Networks Still Hosting Military Analysts Without Identifying Massive Conflicts Of Interest

It’s not only the FOX brand of news-ish shows that cater to ideologues not unlike CNN. These broadcasters cater to the terminally misinformed and hero worshipers. They deal in information that advances their mediaplex interests and the advertising revenue goals of their shows. To that end, their lack of honesty and manipulative marketing schemes are almost understandable. They play the suckers.

The major terrestrial-cable megaplex, however, is ALL owned at least in great part) by companies that when one connects all the dots – are actually directly connected to the same military industries. These were the anti-trust worries of Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. This is not forgivable – because eventually – they do what is in their overall, very patient and very greedy hands. They shape the perception of news with Tin Soldiers that are essentially commercial advocates and lobbyists. These aren’t just short vignettes that are random. These talking heads are part of a serious and complex program of promoting to marketing demographics that dangerously influence an already compromised public opinion.

The Almost Daily Binx
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