Clinton Camp Talking with Hostage Negotiators

Delegates, We Don’t Need No Stink’n Delegates

Hillary lawyering machine … pariah status exceeding the radioactive half-life of plutonium.

The interesting thing about being drunk, whether it’s from alcohol or power, it is always trademarked with glimpses of ones true personality.  At least, that’s been my observation.  It is our opinion, the Clinton leadership is now holding the process hostage in a most predictable manner.  in doing so, they are trying to create one last distraction in which to threaten harm to Obama’s presumed victory, the single most effective tool of the Clinton campaign, which has further distinguished themselves with their penchant for negativity.

We offer that while this article is being written, the Hillary camp is threatening continuing all the way to the convention, hammering Obama, unless she’s offered the VP slot and right quick, in a deal that would further call into question the propriety of the Democratic Party.  We further contend that the Hillary lawyering machine is passing enough threats to almost guarantee pariah status exceeding the radioactive half-life of plutonium.

Reality Check – Prediction

… should he be caught on tape robbing a convenience store later this summer.

The screaming woman at the DNC Rules Committee Hearing, notwithstanding, there is a growing Democratic constituency that is beginning to embrace a Democratic future that is Clinton free.  For many it is an unprecedented change of heart, however the candidate is going to take the heat for the Ickes, McAuliffe’s, Wolfson’s and Penn’s, very ‘Bush White House’ inspired antics.  Even her most ardent supporters have confided in us that they are beginning to feel a bit abused.  While no one wants to see their hard earned campaign contributions go up in smoke, the Legacy of the Clinton campaign is less about inspiration and more about fiction.

After a day of teasing the public in a last ditch attempt to shake the trees and see if there is more support for her … the Clinton campaign will release the hostages and using language that will further be distinguished by its dis-clarity – put the Clinton campaign in neutral and set the parking brake.  This will include offering conciliatory but not irreversible endorsement of Obama, should he be caught on tape robbing a convenience store later this summer.


Obama Campaign : Harold Ickes KO’s Clinton

Don Fowler, a highly respected Democratic Party elder and vociferous Hillary supporter, concluded his day Saturday by stating he would abide to accept the decision of the committee even though the manner in which the Michigan and Florida delegates would be seated at the convention was not one that, he felt favored his candidate.  Earlier in the proceedings he defended the Clinton proposal which did not include compromise.  He concluded, however,  in a gracious and dignified manner, indicating the importance of party unity in electing a Democrat to the White House, and explaining why he voted in favor of the compromise.

In stark contrast, immediately following Fowler Harold Ickes calmly pelted the entire Delegate Committee with an insulting tone and the poor manners that has become synonymous with all things Clinton in the last few months.  An incredible display of hubris and ill-mannered discourse his rude display was not offered in the tone of contention that one might expect in circumstances of the current delegate debacle, but rather intoned with bitterness that one generally equates with losing equity investors in the great crash of 1929.

His ill tempered rebuke was not only evident in his words but also in the condescending hand gestures that trade-marked his tirade as he expressed contempt for the Democratic National Committee and their decision.  He concluded by intimating that party unity would not be had by the Committee’s decision despite the pledge of all participants to abide by the decision reached today.

He further, made personal references to a conversations with Don Fowler the evening before, suggesting the lack of wine during the days discussions may have encouraged the compromise.  It was cheap, insulting and a disgraceful final act for Ickes, further highlighted by his use of crude expressions in his final barrage. It is likely the last time that Ickes name will be relevant in Democratic politics.

He concluded by reminding the Committee that Mrs. Clinton had directed him to inform the Committee that she reserved the right to take her fight to the DNC Credentials Committee.

It is clear from the corporate news coverage, Internet news coverage and the blogosphere, that Harold Ickes performance today did more to push delegates to declare on behalf of Barack Obama than if he had been dignified in his demeanor and saved the pedantic lecture for the Clinton operators that continually interrupted the proceedings.

While it was understandable that there would be high spirited discussions and impassioned arguments to be heard from supporters of both Clinton and Obama, it was Harold Ickes that introduced a tone and timbre to the event that had the most aggressive Hillary supporters adopting a conciliatory posture at the events close, acknowledging that Obama will be the centerpiece of the Democratic Party engaging Republicans in November.

Obama: Brand Consistent

Singular Temperament

more revealing of their own lack of discernment and lust for blood-sport.

