Clinton and Clinton: Politics of Personal Self-Destruction

– The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx101

Night and Day

But the single most damaging elements of the Hillary campaign have been her own – usually unscripted – words.

Cole Porter may have immortalized the tune – singing of undying love; however the night and day of Obama and Clinton politics decry polar opposites with nary a shred of love.  While the differences between the two camps are dramatic – they are nonetheless, predictable.  On this Memorial Day week-end, replete with non-stop broadcasts of WWII themed cinema, one could envision the Clinton battleship intercom summoning damage control and launching countermeasures.  The sad fact, however, is that the damage to the Clinton battleship is directly attributable to poor seamanship and the most damaging blows have come from its own guns.

The Obama camp has issued only one official statement with regards to the latest Clinton gaffe, using June as a political month in which anything can happen, declaring it to have “no place in this race” and “unfortunate.” Of course, the arguably fatal allegory, including  turn-around historical events such as the tragic murder of RFK, has ignited incredible acrimony among mid-grounders and has launched a diving contest of Super-delegates off-the-fence.  The rebuke of Hillary’s incredibly insensitive comment has led many to question her campaign’s rhetoric of her Stately prowess.

Not unlike the Titanic, the Clinton battleship was outfitted with less life-boats than were necessary, because of a false sense of security regarding the ship’s integrity, structural superiority and quality of construction.  There was little consideration of the Captain’s and Crews’ seamanship to plot a course that would safely deliver its payload in an effective and meaningful manner, relying carelessly on outdated maps and retired Admirals to sail uncharted waters.  Many refer to this carelessness as a claim  of ‘entitlement’ that emanates from the bowels of the Democratic Leadership Committee – a modern study in political hubris. But the single most damaging elements of the Hillary campaign have been her own – usually unscripted – words.

Hillary Blames Obama Campaign – Bill Clinton: Plays the Pity Card

What we hear is Bill Clinton complaining that Hillary is paying for his sins

In a widely predicted flourish of countermeasures, Hillary Clinton accused Barack Obama of driving a misunderstanding regarding her latest episode of hoof-in-mouth disease, and the ensuing media melee.  Truth be told – Obama spokespersons were in unison around all media most demonstrably steering clear of the maelstrom created by Clinton’s own words.  Almost like clockwork, the Clinton machine of Democratic Dinosaurs has been reverting to type and offering arguments that the Obama campaign has shaped the media and general public’s perception of her comments.  If this were possible, we suggest that the Clinton campaign would have been over on February 5th, 2008.

Despite numerous comments by Barack Obama, supporting the legitimacy of a protracted primary race, thus offering no support to those demanding she drop out – the Clinton campaign has been relentless in launching ad hominem attacks against Obama and apparently engaging in paranormal mathematics.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton has engaged in another dimension by declaring that Hillary Clinton is being treated unfairly.  Understandably, one contestant will win and one will lose, but to listen to Bill Clinton – the mixed race, Barack Hussein Obama has had more favorable treatment.  Not unlike his colleague and Clinton operative Gerri Ferraro, who decried that Obama already had an advantage because he was a black male ( a conclusion that may eventually earn Ferraro a well deserved psychological evaluation); Bill Clinton has begun singing a chorus of “Shame on you America for not handing this to Hillary on a silver platter.”

This in itself might be tolerable if not for the fact that Bill Clinton plunged our nation into neocon control of Congress because of his inability to politically manage the Democratic party under his control.  Then, with the judgment of a hormonally dysfunctional high school student, he engaged in sexual dalliances with a young woman, in the White House.  The result of which further unhinged the Democratic party and shifted public opinion to accept that their president was a pathological liar – with a law degree, that might very well hit on ones teenage daughter at a fund-raiser.  What we hear is Bill Clinton complaining that Hillary is paying for his sins – a potential reality that in part, may not be as far-fetched as it appears, but not for the same reasons as he may think.

Campaign Leadership is Prologue

unwavering campaign message, even under severe attack by both McCain and Clinton operatives

Considering the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the startling differences of leadership have been pronounced to the degree that it is reflective not only of their political supporters but an indelible mark of their individual leadership styles and capabilities.  The practices of the Senators have received far more scrutiny than in recent elections, and thus, have been revealing to degree that would have escaped previous presidential races, if not for the unusual nomination contest this year.  Barack Obama, has been the beneficiary of this extended nomination process in our final analysis.

