed the fact. The vast majority of people do not feel the need to engage in S talking every time they encounter something that they oppose, or for that matter, they support.

Its my impression that instead of worrying about the Obama’s need to chill, others consider there need to learn to read and reason – and then if one still feels the urge to express an opinion – it will at the very least be related to an underlying story and there will be some connection between the opinion expressed therein, and the actual events in the story.

Of course, if one is only interested in hearing or reading themselves … without regard to issues … there’s always ‘talking loud on a cell phone in a confined space surrounded by strangers’ or simply just writing ‘F that S’ like so many others that feel the urge to communicate in their mother tongue; but with ostensibly, no purpose.

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Obama Breaks Bush Jacket Rule In Oval Office

It seems to me that wearing or not wearing a suit coat in the Oval office, or for that matter, to be photographed doing so, is very personal style, not a sartorial commentary. Perhaps those in the press with this type of agenda might consider confining themselves to the fashion industry periodicals. Surely there is enough critical data that needs to be condensed and digested by the public so that we can become an informed electorate.

One doesn’t have to hate George Bush in order to be very critical of the Bush administration’s policies and despise the manner in which the press did not report the serious breaches of human rights presided over by the administration. Rather, the Press focused on Bushisms or whether he chewed with his mouth open while, ostensibly, forces much greater than Bush, were rigging games from the Interior Department to the FCC with scores of premeditated policy changes that are not in Country’s best interest, while a band of very talented pitch-men had millions of Americans cheering against their own self-interests. This is not a practice confined to any particular political party – but – the Bush handlers may have been the most pervasive.

No jacket ? Really ?? This is in a political / government news section ? No Jacket ??

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