German Third Reich-Style Training Center Planned By Pro-Hitler Party

Many friends refer to themselves as Conservatives. Most say that because they have reacted to the way the word Liberal has been maligned, yet … they are in fact Liberal. Soon they will have to rename their political underpinnings because the neo-conservatives and their cousins of German heritage have successfully transformed the term Conservative (one who conserves) to mean one who hates.

Many leading broadcasters and info-tainers have adopted the term Conservative as a magnet for those that believe this is reflective of their values. I am happy to say, that most people that I know, even though they refer to themselves as Conservative actually mean Conservative in the way we grew up understanding it. Our politics might be very different, and we may see somethings completely differently, but one thing I know. My friends, acquaintances and family are intelligent, deeply fair and considerate humans – nothing like the info-tainers that hijacked their label, and nothing like the politicians that they may have, in my opinion, voted for because they are grossly misinformed.

Be very deeply concerned about Politicians that wear slogans and religious imagery as a costume and complain about invisible villains; and, consider seriously those that are talking about the well-being of Americans with solutions and ideas. Even if you don’t like them at first, give the little gray cells a chance.

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