Barack vs. The Volcano (Redux)

The Candidate is the Campaign, Period

…inexplicable disassociation with current events, stunningly inadequate communication skills, dubious team building expertise and an endless stream of banalities…

McCain’s campaign deserves the ‘Ship of Fools’ moniker, and they prove it daily – not only in the fact that they defy reason in the overtly fictionalized representation of the Senator’s leadership skills, but with their flagrant disregard for facts.  The campaign’s message is confusing hot air and ash; noxious, dirty and deadly.  The representations of the future are in direct conflict to McCain’s past record. In fact, many of the conflicts have been navigated by McCain within a single news cycle – whereby he reverses course on his own comments within hours of his original.  We’ve said it before, McCain does more about-faces in a day than a Naval Drill Team and it is hardly understandable how he hasn’t screwed himself into the ground where he stands.

The McCain Volcano is replete with a cast of the ‘Usual Suspects’ that make Keyser Söze seem like Captain Kangaroo.  It’s not just that they  represent the ruling class that created the volcanic cone that is impacting America, but because their ideological scam has devalued the American worker and fleeced the National wealth.  A re-distribution of wealth that not only has devalued currency but has gambled the American legacy by decimating the US Military, inspired greater global terrorism in a manner most fiction writers wouldn’t have felt was believable and created the necessity of corporate welfare that is undeniable, yet is placed directly on the shoulders of an abused middle-class.

Yet, without skipping a beat, John McCain goes news cycle after news cycle displaying an excess of poor leadership style, inexplicable disassociation with current events, stunningly inadequate communication skills, dubious team building expertise and an endless stream of banalities, slogans and staggering contradictions.  However, the patented GOP response to what must be global observations of McCain is always preceded with an attack on Barack Obama.  This is the sensibility that riots are made of – not important political decisions.  The mere fact, that Phil Gramm (the birth parent of the Financial Services Modernization Act which abrogated Glass – Steagall) is an economic adviser and former co-chair of the McCain campaign should be reason enough for any reasonable human being from disregarding McCain as an option in November.  When punctuated with McCain’s stating that he’s not for the privatization of Social Security this week, after a decade of his vociferous support for privatization should shake even those that haven’t been paying attention to politics.

Even GPS Can’t Locate McCain positions

…it is unquestionable that John McCain is the Republican stooge who permitted his campaign to chose a VP running mate for him that was certain to distract the electorate…

“You can’t make this stuff up” was almost an appropriate sub-text for every McCain speech in the past week.  It was expressed by journalists, journo-tainers and the Obama campaign.  It was irresistable, as was the line that Obama worked into every speech declaring that the ‘Ole boy network was a McCain staff meeting.’  Truly, even those not enamored with shtick could resist broadly smiling each time it was repeated.

McCain would literally contradict himself within hours of taking a position. While great fodder for news / opinion / comedy – John McCain’s campaign activities are not just confined to the US airwaves but are making US Politics the laughing stock of the world we so desperately need to re-engage in a healthy way.  Imagine a President John McCain addressing the UN while the suspicious membership recall his attempts at detente by quipping ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran’  Just think about a man who has claimed in a Nationally broadcast interview “I know how to win wars!” as though the empty words had value.  He, to this day, he has not been challenged by the corporate media with access to him to back up that claim.  It is not only a sad commentary on John McCain’s grip on reality, but a revealing glimpse of the corporate media’s dubious attempts to keep the game going as long as possible.

After the disgrace that was billed as the Republican Convention, not limited to but including highly questionable police activity and the jailing of credentialed US Press journalists and the vile words of the resentful bridesmaids – it is unquestionable that John McCain is the Republican stooge who permitted his campaign to chose a VP running mate for him that was certain to distract the electorate from the facts and potentially build support.

Skill with Hope, Faith and Charity

When the talking heads and paid political analysts (even the friendlies) called for him to get into the street fight – he acknowledged their concern but won their respect for not blackening his own eyes with his own knees

It is our opinion that the premiere qualification for a presidential candidate is their ability to lead.  The skills required are a nimble mind, an ability to assemble heroic teams and reduce complex problems to a series of actionable events.  This is commentary and not a campaign ad – but Obama detractors have engaged in propoganda that borders historic proportions in order to disavow his accomplishments and the McCain campaign has engaged in politics that rival the disinformation of the current Bush administration.  In fact, Bush political operatives have been engaged by the McCain campaign in successful recruiting effort that the US Army wishes it could accomplish.

