Gov. Spitzer Set-up? More to Eliot Mess Story?

Reprinted by requests

– Originally pubished – 11 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, Ca, by Binx101

Is Prostitution Prosecutor being Persecuted ?

“… he did knowingly transport and hire the hooker … “

Spitzer swearing inNot a full day has passed before the story seems to already have gotten thrown off (or perhaps ‘on’) the rails. We think that the countermeasures were predictable. There is an article at Raw Story that is more revealing, but not convincing. In brief, the story suggests that Scott Horton, NY Attorney and Harper’s contributor believes Gov. Spitzer was set up. We think Raw Story just wanted to scoop because they didn’t even use Horton’s first name in the article. Right there was a tip-off.

Secondly and maybe even more revealing, the article features a picture of Horton, not Spitzer. We think that this is more revealing about the purpose of the original article as a way to self promote Horton than to point to any definable plot against Spitzer. After all … he did knowingly transport and hire the hooker, no ? He did confess to having, at least, disappointed his family and State, no ? But to listen to Horton’s suggestion, he thinks Spitzer should be invoking the ‘Shaggy’ defense “It Wasn’t Me!” We think Horton’s premise is a self-aggrandizing attempt to throw his name in the political spotlight.

Sad But True

“… didn’t require the skill of Sherlock Holmes …”

As for the original report by Brian Ross at ABC, it was a good and the many other reportsHolmes have made it clear that Spitzer was the object of the investigation and that suspicious money transfers were the original object of the investigation. It is not difficult to understand, certainly for a crime fighting prosecutor, that criminal investigations are a continuous set of theories that lead professionals in various directions. It doesn’t matter whether its a U.S. Attorney or Daschell Hammett – everyone with a pulse over the age of 12 pretty much understands this global reality. This didn’t require the skill of Sherlock Holmes to uncover. Perhaps he and his wife have an understanding. No doubt they do now.

At the Speed of Might

“… paranoia would have served him as a better mistress.”

We think it highly likely that Spitzer has made an enormous cast of enemies in his rise to power. He has been noted for a fierce fighting style and he has been quoted by a list of Msters Bookdetractors – having made direct threats about prosecuting prominent evil-doers. We think paranoia would have served him as a better mistress. In an instant, the Eliot Spitzer has become a household name that will likely be the new “Hypocrite” for a time.

While Spitzer would have to prefer being defined by his successes, as he is portrayed in a highly flattering Eliot Ness-ish portrayal of an avuncular crime fighter in Brooke Masters’ book: Spoiling for a Fight – The Rise of Eliot Spitzer; we are loathe to think of the next books that will sum up the corporate rocking Governor Spitzer because he, essentially, cheated on his wife and hired very expensive hookers.

The Political Process Will Pay the Price

“… everyone’s vision will be obscured by the political food fight.”

Make no mistake about it, allegations will fly – novels will be written and a few fortunes made over Eliot Spitzer’s indiscretions and quite possibly, crimes. It’s the very fuel the that keeps the lights burning so that as we stare at the fire – Washington insiders are busy shredding the Constitution. He’s a Democrat and before long some bloated Right Wing hate monger is going to reveal that he once dated Hillary and before long the Left will respond and everyone’s vision will be obscured by the political food fight.

So Eliot Spitzer’s romp was more than just a whipped cream and a trip on Amtrak. This was a harpoon to Democratic Politics and a further leg-up to the neo-cons, who have hijacked the Republican Party and replaced it with politicians – the likes of highly offensive and disturbing Rep. Steven King of Iowa, or Rep. Jack Kingston of GA, two of the House’s most blatant graffiti artists, who will, most assuredly, tie this into Barack Obama’s middle name.


15 Responses

  1. Okay – as usual I enjoyed reading every word you wrote and drove me to the dictionary as usual. But dont you think that the Mann act is a very old piece of law? Is it fair to prosecute someone under that law. It does not even seem that is what the original law was aimed at. More like it was about people engaged in trafficking sexslaves not really high roller hookers.

  2. Well WL – your question is really 3.

    Is the Mann Act old ? Sure 1910 – that’s old. And in fact it is very controversial and a part of the discussion relevant to how differently laws were enforced when it came to White and Black defendants.

