John McCain: The ‘Low-Information’ Candidate

I was requested to re-post this article that was written during his Presidential run against President Obama – VAC
30 October 2008

Weapons-grade contempt

One need not be detective or forensic scientist to determine the extent of the weapons-grade contempt emitting from John McCain.  The list of recipients is endless.  While the non-stop tirade begins and ends with the “media” it’s the other accusations that are startling reminders of John McCain’s profound lack of leadership skill, his shudderingly feckless statesmanship and his blatant and purposeful dishonesty in his campaign rhetoric.  McCain’s lead among low information voters is not only because he has pandered to them by appealing to the remnants of our National disgrace, but the fact that he is the ‘low-information’ candidate.

Meanwhile, moving in a consistent and progressive manner, Barack Obama does not respond to McCain’s routinely personally offensive talking points.  In fact, Obama never mentions Sara Palin, and only mentions McCain’s name when associating him with policies that he’s supported.   No personal attacks, no inferences of subversive activity.  Most surprisingly, McCain who has staggered through some very questionable professional relationships, has apparently not sobered up enough to realize that he has probably finished himself as an American statesman, period.

Lost the Media Friends

John McCain, of late, has complained about the press – something he didn’t generally do.  The problems between McCain and the press occurred in a number of events with different people that decided that it was time to ask John McCain real questions since he was waging a war against the survivor of the modern history’s longest Democratic race.  There was much more on the table and without question demonstrable differences between the candidates in demeanor, education, life experience and political experience.

Apparently though, John McCain’s witty remarks and warm gestures to junior and senior journalists, treating them like the neighbors puppies, was not going to sell this time around.  There was a public demanding information – and McCain had a endless stream of banalities, slogans and generalizations – but often his facts were wrong at the first, second and even third attempts and reexplaining himself.  Each juncture resulting in another journalist losing their seat on the McCain traveling press corps for asking a question that was not on the McCain preferred question list.  While there is no real list – one would surely realize when they asked a question that didn’t appear on the non-existent list as the Straight-Jacket Express would figuratively leave them sitting in the middle of nowhere while it sped away.

Not Mavericks – Desperadoes

The most remarkable example of how John McCain equates campaigning to war.  Most clearly he’s adopted a plan that isn’t from the ‘Dao of Strategy’ but only from the ‘Dao of War.’  In doing so he has conflated military actions with political campaigns and he and his minions have set their sights on destroying Barack Obama.  While it’s true, politics does use military terminology, including the word campaign, it is about ideas – not blood. The critical mistake he’s (McCain) made is that it is quite apparent that the American public does not aspire to be like John McCain, but are more attracted to the persona and temperament of Barack Obama.

This goes to one central point – that being the primary obligations of the next President.  Team builder, confidence builder, critical thinker, calm and careful consideration and a keen intellect.  With all due respect, as shamefully small as that amount may be – John McCain possesses none of these qualities.  Obama rises to all of them and it simply means there is no choice for the American electorate to make – John McCain has made that most emphatically clear.

Just Do It

It has been my pleasure to talk with readers, friends and loved ones. A very few in disagreemnet with my judgment, and to them I simply state – it’s time to give it up.  I heard the story about life-long Republican support, frankly there have been enough career politicians that are Republicans and supporting Obama to shatter your argument.  I’ve heard about silly ramblings about free-lunches.  Sadly, there is no shred of truth to equate Obama with free-lunches, that is a silly argument that Herbert Hoover will forever have as a legacy.  And lastly, it was a collective hubris that got us into this mess.  It was many of us thinking that we were more important than our neighbor and going to great lengths and expense to prove it – so much in fact that we’ve consumed ourselves into a very unhealthy state.  Our egos are long out of the reach of our economics and our faith in religions that preach about walled communities have created division where there was none.  It is time for us to act like intelligent beings that hope to heal society so that there is an equality in opporunity.  In that case our next discussion will be about personal responsibility – but now is not the time for that discussion to be the focus.  You know that the right thing to do – even if you have a lot invested in thinking otherwise.  Just do it and stop wasting your energy on your ego – just pitch in – we need to do this together.