Hope:  Barack Obama adopted the word ‘Hope’ as an operative tool over a decade ago – it wasn’t born of a campaign. While there have been numerous accounts of it’s importance and volumes written mocking the emblatic overtone – it is overwhelmingly apparent that this is a fundamental precept of what makes Obama tick.  In contrast the McCain campaign has posited that Hope is not enough – even though it is abundantly clear that the Obama campaign has admirably operated with a positive mental attitude throughout the campaign.  The importance of this is evidenced in the fact that the current presidential race has been observed by many as being pivotal in the history of the USA and the Democratic contender rose from the ranks with a grassroots political organization that has out-raised any US Politician in history and defeated the tenured Democratic political machine in accomplishing the Party’s nomination.

Faith:  While this is of the most personal individual freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, Obama’s faith has been challenged continuously with disturbing allegations.  Some of these allegations still being hoisted by still employed yet hardly relevant paid propogandists posing as commentators, are offensive not only to Obama, but to many Americans that are not fundamentalist Christians.  There is no question that these businesses celebrating non-profit status have provided cover for political operatives intent on tainting Obama.  To his credit, Obama has run the gauntlet of incomprehensible assertions with aplomb.

Charity:  This is the most evident of all the attributes of the Obama campaign.  Even when the neophyte political activists, supporting Obama began to call for his head-on-a-stick, because of his skillful manuevering of positions placed in his path by a concerted effort of the Republicans in Congress – team Obama managed to get the activist leadership to focus on singular actionable event that was more important – that being winning the election.  He did it without creating huge or lasting divisions.

When the talking heads and paid political analysts (even the friendlies) called for him to get into the street fight – he acknowledged their concern but won their respect for not blackening his own eyes with his own knees and patiently permitted the opposition to choke on their own hubris.  He has repeated this throughout the campaign and his control under fire has stunned the McCain rioters.


Barack vs. the Volcano

– The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose CA, by Binx101
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Mount Confuse-us

by doing so have avoided being obscured by the McCain volcano clouds of distorted facts

Not unlike a volcano, the McCain campaign is huffing and puffing and spewing noxious gases, quite often looking like billowy rain clouds. But make no mistake, this is acid and ash.  The warmth you experience is deadly to the middle class of America and smoke screens obscuring the newest version of a neo-con puppet desperate to hatch a single cogent remnant of straight-talk are deadly to everyone but a few oligarchs that flourish in the dark and confusion of acrimonious political theater.  Senator John McCain is the current poster-boy of the neo-con campaign of last resorts because he is comfortable as a long shot, has everything to gain, and nothing to lose.  Not unlike the current U.S. President, his history of public service in government is replete with hidden documents, a controversial past and a money trail of lobbyists and supporters that generate endless contradictions

Campaign finance reform is one of the topics of continuous misinformation that seems to confound much of the press.  A press that completely misses to report the time-line and context of the current public financing argument and is generally devoid of troublesome facts.  Facts that would lead any modestly capable citizen to comprehend that the currently gamed system would help only McCain and be suicide for the Obama campaign.  Since the campaign strategy is not a matter of governance, but a matter of exacting a system of winning tactics, we acknowledge that the Obama leadership has repeatedly forced the game on their own terms and by doing so have avoided being obscured by the McCain volcano clouds of distorted facts and disjointed reasoning.

The Leaning Power of FISA

but will he support criminal prosecution against members of the Bush Administration and Congress for knowingly subverting the US Constitution?

