Max Baucus Nominated Melodee Hanes, His Girlfriend, For U.S. Attorney

Au contraire – there is a story here. It’s the story about casual disregard for propriety and long standing tradition of disqualifying oneself from making any such recommendation without a substantial and public disclaimer akin to recusal in jurisprudence.

In this case, such a disclaimer was inconvenient for Baucus because of the complications of his marital condition. Ultimately, this should be a red-flag about the Senator’s future, as should performance and lack of public service leadership in crafting a Senate Healthcare bill.

Max Baucus has painted a portrait of himself as a special interest spokesman. Generally we refer to them as pitchmen or lobbyists. This is not to say that he’s the worst of the pack – we’ve seen the lobbying free-for-all in the GOP under a lot of scrutiny, inspired by the Bush White House. However, that is every reason not to tolerate even a scintilla of this under a Dem majority.

There is a list of these dinosaurs in both parties that have become insulated from an electoral ejection because of corruption at a local level and it seems as though they are dismissing us as inconvenient and annoying – us – the people for whom they work, and we as citizens do ourselves injustice when we permit corporate lobbyists to pose as public servants, irrespective of Party.

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