Average Americans that are certain to vote Democratic in the fall have had a glimpse into leadership styles, communication skills and the ability to manage a cohesive message.  Team building, as a very important component of executive leadership skills, have also been Night and Day. The dramatically different leadership styles and subsequent results from a team perspective are evident in the exponential growth of Obama’s supporters from grassroots beginnings – in contrast to Clinton’s campaign that has been borne from party elders in the NY Democratic machine coupled with National party elders that were very comfortable with more-of-the-same.

We respectfully submit that the Hillary Clinton campaign is terminal not because of Team Clinton’s assertions of unfairness, sexism, etc… but rather the fact that Obama’s lack of political ballast of Democratic Dinosaurs, his working knowledge as a Professor of Constitutional law; and, his ability to inspire and deliver an unwavering campaign message, even under severe attack by both McCain and Clinton operatives, has continually propelled Obama.  In addition the youth movement that has gained considerably more momentum will be very important to the future of our Nation’s healing process.

We further submit that the youth of our Nation have every right to be a deciding component in choosing the next president of the United States considering the fact that the current president has squandered our reputation, squandered many American lives and squandered our treasury’s surplus, largely at the expense of the next two generations.  As a Nation we have seen what tenured political leadership has delivered as a largely uninspired electorate stood by idly, addicted to chest pounding and fairy-tales.  Indeed they have every right to weigh in on the change in our political leadership.


Dennis Kucinich – Why Everyone Should Help Him in Ohio

Rep. Kucinich is a patriot. He is though, not very popular among: the neo-cons since he represents the Constitutional antithesis of their beliefs; or stalwart old school Dems because he is a thorn in their side – putting truth before things that are politically more favorable. He’s also not particularly favored by those that worked diligently to change the mindset of the American public to think that its Health Insurance reform we need – and not a complete construction of a Health Care system.

Kucinich has not shied away from one significant issue – even the deadly ones. To that end he’s fearless and tireless. He’s also done the American public a great service by displaying good humor, fine manners and not once – even in the face of insulting treatment by the corporate media, mis-characterization by alleged compatriots in Congress and virtual summary dismissal by the Democratic National Committee – has he ever whined about the treatment. He deserves our respect as Americans irrespective of his political provenance.

He went into the Presidential race with a commitment second to none. Endlessly trying to get the American public to recognize that the fundamentals of our Constitution have been obliterated by the current Presidential Administration. The facts are that there are scores of Congressional investigations underway right now, partly because of Kucinich’s vociferous and public ‘on the record’ comments.

The DNC however, sees him as an annoyance. A whistle blower. While his local Democratic leaders and supporters hold him in very high esteem – it is apparent that the DNC would rather risk losing his seat to a Republican than to push resources and support his way. I mentioned in a previous column that they taught Paul Hackett this lesson in 2004 in his race against Republican Jean Schmidt – most notable for her calling John Murtha and those that oppose the war – cowards. The DNC told Hackett – you’re on your own and didn’t lift a finger to help.

Let’s help an American Patriot and at the same time send a message to the stale, the distanced and the omnipotent Democratic National Committee – that our country and the Patriots are what count – not the befuddling lunacy that currently defines the Democratic National Committee. I’m not even wasting any energy discussing the polarizing and mobster style operations of the Harold Ford Jr. led, Democratic Leadership Committee. We’ll save those anecdotes for when they will be devastating only to the mobster tactics posing as leadership and not the entire family of hard-working Americans who are active politically.

Help Dennis Kucinich get re-elected in Ohio. It doesn’t matter where you live or how much you can help. What does matter is that he needs our help because the Democratic National Committee is working very hard, by doing nothing, to silence dissent. A fundamental essential to a free republic. Don’t let well heeled corporatists take over another seat in Congress

Please help an American Patriot who believes in the Constitution.  Kucinich has repeatedly asserted truth over politics – and he’s lived it.

Link to Dennis Kucinich Website

The comments in this article are editorial comments by The Almost Daily Binx, and should not be construed as approved by Rep. Kucinich 0r his re-election campaign.