Telecom immunity privileges notwithstanding, the upcoming Senate vote on the FISA bill will clearly complicate the message of change.  In certain respect, the Congress was duped by the Bush Administration into becoming willing co-conspirators, they may need immunity as much as the telecoms and the Bush Administration.  The undeniable lure of accountability may have to be waylaid to avoid a mass hari-kiri among a large bi-partisan contingent of U.S. public officials.  The central argument being that there was wholesale displacement of human rights and someone should be accountable.  It seems that most US citizens would be pleased if the subversion were exposed, revealed clearly and corrected.  On the other hand, we are a litigious lot and whether or not the President promised the telecoms immunity because they were doing the people’s work – the act of making the promise and compromising the privacy of Americans seems much more important than setting the stage for corporate bloodshed.

On the other hand, if our Congress were actually interested in our Democratic Republic, they would make transparent what occurred, provide immunity to corporations that were pushed into service and force government officials that provided the smoke screen (possibly for personal gain) into the open and subject to the wrath of the American public.  Once again, the American public would also be able to exercise an appropriate use of commercial discretion and decide whether or not they were going to continue to do business with their carriers based on their own judgement.  Accountability should begin with the Bush Administration, not the telecommunications companies that have already been pressed into service by collecting revenue for the Federal government in the forms of line item charges that most Americans don’t even understand on their telephone and other communications provider’s bills.

The argument, however, was communicated to the American public through a timid and often incompetent and unwilling press as the American People v. Telecoms.  This isn’t the case.  It is the American People v. The Bush Administration and if Congress were interested in actually doing the right thing – they would encourage the telecommunications industry to provide evidence as to how the Bush Administration, principle supporters of John McCain, subverted the US Constitution in the practices they requested and guaranteed immunity.  McCain supports the immunity, but will he support criminal prosecution against members of the Bush Administration and Congress for knowingly subverting the US Constitution?

Facing Facts

and stand a considerably more naked battle in the commercial court of public opinion, once Americans learn – what-is-what.

It seems to us, that Barack Obama’s comments expressing his intended approval of the current FISA legislation, including the telecom immunity, will include provisions as we outlined above.  There appears to be a number of potential solutions that may not provide the public flogging of the telecoms, but rather directly address those in responsible positions in Government from encouraging the abrogation of rights, the abuse of office and other very high crimes, knowingly deflecting the US Constitution for political control and personal gain.

This approach though, will require a very mature electorate, forced to practice a balance of emotion and reason far beyond that with which the corporate media has been comfortable or finds profitable.  It will require, US Citizens to abandon sound bites for sound reason.  It will require our Constitutional guardians to quell their whetted appetites for court directed damages and accept rewards that may not include monetary gain for class action lawsuits and the associated commission, but rather a restoration of principle and propriety to the lawfulness of American practices at home and abroad.  It will also force the telecommunications companies to make amends to the very people they assisted in abusing, and stand a considerably more naked battle in the commercial court of public opinion, once Americans learn – what-is-what.

Obama – Not Biting on Town Halls

McCain – Not a Real Candidate

“… McCain’s uninspiring approach to public speaking, his inexplicable assortment of bewildering facial expressions …”

Although a most profound experiment in public theater, John McCain is no more a viable candidate for United States President than comedian Pat Paulsen was in his 1968, 1972, 1980, 1988, 1992, and 1996 Presidential runs.  While Paulsen’s dead-pan approach to the campaign, made for great comedy, John McCain’s candidacy of last resort rarely generates laughs, but excels in generating grimaces and glances askance.

The overall legitimacy of McCain’s run is rooted solely in his ability to generate financial interest in his presidency.  We feel very strongly that he offers many corporatists a solid investment and from this perspective – his lobbying capacity from the White House would represent an exponential leg up to privatization of the American Republic.  However, if one were to solely judge the next American president on his own words, John McCain’s attributions are confusing, contradictory and quite often conciliatory with those of George Bush.  While the upside is substantial, the downside to publicly visible support of John McCain by ‘the usual suspects’ might very well be punished by an American electorate withholding their commerce on principle.

Senator McCain represents the only candidate, other than Mike Huckabee, that was willing to shill for the party in an election year that is likely to severely punish the Republican brand.  This is further compounded by McCain’s uninspiring approach to public speaking, his inexplicable assortment of bewildering facial expressions and his most obvious lack of experience with reason and logic.

Attendance by Association – Few Debates Better than Many

“…John McCain has to pay his own way in organizing events and paying the piper for the observations of his patented “Straight Talk.”

