NY Post Defends Cartoon, Slams Al Sharpton

It doesn’t matter what the NYP had intended by publishing this cartoon. Tabloid status and free speech notwithstanding – the NYP’s publication of this cartoon has ramifications. It is my belief that instead that the newspaper professionals (I am hesitant to use the word journalists) made a decision that this cartoon was okay, despite the obvious insensitivity at best – or the intentional inference which is most likely considering the paper’s corporate roots and relative support of an extreme rightist agenda.

That being said – the public is powerful here … not powerless. If one thinks the NYP is the symbol of free speech and a worthy news source, people should buy extra copies double their subscriptions. Likewise, if one believes this to be counter productive and an unhelpful source of distraction as I do … they should line garbage pails with all the copies they have left and select another daily fish-wrapper for their crossword puzzles and word jumbles and let sister paper of the Wall Street Journal also die the monkey’s death.

The Almost Daily Binx
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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