As a study in leadership, the Obama campaign has been a stunning example of effective leadership and dedicated team building.  This may have as much to do with those creating the message, as it does with those carrying the message.  Supporters, most visibly consisting of the broadest representation of Democrats and Independents, is demonstrably different in composition than the opposing Clinton campaign, and this is repeatedly evident in the arguments between the campaigns,  and the manner in which the respective groups entreaty the electorate.

The Clinton team had routinely been very aggressive and media savvy in packaging and executing each argument, often optioning media opportunities to preview potential major assaults and empowering those that fared well.  The high priced marketing gurus of the Clinton campaign would then, apply resources to arguments that fared well in their crafty focus group approach.  Since the myriad of info-tainment channels are clamoring for content – the campaign professionals would have been remiss to not capitalize on opportunities.  However, after a series of missteps by Senator Clinton, those media opportunities became the testing ground for plausible defences instead of a potential glimpses of policy and values initiatives.

Conversely, the Obama campaign has not altered its strategies, however, it is duly noted that tactically, they have maneuvered the campaign in such a way as to control their own message by not operating from the defensive posture.  In fact, the campaign has demonstrated a patience via a confident pause, which almost without fail, has permitted its attackers to bloody themselves by not protecting themselves from the ricochet of their own dangerous assertions.

Often this patience has been misinterpreted by the corporate media as not effective.  Calls from the info-tainment glitterati and political pundits alike for Obama to hit back and hit hard – have been wide off the mark. Although, to date, not one of the millionaire club of broadcasters has admitted that their poor assessment of Obama’s strategy was more revealing of their own lack of discernment and lust for blood-sport.

Hope Springs Eternal

Geraldine Ferraro began to talk so much, no one wanted to hear her anymore and everyone was encouraging her to seek counseling

The message of hope from the Obama campaign, was never cavalierly tossed about as the Clinton Campaign asserted.  Again, Hillary Clinton, in a show of hubris and frustration, mocked Obama’s message of hope; yet, the single most devastating blow to Clinton, was delivered by her own words as the public, press and youth rejected her argument, chastised her and punished her campaign for the sophomoric and sarcastic speech in which she mocked not only the Obama message, but the sentiments of millions of voters that believe that his message is precisely what is missing from the political landscape.

While Hillary may have had a few seconds of immediate gratification from her animated assault on hope… she paid a heavy price, since shortly thereafter, a number of prominent figures declared for Obama, directly attributing their timing as expressive of their belief that Senator Clinton had convinced them that Obama was the only choice. Further evidenced by the Clinton campaign, again changing its message, reapplying ‘Change’ throughout the campaign and distancing itself from their own assault on Obama.

The Clinton campaign, expensively staffed with marketing magnates, political warfare strategists and Democratic party dinosaurs struggles to maintain a degree of power and relevance even though their politics is obsolete and partly responsible for our present demise.   Geraldine Ferraro, a perfect example of the Clinton dinosaurs, took any opportunity to speak on a myriad of TV news outlets in order to promote her own brand and further call into question Hillary Clinton’s leadership and campaign message.

The pundits, with fingers crossed, tossing hands of coins into fountains and wishing-wells, didn’t get their wish. Obama would not take the bait.  He would not be foolish enough to engage.  By simply exercising a little patience, just like her candidate – Geraldine Ferraro began to talk so much, no one wanted to hear her anymore and everyone was encouraging her to seek counseling, since her conclusions and assertions betrayed any facade of mental health she had previously enjoyed.

A Positive Mentality

They seldom overreact, they seldom express contentious issues with contentious language.

The singular most damaging mistake Obama opponents have made is confusing a positive message with a positive mentality.  It is flaw in critical thinking that further distinguishes the candidates and their respective teams.  The differences are stunning.

The Clinton team has given every indication that they essentially have no plan to win the nomination other than encouraging their supporters to be anti-Obama, asserting that the Obama campaign has called for her to step down.  While this may create enough distracting buzz, it is not without permanent damage to the party and to herself politically.

Conversely, Obama’s team consistently delivers an upbeat message.  They are focused on the Republican Party opposition and apparently trust the DNC to solve the MI and FL debate, which includes Obama representation.  They have managed to keep the issues separate and distinct from matters of governance, public policy and international relations.  Moreover, they have avoiding conflating political issues with public policy issues, another overwhelming shortcoming of Clinton’s leadership.

