KRLA’s Kevin James : The Anatomy of Idiocy – UPDATED

-San Jose California, The Almost Daily Binx; by Binx101,


This story is brief, because the subject of this story,  Kevin James the quintessential idiot, reveals his essence immediately – out of the gate.  A neocon’s nightmare come true, this ranting imbecile becomes almost uncommunicative and backs himself into a corner by having a conversation with two relatively smart guys, while quoting the Nation’s leading idiot – George Bush.  Additionally, he is deranged.

There is a video below.

Secondly, let’s eliminate any confusion about Kevin James.

It’s not this one:  He’s a successful and funny comedian with a syndicated TV Show under his belt.

Here’s the second rate neocon from LA with less brains than a mailbox and more hate than a junkyard dog

Anatomy 1-2-3

Step One: Accept a Booking to Provide Commentary to Boost Your Ratings

What a mistake if you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Apparently, Mr. James only talks … and has no ability to listen or reason.  He is the absolute epitome of a neocon information puppet.  He opens with a repetitious and unkind tirade about Barack Obama – surprise !!

Step Two:  Lose Your Mind and Keep Talking

It’s incredible, as though he didn’t even understand English.  If this were not live television it would have seemed as though it were a spoof.  He was without self-control and apparently not in possession of a GED from a correspondence school.

Step Three:  Continue to talk over the host

And, continue to prove that you  and the person that hired you should be fired together.  Make sure by the time you’re finished … everyone knows that you are a paid propagandist so that they can begin boycotting KRLA and it’s sponsors.  We are.

Enjoy video by clicking  HERE. Video will open in new window.

Click Here for a different video of Chris Matthews Interview on Countdown Guest Hosted by Rachel Maddow – Fri Night – discussing his views on the greater cause of what occurred on his show with James.


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It is our opinion that Kevin James is an anti-American terrorist. We strongly believe in the First Amendment and see no better way to fight terrorism than starting at home with these sabbateurs of reason, by letting our collective voices ring louder than their despicable propaganda, and by giving those that pay them a reminder that they have a choice.


Obama – Close the Deal? Journo-tainers Stir the Pot

– 25 April 2008, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx101

“… played into the GOP’s hands by dividing and self-conquering. “

Popular television and cable news Journo-tainer Chris Matthews offered what he considered, solid sage advice for Barack Obama  at the close of Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.  We respectfully submit that Matthews needs to bone up a little on his political science and his reading comprehension.  He proposed that Obama would be taken more seriously if he shifted his conversation to taking on McCain and showing what a fighter he can be, just like Hillary.

We demur, despite Matthews’ popularity as a TV Journo-tainer, we respectfully submit that he’s once again fallen off-the-wagon and is making news instead of commenting on it, by manufacturing facts that aren’t facts.  The Democratic nomination process is still underway and as far as we can see – the divisions in the Democratic Party are causing the actual nomination process to be prolonged while they disenfranchise party supporters and have played into the GOP’s hands by dividing and self-conquering.  Barack Obama needs to take on Hillary in exactly the way he is – and the national figures will still favor him – despite the Clinton propaganda machine and “new math.”

“… drive-by paint-ball currently passing for journalism”

Obama isn’t Hillary, and apparently he does not find her style appealing or helpful.  However, we are certain, that if Hillary had determined that Obama’s style, as it were, could be helpful, she’d drop the screeching and nervous laugh and be enrolled in “cool” lessons faster than she was just heard invoking “Noth Caylina,” with her newly re-polished Pennsylvanian, New Yorkish, Ohioan, Arkansan drawl.

Matthews further conflated the facts when suggested that there were three(3) people running for President.  While we acknowledge the corporate Media elite (pardon the expression) would be gleeful for such an opportunity, the simple fact remains that the only person currently running for president – is John McCain.  The Democratic opponent has yet to be determined.  While a three (3) person race might be the corporate journo-tainers’ equivalent of a big-game safari, fully stocked with drugged animals for them to shoot it remains impossible.  For the time being  we’ll continue to suffer the drive-by paint-ball currently passing for journalism. (We do concede that Matthews certainly does understand but struggles to present the facts cogently in fulfillment of his corporate obligation to provide a boat load of fans and carloads of manure in which to hit them.)

“Obama, has not wavered very far from his message of hope.”