Have you seen the attendance at McCain events, in which he is the only draw? It is clearly indicative that no one really cares what he says, nor is consistent from day to day.  Frankly speaking, Hillary Clinton made a tragic mistake during her campaign when she declared she had found her voice – six months into her campaign; but, John McCain has never declared his voice – and – the “Straight Talk” slogan has matured into a cue for witty repartee about flip-flopping

Barack Obama, has proven to be able to attract very large crowds of interested and engaged supporters. Even Hillary Clinton – perhaps the most widely known political woman in contemporary history – was not able to attract the numbers or investment that Obama has commanded from the masses.   John McCain, however, struggles to attract crowds, enthusiasm, and investment.

It is our opinion that Barack Obama’s presence will bring more attention to John McCain than John McCain, and this is the singular reason that McCain strategists filled his mouth with a challenge to engage in Town Hall meetings beginning in the double digits. McCain has everything to gain by the exposure that he otherwise, does not have the resources to garner.  With only five months left until we vote – McCain would actually be the beneficiary of riding Obama’s coattails in an environment and venue that is actually less likely to generate harsh press – in the spirit of fairly covering debate, that is to say.  Conversely, if the bulk of the press coverage leading to the election is comparative analysis of the candidates own vision as inspired by their own words in speeches – John McCain has to pay his own way in organizing events and paying the piper for the observations of his patented “Straight Talk.”

McCain – Republican Edsel – Wrong Man at Wrong Time

“… the match-up is the Republican’s Edsel.”

Not unlike the Ford Edsel, noted for being the largest business catastrophe of the 20th Century, John McCain represents a bewildering brand that diligently hoped he would be running against Hillary Clinton as opposed to Barack Obama.  With Clinton as his opponent, McCain would have been able to trawl for the anti-Clinton voters. The difference, of course, the Edsel had a chance of succeeding.

Ford’s research revealed that their Lincoln brand had slipped into competing with GM’s Oldsmobile, and the entire basis for the launch of Edsel was to assist in the company in diversifying its line and recreating the natural match-up of Lincoln competing with Cadillac.  But in doing so, they spent more attention to marketing channels than they did to product, and it’s identity continually changed in each of its three model years, to the extent, the name Edsel began to equate with a car that didn’t have a singular target customer because it’s concept kept changing.

We think the comparision to McCain speaks for itself.  Both Hillary and McCain exercised the same myopic judgment. Hillary’s though was in trying to captitalize in the odd lift she was getting from her eventual enemies.  Then they made the assumption that they would be competing against each other, while they mocked Obama in unison, as an insurance policy, defining themselves as collaborators, not opponents.  Nonetheless, the surviving competitive model is Obama and the match-up is the Republican’s Edsel.

Clinton Camp Talking with Hostage Negotiators

Delegates, We Don’t Need No Stink’n Delegates

Hillary lawyering machine … pariah status exceeding the radioactive half-life of plutonium.

The interesting thing about being drunk, whether it’s from alcohol or power, it is always trademarked with glimpses of ones true personality.  At least, that’s been my observation.  It is our opinion, the Clinton leadership is now holding the process hostage in a most predictable manner.  in doing so, they are trying to create one last distraction in which to threaten harm to Obama’s presumed victory, the single most effective tool of the Clinton campaign, which has further distinguished themselves with their penchant for negativity.

We offer that while this article is being written, the Hillary camp is threatening continuing all the way to the convention, hammering Obama, unless she’s offered the VP slot and right quick, in a deal that would further call into question the propriety of the Democratic Party.  We further contend that the Hillary lawyering machine is passing enough threats to almost guarantee pariah status exceeding the radioactive half-life of plutonium.

Reality Check – Prediction

… should he be caught on tape robbing a convenience store later this summer.

The screaming woman at the DNC Rules Committee Hearing, notwithstanding, there is a growing Democratic constituency that is beginning to embrace a Democratic future that is Clinton free.  For many it is an unprecedented change of heart, however the candidate is going to take the heat for the Ickes, McAuliffe’s, Wolfson’s and Penn’s, very ‘Bush White House’ inspired antics.  Even her most ardent supporters have confided in us that they are beginning to feel a bit abused.  While no one wants to see their hard earned campaign contributions go up in smoke, the Legacy of the Clinton campaign is less about inspiration and more about fiction.