However, most clearly, the Obama team practices a mature methodology that minimizes negativity by expressing thoughts in a positive manner.  It is evidenced in the language of the campaign, in the demeanor of the campaigners and in the words of Obama.  The messages put out by the Obama campaign and the results of that message were not a secret.  The campaign has trained quite openly.  They seldom overreact, they seldom express contentious issues with contentious language.  They always react in a predictable manner that  apparently continues to frustrate his detractors and win over more supporters.

FL Republican Gov. Crist Not Telling True Story : Playing Games with Obama, Clinton and the Democratic Party

– 7 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, by Binx101


Gov CristHe’s declaring his opinion about Democratic Party matters, but omitting that when the Florida Democratic Party requested to change back to the original primary date, as to not violate DNC rules, the Florida Republican majority legislature blocked the measure and prevented it. Some may be tempted to describe it as lying by omission.

This surreal push to assist Hillary Clinton on the part of GOP powers and supporters ishillarycampaign.jpg compounded further by the close business relationship between Mark Penn, of the Clinton Campaign and Charles Black of the McCain campaign. Details can be viewed at the here at the Washington Post and here at the New York Observer.


Why not? First of all, it is the Republican position that Clinton loses to McCain. Perhaps they have more control over the candidate’s ultimate demise because of powers within their control.

The Obama campaign conversely, while not entirely free from larger supporters, has aObama rally huge grassroots roster that has just exceeded 1 Million individual citizens making smaller contributions, and highly motivated young contingent of volunteers on the ground. It isn’t the Ron Paul movement, but nonetheless, we have seen a lot of Paul supporters considering Obama as an option for this cycle.

ronpaulrevolutionThere’s clearly an easier sell to the Republican supporters as opposed to the Paul Libertarians. Again, this is troubling to the Republican power elite. The same power elite that closed ranks to shut out Ron Paul, with the help of ALL the other Republican candidates.

What to do ??

It seems pretty obvious to us. The Republican machine is vast. Long-time Republican supporters need to be reached. They can’t be reached if the Democratic contenders spend all their efforts fighting each other. They need to be leaders, and develop a plan to take the White House. Right now … it’s a street fight and it is needs to end on a high note with a unified party reflective of the people … not the power brokers. Even if it’s make believe for a while – it’s better than what we have now.

Hillary Clinton Going Negative on Obama : Republicans Outsmarting Democrats Again

6 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA – By Binx101

Clinton Understands the Math – So Does GOP – So Does Obama

mathSo do we and we’re floored by the lack of savvy by leading Democrats. Then again, we’ve watched them do it time and time again. But mostly, Hillary Clinton’s comfort with negative attack ads may be a cathartic for her … but is it good for Democrats. Well, obviously Clinton Democrats think that’s the case – but what about the case for party unity and fairness.

Clinton Camp Very Comfortable Negative – Obama Seen as Slow to Respond

Well, that was the buzz from around the talking heads yesterday – no doubt very carefully seeded controversy by the Clinton campaign. But is it actually fair to label Barack Obama as slow to respond because he doesn’t actually do ‘dirty’ very well. How can one use an equal amount of negativity in order to dampen Hillary without completely abandoning a message of hope?

He would be a fool if he played someone else’s game. Eventually, over the course of thechess.jpg next couple of weeks the dust will settle and calculators will come out. The Superdelegates are going to start resenting the aggressive arm-twisting by Bill Clinton and Hillary’s endorsement of John McCain will be viewed as the political threat as it that was intended, to new Democratic Party Upstarts. Memories of Boss Jim Taylor (second time I referenced this today) in the Capra Movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” come to mind.

Mostly though, the best possible response that Obama can provide is exactly what comes natural to him. It was only a couple of months ago that John McCain was not even considered viable. Yesterday the POTUS tap danced on the back porch as waited for the septuagenarian to find the White House.

Democrats Dangerously Divided

Would you advise Barack Obama to have a Hillary “shame on you” moment? We certainly don’t advocate it. We think the Clinton campaign can add just fine and they are waging this campaign in an effort to threaten the Democratic electorate into accepting a joint ticket.


The talking heads love this – without exception. Even our most trusted voices are shooting their mouths off like a crowd on the floor of NYSE. It’s bizarre. They haven’t a clue but now even the last hopefuls have offered their conclusions.

“Obama must slam back or he’ll be called a chicken ! ”

“Hillary can’t let up now – she’s surging!”

