Keep America Beautiful – Think Like a Neighbor

The Almost Daily Binx, Silicon Valley, V. Caminiti 31 January 2012

While the grammarians argue the etymological provenance of ‘like’ and ‘as’ we feel very strongly that the substance of the slogan ‘Keep America Beautiful – Think Like a Neighbor’ is a reminder of values that our preoccupation with competing personal interests may have eclipsed. Values that have distinguished the American spirit when the Dough boys  went off to France in the early 1900’s, or when polio was stalked around the globe, or the Berlin Airlift after World War 11.

Even in the iconic settings of the 1950’s and the ostensibly contrasting back-drop of the age of Aquarius, America, Beautiful America, was in its roots, neighborly.  Yes we had, and continue to have aggressive social disorder, prejudice and some out-right dangerous social cancer.  It has always had more than sufficient representation. But still the neighborly essence of America the Beautiful is ‘coffee-talk’ and sometimes inspirational talk from the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, Cairo; and, in muted tones, Kabul, Teheran, Lagos, Mogadishu …

There is so much more America, so much more hope, so much more patience … when you think like a neighbor.


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