After a day of teasing the public in a last ditch attempt to shake the trees and see if there is more support for her … the Clinton campaign will release the hostages and using language that will further be distinguished by its dis-clarity – put the Clinton campaign in neutral and set the parking brake.  This will include offering conciliatory but not irreversible endorsement of Obama, should he be caught on tape robbing a convenience store later this summer.

Hillary Clinton : The Other Shoe

The Gaffe Heard ‘Round the World

“… a revealing flaw in thinking and a discouraging glimpse of desperation that is stunning …”

We have stated from the very beginning, that Hillary Clinton did not possess the communications skills that are generally associated with the Presidency.  That being said – after nearly eight years of suffering through the in-artful repertoire of George Bush’s spoonerisms, malapropisms, dangerously dangling participles and other weapons of etymological destruction – our criticism of Hillary must have seemed harsh, particularly to her supporters.  While it is not the happiest of observations it is borne out repeatedly – oddly enough – by all things, her own words.  There is no Mayhill Fowler, alleged citizen reporter, with hidden microphone to take the word “bitter” out of context, or a cadre of Watergate plumbers bugging the Clinton bathroom – the words that have harmed Hillary Clinton have all been said – not once – but repeatedly – so they aren’t generally ‘mis-speaks.’  They are mis-thinks, mis-planning, mis-scripting, mis-strategy and mis-tactics, which all goes leadership.  So it is our observation, that communications “chops” are pretty much an indication of leadership “chops” and in plain jazz terms – Hillary couldn’t find the back beat in a Spiritual.

The first paragraph opened with the term communication skills, and with all due respect, they are reflective of what one thinks and how one thinks – and – can be more revealing as to a weakness in conceptual thinking.   These skills are also reflective of what one hears and how one reacts to what they have heard.  And lastly it is reflective of simultaneously speaking, listening and improving ones message. If one doesn’t possess them, they tend to lean more on cadences than substance.  They tend to try to manipulate with the timbre of their speech rather than the value of their message.   When one completes a sentence of which they have overtly flirted for three months in various press venues – this is not a misspeak.  This is a revealing flaw in thinking and a discouraging glimpse of desperation that is stunning even to the most seasoned political voyeur.  It was very sad that she invoked the murder of Robert F. Kennedy, in order to draw the conclusion that anything is possible.

Be Careful for What You Wish

“… the Obama campaign that has NEVER encouraged Hillary Clinton to withdraw – not even in abstract citing the greater party operation.  She repeated the lie again last night.”

The fact that the Camp Hillary has been waiting, hoping … perhaps even praying … for Senator Obama to make a tragic mistake in his campaign is no secret.  In fact, the Clinton operatives have caused a few flaps in trying to create one of two for the Senator from Illinois, when he hasn’t been cooperative to do it himself.  It reminds us of old slap-stick comedies, in which the apparent stooge always steps out of the trouble at the last minute, despite the antagonist’s seemingly flawless plan.   For instance just as he’s positioned over the trap door, a gust of wind from an opening door blows the intended victims hat to the floor- when the hat is retrieved, the villain is unaware that he’s actually now standing over the trap door that he had originally lured his victim.  A second later, the villain utters the cue to his accomplice below to trigger the trap door and presto – the villain is plunged into his own pot of tar beneath the stage.  In a previous articled we made a reference to the Clinton Campaign’s likeness to Wile E. Coyote in the Road-Runner cartoons.

Every news outlet, regardless of pedigree, has reported that the Clinton campaign was hopeful that Obama would provide the necessary drama with anything – from a last minute mistress scandal, more unseen tapes of  Rev. Wright, or perhaps even another US enemy endorsing Obama – yet team Obama has been uncooperative.  They have also been uncooperative in attacking Hillary.  They have not seized on the opportunity and ALL leadership in the Obama campaign, no matter how provoked, would NOT personally attack Hillary for her incredibly stupid, insensitive and revealing comment.  Even though Hillary has plainly lied in her interview with the ARGUS, by suggesting that the Obama campaign had called for her to quit, the Obama campaign would not attack her.   The Obama campaign has never called for Hillary Clinton to leave the race – in fact – they have been vociferous to the contrary.  There is not one quote of Obama or the Obama campaign that has EVER encouraged Hillary Clinton to withdraw – not even in abstract citing the greater party operation.  She repeated the lie again last night.  This appears to be Hillary’s ‘Dukakis Moment’, inasmuch as it’s the sound of the other shoe dropping.

