Gingrich Either Ignorant Or A Chinese Ally: Dem Rep

Newt Gingrich, along with William Bennett, Tom Delay, G. Gordon Liddy and host of other disgraced and/or criminally charged and/or convicted felons – have been fronting for neo-con benefactors for years. These are Right Wing Extremists for hire and, at the very least, Weapons Grade Hypocrites.

It is astounding the number of media outlets that either carry their shows (those that have them) or feature them as guests / experts / analysts when they are nothing less than career propagandists.

How it works is even more disheartening – they are paid in the form of honorarium or book publishing deals, whereby advance book sales are provided in order to get them book publishing deals that legitimate writers won’t earn for decades. The practice is payola and just short of money laundering, albeit very dirty business.

These are master gamers of the system for personal benefit, and in this writer’s opinion, true terrorists that are also parasites using the US Flag and dimwitted fans as cover.

The Almost Daily Binx
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