WestWave99 (A vociferous Ron Paul Supporter) responds.

Just for clarity – The Almost Daily Binx is non-partisan. Binx101 is, but not the Blog – we welcome our contributors and we’ll feature and discuss subjects with open minds. This is not a campaign stop for anyone. This, however, is as much about Ron Paul’s treatment as it is about the media that routinely mistreats him in order to influence what Milton Friedman described as, the ‘invisible arm of the market,’ albeit, in this case attached to the body politique. (WestWave99 is a contributor to The Almost Daily Binx)

The original comment to WestWave99 from Gary:
I’m not patronizing you when I say that Ron Paul’s comments about the inane silliness of the McCain-Romney on non-issues was one of the few points of reason and intelligence expressed. He also made salient arguments on other “real” issues and I was turned off by the way he was ignored and cut off by the moderator.
A voice crying in the wilderness with fundamental reason and wisdom, we just don’t listen, do we……..?

WestWave99 responds:

This was the only debate I didn’t watch. I did tape it, but after reading about the debate on-line, how he was marginalized, I haven’t been able to watch it. In 90 minutes, he got 5 questions and his answers were cut-off. I did see the clip of the debate of his answer to the question about McCain’s comment about 100 years on Iraq.
Check out what they did in the Tennessean today. Scroll down the page, and look at the newspaper coverage of the election. We’re down to only four GOP candidates, but the paper says there’s only three:
Never mind that when Paul spoke here, he rallied 1600+ Tennesseans. Never mind that you see signs everywhere for Paul and none for any other candidate. Never mind that Rand Paul has been all over TN campaigning for his Dad. Never mind that he is the only candidate with a campaign HQ.

As a Paul supporter who has followed all news coverage of the election, I’m not surprised about the last debate. Since the primaries started in Iowa, and then New Hampshire, there has been a media “black-out” of my hero, Ron Paul. No mention of taking 2nd in Nevada, no mention of winning first place at the Alabama state GOP convention by receiving 2/3rd’s of the delegate votes on the first ballot. No mention of second place at the Louisiana caucus despite having 500 Ron Paul votes illegally nullified by the state GOP party. Our delegates did in fact register before the deadline and yet were not counted. Had they been counted we would have taken first place. No mention of 2nd place at the Maine caucus on Saturday. Here’s a short article on the black-out, but there are many more:

The question is WHY?

And the answer to that is Ron Paul’s fundamental platform which challenges the stranglehold on our society by the war cartel, the banking cartel, the pharmaceutical/HMO cartel, and the media cartel, just to name a few.

The reality is that a vote for any other candidate, including Obama, is a vote for the status quo; big business subsidies, big government, more war, big taxes, big deficits, and big assaults on our constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Ron Paul Revolution is not about Ron Paul. Ron frequently makes this statement and his supporters concur. It’s an intellectual revolution. He’s been an educator for more than 30 years. And our bid for the White House is in reality an effort by his legions of fans to get Americans educated about the virtues of freedom, liberty, constitutionally constrained government, sound money, economic reform, personal responsibility, and shutting down the welfare/warfare state, before the collapse of our monetary system occurs. The national debt is nearly 10 trillion dollars. Bush is now preparing a 3 trillion budget to send to congress for 09′, and the democrats are clamoring to get elected and “roll out” their new national health care insurance plan. Who will pay for it? You and me. But bear in mind that we haven’t yet even funded the prescription drug benefit plan. No one wanted the Rx drug plan, not even the seniors. So why did congress pass it? Because it was “pay back time” to Big Pharma who contributed heavily to Bush’s campaign coffers in Y2K and 04′.

You might ask, What’s Going On Here? Why the fear mongering? Why the war mongering? Who’s in charge, calling the shots, controls Big Media, censors/filters the information flow, what’s their agenda & why?

I cannot answer all of those questions for you. But if you are inquisitive and find your curiosity piqued, read the book I gave you, and then learn more what my hero has to say,

That’s enough reading material for at least two years. There’s more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.