Barack Obama is not running for President.  He’s running to be the Democratic nominee.  There is a considerable difference in the latitude provided under the pretense of each.  There is limited opportunity to challenge John McCain while he’s seeking the nomination.  His opponent is Hillary Clinton.  She’s chosen to go for the nomination in what we consider,  the politics of the darkest Democratic past.  Obama, has not wavered very far from his message of hope.

Hillary Clinton has mocked hope as a dementia of the masses, mere wishful thinking and promised hard fisted fighting.  Barack Obama has repeated that citizens will make the difference and their involvement, while Hillary has either mocked his words or opted to incorporate them as needed.  Hillary has a huge corporate machine and Obama has a political machine that ostensibly has risen from grass roots humble beginnings

“Hillary never fails to deliver a completely balanced assortment of demographically nutritious emotions …”

One Clinton characteristic that is amplified by the lengthened primary is that she is by far a reliable and predictable pit-bull of political ambition.  Her focus is unwavering, her ability to attack and fight is admirable.  Admirable in the sense of a guard-dog, but not particularly admirable in the sense of one who is required to pilot a ship of State. One that is admirable in the sense of performing the same trick in a reliable fashion, but not particularly admirable in the ability to represent sensibilities of the shamefully abused middle-class that has been all but stomped out of existence. Stomped that is by the destructive and distracting politics that the Clinton once shunned, but now embraces.

Her demeanor is reflective of the task.  In small community settings she is soft and even lachrymal, yet when counted on to deliver a forceful message she can be Stalinesque, particularly in her gesticulation  and hand gesturing to the Heavens with authority.  Sometimes, listening to her range of emotions, we are carried off in thought to fond memories of the High School Drama Club’s endless hours in preparation of Thurber Carnival.  If nothing else, a mixed bag of emotion as  Hillary never fails to deliver a completely balanced assortment of demographically nutritious emotions selected by the Madame and her Maitres De campaign.

“While their … political affiliation is the same, their leadership style  … from this point is likely to be incredibly divergent. “

Conversely, Obama is generally consistent, but unless he’s delivering a speech that will carry 27 news cycles, the Journo-tainers are crushed.  Take the recent PA Primary concession speech.  In what period of time, in what election has any candidate been criticized for a concession speech being lack-luster?  That’s precisely the consensus the corporate media agreed to this past week.  Hillary, was covered in laissez-faire splendor even though her speech contained at least a dozen factual misrepresentations.  Hey, we’re just paraphrasing Pat Buchanan or Howard Fineman, and it isn’t limited to them.  These are no longer solely Journo-tainers, they have become political theatre critics commenting on what we can only imagine they perceive as fiction.

Chris Matthews’ and his colleagues (with the exceptions of Eugene Robinson and Rachel Maddow)  seem unclear that most of America sees Barack Obama as running against Hillary Clinton for the nomination.  While their general political affiliation is the same, their leadership style and ultimate direction from this point is likely to be incredibly divergent.  The differences in health care is minimal, but these are health care programs that were meant to familiarize the public with theory.  There is no health plan yet. Certainly not one that’s ready to be published, yet they talk about the differences in Health plans that are nothing more than smoke right now and simply meant to pass election muster.  While we have great affection for the Edwardses, they aren’t helping right now.   There is a Democratic primary going on, and while time may be of the essence, they were instructed to sit this round out by the electorate.

Chris Matthews Pitches No Hitter – Obama Supporter Texas State Senator Kirk Watson Strikes Out

While we are often very critical of Chris Matthews uncomfortable broadcasts – he presided over a lesson in Politics 101 last night after the Texas hosted Clinton-Obama debate. Kirk Watson, State-Senator (D) Texas – suffered his own Alamo last night.

It was actually refreshing to watch this lesson in politics – and should be a lesson for all the flag wavers, including me, to remember that opinions aren’t facts – facts aren’t opinions. We need to be informed and conversant in the issues in order to be relevant. Kirk Watson will never make that mistake again.

Curiously, at first I was getting riled at Matthews for being unnecessarily harsh, but actually, based on my most recent complaints – Matthews was doing the Matthews stuff that made me enjoy hm in the first place – before he banged his head. It was a lesson that may potentially be the most important reminder that popularity by itself is not not enough.

Watson, to his credit, has taken his beating in style. In an unusually revealing and self deprecating way, he has admitted that his lack of preparation caused the gaffe and hasn’t even slightly suggested that he was treated unfairly. We tip our hat at Watson for admitting his error in preparation. (See Sen. Watson’s Website -Here)

Bravo Matthews for doing what you used to do so well – and Bravo Sen. Watson for taking it the hard but truthful way.

