David Brooks on Palin: A Profile in Cowardice

This article is total BS. First, let me be clear – I am an Independent, not beholden to any political party. It is my belief that regular citizens should consider supporting candidates … not parties. I am a consistent supporter of campaign reform and public financing thereof. I am most closely aligned with the Democratic party because of ideas. I have been formerly associated with Republicans when ideas were real. They fell out of favor with me when Ronald Reagan became the first canonized Saint while he was in office, despite the

David Brooks is a reasonable and honorable intellect. I often take issue with positions not his conservatism. It has been my observation that I disagree with his analysis. It is also my observation that he, as a general reliable rule, does not engage in journalistic food-fights, graffiti or ad hominem attacks and is a credit to what used to be neo-conservatism as envisioned by the late Irving Krystol.

Greg Mitchell is selling stuff here and was granted an awful lot of real estate for his personal attack of Brooks and shilling for book sales. It was unprofessional and unreasonable to compare restricted comments to one’s published body of work. Extremely unprofessional.

This is a disgusting abuse of an opportunity, a cheap trick and another example of the changing soul of this once meaningful venue.

The Almost Daily Binx
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