First, Stop the Hemorrhaging

Rev Jackson – with all due respect – your article reads like an omnibus book report and approaches everything – but actually just re-hashes old news. So why then did you pen this. My guess is to keep yourself in the news by taking advantage of the celebrity blogging opportunity at HP, even though you had absolutely nothing to say that hasn’t been discussed ad nauseum , everywhere.

While I have great respect for your larger body of work; but more so, respect your aspirations because they far outweigh your accomplishments. So why not observe the wonderful young people in this country take responsibility and the reins and write about them instead of re-purposing last month’s news articles so you had something to say.

Perhaps you’ll consider writing about the life-blood of our country correcting the course, perhaps even learn new questions and please, I mean this in the most respectful terms – support them wisely. It’s about them now … not you. Free yourself from the caricature you portray.

Very respectfully,
Vincent Caminiti

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