Gingrich Either Ignorant Or A Chinese Ally: Dem Rep

It seems to me that in order to have a business … one must have customers, generally speaking. What we have done as a society is to preempt our own values by not wishing to constrain our convenience.

First and foremost media corporations are capitalistic as opposed to overwhelmingly ideological. That is to say, controversy is what they crave most – but if they can’t sell it they’ll change their game fast enough. Right now, sadly, the aggregate American appetite for a food-fight exceeds the desire for reasonable discourse or deep understanding.

What’s most disturbing are those that aren’t paying particular attention. The one’s that aren’t here or anywhere; the ones that head in the other direction when an intellectual discussion begins. They wave off family and friends with declaratives about not discussing politics etc…. and then they never do. Sadly, they walk into voting booths with the thoughts of their fave five or worse – media personalities they like but don’t particularly understand.

We’re making progress, solid progress; it will just take more from us to lure our friends and family back into their civic responsibility which often is in conflict with their liesure. That’s my take anyway.

The Almost Daily Binx
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