Michelle Obama Thinks Sasha, Malia Dolls Are “Inappropriate”

This is how the downward slide into the abyss occurs.

You say: “Chill out” Right off the bat, its clear that you have no clue as to the context of what occurred, because you made it sound as though Michelle Obama raised the point. She didn’t.

Her spokesperson was asked at Press conference to comment about the dolls. The spokesperson expressed that the First Lady was not pleased. ‘Inappropriate’ That’s it !!

No one is need of chill’n … there was no lack of chill, and poster completely missed the fact. The vast majority of people do not feel the need to engage in S talking every time they encounter something that they oppose, or for that matter, they support.

Its my impression that instead of worrying about the Obama’s need to chill, others consider there need to learn to read and reason – and then if one still feels the urge to express an opinion – it will at the very least be related to an underlying story and there will be some connection between the opinion expressed therein, and the actual events in the story.

Of course, if one is only interested in hearing or reading themselves … without regard to issues … there’s always ‘talking loud on a cell phone in a confined space surrounded by strangers’ or simply just writing ‘F that S’ like so many others that feel the urge to communicate in their mother tongue; but with ostensibly, no purpose.

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