Where $200,000 Crowd Live

Any discussion or debate about taxation is going to be a difficult and long one. Industries have been spawned by the commercial turbines of the legal profession and the Accounting industry and have successfully contaminated the dialog by using jingoistic trimmings to adorn the status quo and brand reformers as’ tax and spenders’ These professional industries’ very existence requires their lobbying efforts through trusts, think tanks and direct lobbying in order to keep this battle from being resolved. As a munitions manufacturer, it is not in their best interest for this war to end.

There is an entire broadcast megaplex influencing the minds of the uninformed by practicing jingoism. They yield governors the likes of Bobby Jindal, ostensibly a bright energetic American peddling a series of unlikely assumptions and absolute lies the other night. Lies replete with an extreme right infusion of talking points, all of which have been debunked in daylight.

Daily I’m stunned at the reality that friends family and co-workers are sometimes very intellectually lazy and while they really enjoy waving the American Flag -They are very willing to be influenced by professional shills. Eventually it boils down to which legion of shills has a better line for us to mindlessly nibble.

Quite fortunately we are also a society of potentially the brightest young generation that will energize this process plow much of the weapons grade madness to the shoulder while they build new roads.

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