Our Summary

We find it difficult to understand why the corporate media with few exceptions, has reported on the distinction between the Obama, McCain and Clinton campaigns.   While it seems that the presidency is the Nation’s if not the World’s most important management job – wouldn’t the manner in which a campaign has operated, both from a team building excercise to a fiscal responsiblity be a glimpse of the potential leader???

“Doesn’t show up for GI Bill vote .”

The McCain Campaign has been plagued by legal and Constitutional issues.  Everything from possible Federal Election Committee violations to McCain’s own possible manipulation of the FEC board in order to avail himself of additional unrecorded contributions via wife Cindy’s Airplane, not to mention 58 lobbyists still residing on his campaign team.  McCain, noted for his involvement as one of the Keating 5 in the famous banking debacle, selected as his Economy advisor, former Senator Phil Gramm, one of the architects of the current mortgage disaster and current Vice- Chair of the McCain campaign.  McCain’s judgment in courting small ‘c’ christian organizations has been rather revealing of the disingenious nature of McCain and his team, and their approach to using the religious fanatics, not unlike the president that endorsed his candidacy.  McCain is little more than the Republican stooge because the others were happy to drop out after realizing that the chances of Repbulicans winning in 2008 were very slim.  McCain is deluded into believing that he’s the choice – he’s the stooge. Campaign in fiancial distress – Message changed – 5 senior staffers terminatied (lobbyists) – Doesn’t show up for GI Bill vote .

“She has just lost any opportuntiy to be VP as well.”

The Clinton campaign, no stranger to lobbyists, in severe financial distress, whereby the candidate has loaned her own election campaign 11 million dollars and possibly more when the next campaign documentation is prepared.  She has lost more net delegates in the two days than she picked up in the last month.  She has been called on more than dozen times to edify comments that were either untrue or distorted emanating from her campaign leadership and she has had more than a handful of lobbyist issues to deal with, including the fact that her campaign strategist ‘Penn’ is a busines partner of John McCains campaign strategist ‘Black’.   Even to the point that Terry McAuliffe and Clinton have begun a rather curious repartee with Fox News and Karl Rove.  Very curious indeed.  The Right Wing and the Extreme Right Wing are panicked over an Obama presidency, because it is likely to inspire much more local political visiblity and activity a local level.   This is not good news for the Right.  They began to campaign for Hillary. She acceepted their support – openly and knowlingly.  She is desparate.  She has just lost any opportuntiy to be VP as well.

“… majority of the Nation’s youth are solidly and actively behind Obama’s message …”

The Obama Campaign has been shelled since its inception  – by both Republicans and Hillary.  The Obama campaign has not changed their message.  They have grown exponentially, despite public attacks by Clinton operatives.  They are not in debt, and they get healthier every day.  The majority of the Nation’s youth are solidly and actively behind Obama’s message, the clear leader.

Obama, Clinton – Media Hush on Rush Getting GOPers to Vote for Hill

Not Just Blowing Smoke

Limbaugh_smokePerhaps Republicans Followed Right Wing Talkers’ Pleas to Vote for Clinton. While the corporate media shadowing each of the candidates has been leaving no stone unturned when it comes to asking questions, however little attention has been given to what appears to be overwhelmingly disproportionate voting in many Texas counties. Open primaries leave the door ajar for strategies that can be misleading and the gorilla in the room is how could so many counties report NO Republican votes while reporting record Democratic votes?

Texas Caucus Results Support Right Wing Bump Theory

It appears that the Texas caucuses are yielding far different results than the open primary, which on the surface would suggest that the Clinton campaign is beholden to the GOP for her Primary victory Tuesday night. It would be reasonable to expect that in a general election, the bump would revert back to the Republican contender John McCain.