    Is the Mann Act obsolete? – probably not. There is sufficient evidence in the press that Sexual Slavery is not just restricted to parts outside the US. But it probably could use some dusting and cleaning. In fact – s0 could our Constitution. (More on that to come here at The Almost Daily Binx.

    Is it fair towards Spitzer? In my opinion … this is going to be guilty plea to misdemeanor solicitation in DC, and resignation. So to that end – as a lever – it is quite fair. It in fact is how the law seems to work best.

    That’s my 50 cents worth.

  3. Hi Binx.

    Politics not withstanding, if there is an indictment, Elliot Spitzer must step aside as Governor of New York.

    Be that as it may, my guts are churning and that cynical intuition needs to boil to the surface.

    Why was there a Federal Investigation of this matter?

    Have we, yet another, political adventure of the U.s. Justice Department?

    Is some ambitious assistant U.S.Attorney trying to impress his new boss by delivering the scalp of a prominent New York Democrat?

    Is that new boss, the U.s. Attorney General, a former New York State judge – probably well acquainted with Spitzer’s professional behavior – seeking retribution for the fall of some very prominent people (read that as Republicans of the business community)?

    I don’t know the answers to these questions.

    I do know that a cheer went up on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange when Spitzer publicly announced his situation. I do know that Republicans of the New York State legislature are demanding impeachment proceedings.

  4. Hi Nap:

    Well, from my perspective – there is no justification or mitigation of a crime because political enemies are keeping a close watch. To that end – practicing what one preaches seems a better life-style than high end hookers. Frankly, I personally believe prostitution should be legalized in all 50 states. They’ll find no Puritan here.

    I’m afraid though, that there’s not going to be a revelation of conspiracy. The NY Governor made a lot of enemies and went way out of his way to be spit in their face publicly.

    He made a giant deal and a court case about Dick Grasso at the NYSE. When one learns about the motivation behind that challenge – one would consider that there are scores of people that would invest serious money in placing Spitzer under private surveillance just to catch him in this kind of ‘gotcha’

    Alas, though, I fear this is just nature’s way of letting us know we don’t know everything. I don’t believe there was foul play at the FBI, or the NY Legislature (about this matter particularly) although I wouldn’t rule out anonymous tips to the FBI from interested parties, including Spitzer’s Banker.

    I believe that Spitzer will resign as part of a deal to not be criminally charged for other than a misdemeanor, permitting him to expedite the situation and retain his license to practice law.

  5. Binx101 – It seems you have a some interesting insight but you fall short of condemning Spitzer. I think that’s why I’ve enjoyed your posts. You walk up to the line but don’t necessarily cross it – unless you’re talking about miscreants that defy conscious.

    So, you don’t think that this possibly obscure law is going out of the way to take down Spitzer ?

  6. CG: It is an essentially and obscure law in this particular case, HOWEVER, that being said, when Gov Spitzer was NY-AG, he specialized in using obscure laws in order to prosecute, or as many thought, persecute. I selected my words carefully.

    He demonstrated the extent to which he would go – when he prosecuted Martha Stewart, and when he converted an essentially non-crime into a 3 ring circus at the NYSE. There are some that were unable to make an overt connection – but believe strongly that there was patronage involved when he (Spitzer) involved the State of New York in a non-case that could have easily been negotiated and not cost the tax payers of NYS an enormous amount of money in order not to permit the Exchange to pay an enormous amount of money that was agreed to by the Exchange and Grasso before he accepted the appointment.

    Spitzer lived by the grandstand play – it seems rather poetic that he’ll be done-in by one.

    I think there are far more important things to think about other than another ego maniacal NY Politician thrusting himself on the National scene, regardless of denomination.

  7. Amen to that !!

  8. So, Binx.

    No indictment and Spitzer gets to keep his law license. That going to be some deal.

    Sorry about my conspiratorial view of the Department of Justice. I haven’t seen that institution as a paragon of virtue since Reno was Attorney General. In her position, she maintained a tradition, and, at least, an appearence, of fairness – taking responsibility for mistakes and telling certain members of the Executive branch to go to hell as necessary..

    It has been a long 7 years.

  9. Hey – while I don’t think there is a conspiracy in the Justice department, I don’t think you should be apologizing for considering it.

    I think your closing point is ample support for keeping the door open. My point though was that there is so much meat on the bone – conspiracy at Justice would be the least effective. He’s got many more enemies … much more conveniently located in the NY Tri-state area.

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