The Mutant Project

What’s it all about?

The Mutant Project was the brainchild of Mutant Innovations, as a way to create a brand awareness of their line of consumer electronics products.  It is, though, not a Site where anything is sold.  The creators are adamant about shamelessly leveraging their brand but not permitting it to be a commercial Website.

Instead they have created an interesting concept of producing a entirely Web-based novel that is, for the most part, always in character and occurring far in the future.

The Concept – Wholesome Science Fiction

It is the intent of the creative team – The Silicon Valley Irregulars – to purely entertain.  In doing so, they decided that it would be fun and engaging if they provided some passive tools to explain concepts and include embedded links to definitions for younger readers so that this experience could also be educational, in a manner of speaking.

Entertainment is ubiquitous in our content rich world, yet it is mostly fleeting.  A sound-bite megaplex of fast paced and concentrated stimuli that searches for a demographic as opposed to a cultural investment that invites a more thoughtful participation.  In the case of The Mutant Project, the plan is to include the readers and ultimately invite them to participate in the creative process.  This may include featuring original art as part of the graphics and audio versions recorded and submitted by readers so that the visually impaired, or anyone for that matter, who would benefit from audio versions can listen to the story.

The Story Preview

For this it is best to visit the Website.  Once there you will notice it is a very simple Blog layout which was selected because of it’s simplicity and ease of use. The promotions by the Site’s sole advertiser are very reserved which deserves kudos and respect, since this is an artistic adventure and not a blatant marketing scheme.

The story begins on the planet Earth around the year 4000.  Much change has taken place on the planet from what we know today and the initial characters are emerging as Geologists, Paleontologists and Archaeologists of a most curious team under a Professor, considered by the planet ruling council, as the foremost authority on ancient Earth.  His team of crack scientists / graduate students are an amazing example  of discipline, courage and training.

Also, denizens of the planet are the low-landers.  Groups of humans decended from those that survived the turmoil of tragic events much closer to sea-level than that Scientific Community that now, in many ways, remain protectors of the planet.  We hope you enjoy visiting The Mutant Project


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