Obama vs. Hillary McCain – How Barack Saved My Gnocchi

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the day preparing a nice dinner for a family birthday gathering. The Osso Buco was led by a modest serving of Gnocchi con Pesto Crema. Now every knowledgeable cook knows that Idaho potatoes are a wonderful ingredient for light and airy Gnocchi, providing a little care is used in the preparation.

Miraculously, I was able to accomplish this task while listening to alternating streams of Hillary and McCain employing sub-sonic technique in order to hammer Barack Obama for being an eloquent purveyor of his vision and hopeful for America’s future. They systematically ignore the fact, that he’s called on American’s as volunteers and as part of a civilian corps in order to accomplish a great deal of the ‘hope’ segment of his wish list. Further to that end, the corporate media has not been very enthusiastic about portraying his call for volunteers, national service and education – and rather, prefer talk about the battles between Hillary vs. McCain, Hillary vs. Barack.  They (Clinton and McCain camps) call on Obama for substantive examples of his plan – yet he delivers them in every speech – and Hillary, McCain and the corporate press ignore the dialog in the manner of strawmanesque politics.

Clinton and McCain have systematically ignored the central point of Obama’s campaign and have been most deceitful and dishonest. I don’t use these words lightly. Along with our current White House – I consider Hillary Clinton to be as accomplished a liar as Bill Clinton and John McCain. Or as I like to think of them – ‘Hillary McCain’. I do not recommend executing delicate maneuvers in the kitchen with very sharp cutting implements or boiling water while listening to the ‘Hillary McCain’ speechify.

Add Chris Matthews to this mix and I’m turning into a screaming lunatic actually jumping off the ground because my hands are full of hot potato, egg and flour, preventing me from slamming them into my butcher block mis en place. Matthews, the gossip lummox of tabloid TV clearly in need of emergency psycho-therapy, begins to talk of sensations up his leg when he hears Obama speak. Dry heaves notwithstanding, his curious comment stirs up more distraction from the central point.

Now I must remove the small bloody potato area from the pile of freshly flaked Idaho, bandage my finger and get back to work before my mixture cools too much. There’s parsley caught on my shoe and I’ve nearly twisted my ankle on the last three-foot leap off the ground. There’s a good chance this is all going to be stored in the garbage pail until trash day. Nonetheless we persevere while the aroma of the braising Osso Buco begins to tamp my Calabrese genetic predisposition for Vendetta.

Hillary McCain is ready on day-one. As crazy Uncle Nunzio always says, “Stockholm syndrome – they love each other”. In fact, if they don’t love each other they should – because they can reinforce each other’s arguments and stir up anti-Obama sentiment by agreeing with each other. Obama has to run against both of them right now (three if you consider Bubba,) which really makes them one. Add a few dashes of Matthews mind-boggling adoration when Hillary McCain, with a back-drop of Octogenarians in order to feel youthful, calmly announces, with the voice of an undertaker – Hope …. is Dead … don’t listen to Obama. Me and even the guys behind me from the Washington Mutual commercial … we know … Hope is Dead. Obama is a dreamer. We know hope is dead … We killed it !

Hillary McCain – Same Ole, Same Ole – the way you like it.

By this point I’ve realized that my fancy Bluetooth set-up, permitting me to select stream audio to tether-free speakers may be more dangerous than I had considered. I’m muttering incessantly like Darren McGavin’s character fixing the coal furnace in ‘A Christmas Story” while negotiating several near misses with a large pot of boiling water. At one point, I’m so distracted that I nearly reach into the oven without oven mitts in order to check on the Veal. I realize I need change, I want change … I must have change.

When I return from my home office, the stream is now Obama. I have set the next 4 pod casts of Obama. I start to get calm. Its hard to not notice how important he believes words are – because he choses them well and speaks them most believably.

Hillary McCain is quietly reduced to a scab  now forming on my thumb and small bit of bloody potato dough in the bin. Even Matthew’s earlier Larry Craig-ish proclamations and those famous south-paw dubs suggesting Obama’s speeches are ‘lofty,’ can’t harden my grip on the gentle touch needed to make those airy pillows of potato pasta. The fork tines have created the perfect sauce catching ridges for the creamy Pesto mixture that will be lightly tossed with the Gnocchi before plating. The atmosphere is calm, the timing is perfect and mood is set.

I’ve decided that I’ll listen to the rest of the Hillary McCain bluster while I split some logs later. At least I can put them to good use.