The FOX Tea Party – Right Wing Extremists Gone Wild

Tea Party - Owned and Operated by FOX

Tea Party - Owned and Operated by FOX

Fools Rush In

Are you amazed?  Are you stunned?  Are you able to wrap any thought around the fact that Americans, after permitting the eight years of ideologues to dismantle the Constitution, shred the Bill of Rights and throw civil liberties somewhere in the pre-Magna Carta time-line – would rally in these tea parties?

Now one must understand that almost every single one of the people engaging in these protests have done so at the urging of some influencial figure. They are unhappy and are exercising their right to protest.   It could be anyone, but mostly it was the National promotion by the entire FOX broadcast flotilla of jetsam that has actually sponsored this activity.  Nonetheless, FOX cannot be blamed for the fact that these pockets of dissidents are the ideal dissidents if you must have dissidents; simply because, they are acting against their own best interests.  According to the US GAO, the tax burden of most Americans will be reduced by the current Administrations actions.  That’s right – 95% of American taxpayers receive tax relief under the new plan.  But those are just facts.  This isn’t about facts.  This is about mass hypnosis.

The Usual Suspects

Gingrich - Never at a loss for words even when alone.

Gingrich - Never at a loss for words even when alone.

Gingrich, formerly King-of-the-Hill; presently, disgraced former House Speaker rants about the organic and spontaneous Tea Party.  What he omitted was the fact that the Tea Party concept was adopted by the Neo-Con loyalists with the intent of getting in the news … period.    FOX News Corps unrestrained grip on masses of uninformed and mal informed Americans is staggering , and Gingrich, as a bench player for  FOX news saw not only task but the potential to grab headlines.

hannity_coulter1“Nattering Nabobs of Negativity”

Singing back-up for Gingrich on the FOX broadcast monopoly are Jingo Singers Hannity and Coulter.  Hannity even went as far as to travel to Atlanta to host and further align himself with the misguided but highly touted tea party.

But what was the draw?  Certainly protest is the bedrock of Democracy so why the ridiculous and ineffective execution of a Nationally teleported uprising ?  Simple, it was an uprising of people who are unhappy – and were led by the nose and spirit to stand and protest a rise in taxes that will not effect them – so actually, it was more of  a magic show than it was a protest.  And so the tea-party might have better been described as FOX News – Masters of Illusion.

Nothing to See Here … Move Along

Now that's a tea party !!

Now that's a tea party !!

Not to mention the ill advised use of the term tea-bagging as muted laughter could be heard across the nation – but the fact that there was nothing to hear, nothing to see, no ideas bing advanced that could be used to educate or inspire a reasoned discourse truly contributes to the lampooning this misguided and ineffective protest has spawned.  Futher it is encouraged by The Lost – the lost Neo-Cons that are still roaming the halls of Congress, FOX News and 1000’s of radio outlets across the world while further soiling themselves and the landscape – figuratively and literally.


3 Responses

  1. Excellent !

  2. Quit denying reality. Face the facts. Over 700 cities had Tea Parties, not organized by Fox but by average American people who are just fed up with government overspending and overtaxing. People are struggling, losing their jobs and having difficulty just making ends meet. This is not a Republican/Democrat issue…or a conservative/liberal issue. This is the voice of the American people and their concern and anger over what the government is doing to us and to future generations. Quit blaming, and start solving. The American people deserve better.

    • It seems to me that the American people spoke and were heard. That is relative to the distinct change in the political landscape. So you assert that many of the people in the Tea Party fiasco were supporters of Obama in the last election. Sorry, what you see and what I see are completely different. You said to me “Quit blaming and start solving”. Well the Tea Party offered not a single solution and in fact was one Sour Grape Party.

      I’m an employer, and my taxes are going up. I use tobacco and the cost of taxes on cigars alone are over 100% to help offset medical costs. What I did yesterday was go to work on plan that would help my business bring back workers we had to lay-off. I face the facts everyday and I faced the facts everyday 10 years ago when the SEC was so busy trying to dodge reality that my investors were fleeced by a greedy board of directors and bad deals that a public company I had helped create was legally gutted – while I waited on hold.

      While I respect your right to your opinion, I don’t understand where you concluded that I was blaming anyone. If anything I’m saddened that a large number of misinformed and un-united Americans wasted 1,000,000 tea bags, created a laughing stock of political leverage to those that are serial disrupters and wasted National TV coverage on a silly and inappropriate metaphor while FOX News fills their own pockets.

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