“The hell with the election – lets drive mid-grounders to the GOP!”

“Joint Ticket Now !”

Phooey! Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the same ticket is a long shot. They would look to be a complete mismatch in philosophy, strategy and in timbre. While she keeps hinting at it … the Obama message has been essentially clear, that it isn’t on the table by dismissing it as not under consideration at this time.

Democratic Strategy – Empower McCain??

Folks, that’s how Paul Hackett was denied a Congressional Seat in Ohio, How Dennis Kucinich was nearly thrown to the Wolves and how both Bushes were elected. Everything from Willie Horton, the Howard Dean Scream, Gary Hart’s lap, and Jimmy Carter’s Rabbit swimming attack, were brought to you by other Democrats.

The Obama campaign has been a delightful departure from the awful Dem on Dem bloodsport that so many of the career political mercenaries have created as a cash turbine for themselves., irrespective of the damage it does to the process. We also feel that it would be highly unlikely to see him tap dancing outside the White House with nothing to do but wait for a Politician. That’s like Crazy Uncle Nunzio waiting for the paperboy. Highly unlikely … indeed.

There’s still hope though.

Obama Connects the Dots : Clinton Draws Distinctiions

Party platform, notwithstanding, there is a lot of difference between the approaches of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. So much so, that this may very well be the most important popularity contest of all time. The breakdown of voters displayed by CNN is most revealing (for popularity purposes that is) even if the broadcasters are rightfully struggling to explain them. CNN has done the most to put the information in a simple and useful form. See the <CNN Election Center – Wisconsin Results > Likewise, John King, CNN Political Analyst did a nice job in explaining the trend lines and what they mean. He compared it to an investment in a 401K and it was actually a very simple an effective explanation. No doubt, in a society of diverse opinion, access and potential influence, someone will decry “foul.” Nonetheless, The Almost Daily Binx applauds CNN for delivering useful information in an effective manner – despite the fact that they domicile Larry King.

That brings us to the central point. It seems as though Barack is energized beyond the confines of the typical candidacy, is connecting with most young people and according to much of the information – white males in comparison to Hillary. Hillary commands leads, although narrow, over women in general but the definitely the 60+ group.

That being said, Obama is generating excitement and for the most part – Hillary is generating a lot of mixed activity. Now this isn’t a landslide but if Obama continues to trend in this manner, there won’t be any need for the convention other than unifying the party.

Wait! Unifying the party ?? No easy task.

The Democratic Leadership Committee is dysfunctional – The Democratic National Committee is all about seniority and a ledger of favors – general party politics accounting that is – Hillary Clinton for President is all about DLC/DNC and Obama for President is comparatively brand new. We’ve seen what the ‘party’ will do to those that don’t fall in line. I’ll bore you to tears with stories of them leaving Kucinich to face well funded opposition in Ohio … and what they did to Paul Hackett when he didn’t yield to the DLC and ran in Ohio. He lost to Jean Schmidt by 3.5%. He got no help from the national Democratic Leaders such as Schumer and the DLC crowd that support Hillary. With even a modicum of help – Hackett would have had a great victory -but – they didn’t like his anti-war comments and he didn’t seem like the kind of card carrying party guy the leadership was counting on … so … what to do ??? Nothing else to but – get the Republican elected. They’ve done it more than once. They even managed to assist the Republicans in getting Lieberman re-elected in Connecticut after he didn’t get the nomination by not kicking in to the race because it’s wasn’t important enough. Every wonder how Russ Feingold feels about that ??

Well, The Almost Daily Binx has great hopes for the next Presidential election if the Democrats don’t implode and rig the nomination for Hillary and cause a breaking of the party – don’t count on it – but don’t rule it out. If she were an apparent front runner – that would be something else. But, with the former President as her bull-dog and the coffers and support of the DLC at her aid – Harold Ford, Jr. falling over himself because of his aspirations in a Clinton White House – and the fact that Obama’s message is unifying in contrast with Hillary’s polarizing tendency – not to mention that Clinton represents the AARP version of politics and not the energized set – its starting to become clear that Obama’s plan to simply ignore the fact that Hillary is running is a useful tactic. It certainly has the Republicans energized because they want to run against Hillary. Simply stated, its their only chance to potentially win. Our opinion is that Hillary is beatable by a Republican – Barack is not. Then again – we’re only virtual.