Justice Scalia Lashes Out At Student Questioner

Justice Scalia, as has been quite evident, has a famous hair trigger temper. The ideological temples refer to it as his edge; but generally, constitutional academia regards him has intellectual lumox with a judicial temperament that should be preceded by the barker’s cry – “Let’s get ready to rumble !!!” That is unless there are canolies.

It is very unfortunate that while our beloved America is struggling to recover from our own neglect, our unbridled consumerism and a political divide manufactured by marketing companies to keep most Americans out of politics and ultimately out of focus – that our Nation must suffer the tenure of this grossly incompetent self-indulgent dinosaur of Machiavellian ideology.

Democracy has it’s challenges – a Scalia retirement would be a stimulus package in and of itself.

The Almost Daily Binx
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3 Responses

  1. just read your post here:



    i understand the wheels of justice (& gov’t), turn slowly, so i sometimes feel the posters on these sites (& other left leaners), don’t have a broad enough vision at times.

    best ~ gp

  2. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Without question there are plenty of expectations, but I’m not about to feed into a turbine that only exists to criticize without any reason. There was a reply to my post at Firedoglake that ended by implying that I was an awful human being. Therein, lies the clue – when reason leaves the discussion – it is no longer a discussion.

    Sometimes discussions / arguments are most enlightening and illuminating. Often after a good argument I’ve modified my opinion because someone took the time to challenge my opinion. There are few things more exciting than learning. However, when the discussion becomes nothing but a demanding and commiserating group that hurls epithets and ad hominem assault en masse, reasoned discourse is replaced with graffiti.

    It seems you and I probably agree on the fact that I insist my positions be individual choices and not an obligation just because the sum total would qualify me as a particular social appellation.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to drop a line that I was certain to see. Maybe sometime you’ll stop by again and we’ll disagree in a most agreeable way.

    🙂 –

  3. appreciate your thoughtful reply. illustrates why i didn’t reply to you over there – didn’t want to get into a back & forth defending myself.

    probably see you over at fdl, altho i rarely post – mostly lurk.

    good to know there are a few of us willing to cut obama some slack in the liberal blogosphere.

    best ~ gp

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