The corporate media has been very slow to provide details or a cogent assembly of the facts and the reality of what is apparently a very successful strategy for the GOP. Republicans are actually controlling the Democratic theme, because Democrats are so divided.

Radio talkers on both sides of the great divide, have received a lot of anecdotal informationthom_harmann regarding Republican Voters chosing to vote on the Democratic side during the primary, as well as Fox News, reporting over 1200 emails from GOP voters claiming they voted for Hillary – and that as two days ago according to radio-talker Thom Hartmann during today’s broadcast, as he played clips from a Fox News broadcast that he appeared earlier this week.

An Obama Victory Would End Some Democratic Franchises

New Dems want a fresh start, fresh face and fresh chance. Old timers can’t collect pay-backs and decades of quid pro quo from fresh faces and reform in the party. In many respects, an Obama victory very likely means the end of some political power for the very mature Democratic network. We’re not suggesting corruption, but we do suggest that many Democrats are supporting Hillary because of their vested interest in party affairs, not necessarily for the best candidate.

Obama Likely to Take Press Hits Through the Weekend

obama planeThey’re upset with him. He told them in so many words that they should do their job. What about vetting Hillary Clinton. Much of the corporate press was terribly insulted by his brusqueness during a recent flight, clips of which have been widely circulating. In fact, some of the Corporate media elites have implied he’ll pay the piper over the weekend when they hammer him for losing his smile and patience when they just wanted answers. Fair enough, generally speaking, but they have been asking the dumbest questions imaginable. How about those Hillary Clinton Tax Returns ??

Obama v. Hillary McCain? Democrat v. Republicrat? Patty Duke?

– 7 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx – San Jose, CA – by Binx101

“Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark”


The continuous delays of releasing Tax returns not withstanding -this famous exclamation from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “is used to describe corruption or a situation in which something is wrong.” – Bartleby’s Quotes –

But perhaps tax returns aren’t the only issue. Perhaps the Hillary McCain alliance was built long ago as plan B. Here’s our brief overview:

Hillary and McCain announce plans to meet with Cindy Sheehan in Sep 08

Hillary: McCain better than Obama

February 3, Fox News allegedly innocently manipulates McCain and Hillary into speaking with each other

Bill Clinton from NYT Political Blog – The Caucus – Full 25 Jan 08 Article Here – “She and John McCain are very close,” he said. “They always laugh that if they wound up being the nominees of their party, it would be the most civilized election in American history and they’re afraid they’d put the voters to sleep because they like and respect each other.”

Hillary McCain – It’s The Patty Duke Show

pattydu4.jpgjohnhill.jpg pattycathy.jpg

We were incredibly moved by the unity of John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Then it dawned on us – two of a kind ??

Meet Cathy, who’s lived most everywhere,
From Zanzibar to Barclay Square.
But Patty’s only seen the sights
A girl can see from Brooklyn Heights —
What a crazy pair!

But they’re cousins,
Identical cousins all the way.
One pair of matching bookends,
Different as night and day.

Where Cathy adores a minuet,
The Ballet Russes, and crepe suzette,
Our Patty loves to rock and roll,
A hot dog makes her lose control —
What a wild duet!

Still, they’re cousins,
Identical cousins and you’ll find,
They laugh alike, they walk alike,
At times they even talk alike —
You can lose your mind,
When cousins are two of a kind.
Download the them song at Todd Fuller’s SitcomsOnline

Our Sincere Apologies

We were unable cope with any Democrat aiding and abetting the Hillary Clinton campaign for reaching so far into the pandering bag after realizing that Obama was very attractive to swing voters. Additionally she has intimated that she has already been President, a close confidant during decision making times, and has been a steward of the people’s trust – therefore tested. Apparently, her sole commitment to deliver a health-care solution in the last decade was a total bust – done in the dark – and to NO avail … but we digress.

Our apology is for having some fun with an issue that is not at funny. That being said – we were unable to produce any written word that wasn’t apparently hate filled and offensive and further damage to the seriously wounded Democratic message. We decided instead, to chill … and have a brief chortle. We hope you did too.