Gov. Spitzer Set-up? More to Eliot Mess Story?

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– Originally pubished – 11 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, Ca, by Binx101

Is Prostitution Prosecutor being Persecuted ?

“… he did knowingly transport and hire the hooker … “

Spitzer swearing inNot a full day has passed before the story seems to already have gotten thrown off (or perhaps ‘on’) the rails. We think that the countermeasures were predictable. There is an article at Raw Story that is more revealing, but not convincing. In brief, the story suggests that Scott Horton, NY Attorney and Harper’s contributor believes Gov. Spitzer was set up. We think Raw Story just wanted to scoop because they didn’t even use Horton’s first name in the article. Right there was a tip-off.

Secondly and maybe even more revealing, the article features a picture of Horton, not Spitzer. We think that this is more revealing about the purpose of the original article as a way to self promote Horton than to point to any definable plot against Spitzer. After all … he did knowingly transport and hire the hooker, no ? He did confess to having, at least, disappointed his family and State, no ? But to listen to Horton’s suggestion, he thinks Spitzer should be invoking the ‘Shaggy’ defense “It Wasn’t Me!” We think Horton’s premise is a self-aggrandizing attempt to throw his name in the political spotlight.

Sad But True

“… didn’t require the skill of Sherlock Holmes …”

As for the original report by Brian Ross at ABC, it was a good and the many other reportsHolmes have made it clear that Spitzer was the object of the investigation and that suspicious money transfers were the original object of the investigation. It is not difficult to understand, certainly for a crime fighting prosecutor, that criminal investigations are a continuous set of theories that lead professionals in various directions. It doesn’t matter whether its a U.S. Attorney or Daschell Hammett – everyone with a pulse over the age of 12 pretty much understands this global reality. This didn’t require the skill of Sherlock Holmes to uncover. Perhaps he and his wife have an understanding. No doubt they do now.

At the Speed of Might

“… paranoia would have served him as a better mistress.”

We think it highly likely that Spitzer has made an enormous cast of enemies in his rise to power. He has been noted for a fierce fighting style and he has been quoted by a list of Msters Bookdetractors – having made direct threats about prosecuting prominent evil-doers. We think paranoia would have served him as a better mistress. In an instant, the Eliot Spitzer has become a household name that will likely be the new “Hypocrite” for a time.

While Spitzer would have to prefer being defined by his successes, as he is portrayed in a highly flattering Eliot Ness-ish portrayal of an avuncular crime fighter in Brooke Masters’ book: Spoiling for a Fight – The Rise of Eliot Spitzer; we are loathe to think of the next books that will sum up the corporate rocking Governor Spitzer because he, essentially, cheated on his wife and hired very expensive hookers.

The Political Process Will Pay the Price

“… everyone’s vision will be obscured by the political food fight.”

Make no mistake about it, allegations will fly – novels will be written and a few fortunes made over Eliot Spitzer’s indiscretions and quite possibly, crimes. It’s the very fuel the that keeps the lights burning so that as we stare at the fire – Washington insiders are busy shredding the Constitution. He’s a Democrat and before long some bloated Right Wing hate monger is going to reveal that he once dated Hillary and before long the Left will respond and everyone’s vision will be obscured by the political food fight.

So Eliot Spitzer’s romp was more than just a whipped cream and a trip on Amtrak. This was a harpoon to Democratic Politics and a further leg-up to the neo-cons, who have hijacked the Republican Party and replaced it with politicians – the likes of highly offensive and disturbing Rep. Steven King of Iowa, or Rep. Jack Kingston of GA, two of the House’s most blatant graffiti artists, who will, most assuredly, tie this into Barack Obama’s middle name.


Spitzer Resigns – Ferraro Maligns – Clinton Declines – Barack Defines

-12 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx101

Eliot Spitzer – Doubles Over

“… many think he invented crimes that didn’t occur. “

The acceleration of gravity – ( 9.80665 m/s2 ) may just sound like numbers in a text book, but to anyone that has witnessed the effects of gravity on bodies in motion, the effects are unmistakable. Its clear that Eliot Spitzer didn’t have to remember the names and faces of the folks he passed on the way up … because in the whir of his decline, they would hardly be recognizable.


While this is a very sad story for politically tenuous NY, it is a great reminder that the disease of Hubris is agnostic politically. The believing of one’s own marketing collateral tends to be the first tip-off. Just short of walking around New York State in a Cape, the former Attorney General (now former Governor) was a media darling and bubble burster. He made news. In fact, many think he invented crimes that didn’t occur.

Geraldine Ferraro – Doubles Down

“… going out of her way in order to keep the spotlight on this debacle”

From our frightening but true desk, we learn that cantankerous Fox Contributor and former Democratic VP Candidate Geraldine Ferraro is crying foul. Even though she came within 4 milliseconds of calling Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, ‘uppity’, she maintains that she has been taken out of context.

We’ve read the transcripts, we’ve listened the broadcasts and we’ve listened to theferraro denials. We believe that she is correct. She has been taken out of context because if one were to put them completely in context, Geraldine Ferraro would not be seen as quite the Liberal champion of rights that she portrayed herself as the child of immigrants years ago in her speech at the Democratic Convention.  A simple explanation without the rough edge and a kind word would have put this away for good. But Geraldine Ferraro, seems to be going out of her way in order to keep the spotlight on this debacle, using her experience in a Presidential election as the foundation for her strategy.

Hillary Clinton – Double Dares

“… showed far more savvy by not reacting …”

Apparently what’s good for the gander is not good for the goose. Not that this adage is really at play, but we did find it odd that Barack Obama accepted the resignation so quickly of Samantha Power over the “monster” gaffe. Hillary showed far more savvy by not reacting other than to use, good friend and colleague Sen John McCain’s approach to this – by distancing herself from the sentiment but remaining engaged with the person. We think it was the right thing to do – from a collegial perspective, however considering that Ferraro has nothing to lose, a case of laryngitis for Geraldine might be just what the doctor ordered for Hillary.


Hillary took a not unexpected beating in Mississippi yesterday. The Senator from NY made no bones about it, but probably didn’t help things much when she announced “On to Pennsylvania” after the Texas and Ohio races, all but acknowledging that Mississippi was actually a State in the Union.

Barack Obama – Doubles Digits

“He should always smile – no matter what he has to say.”

Obama reigned over Clinton in Mississippi, continuing his dominance in smaller States where the Democratic Machine is not as powerful.  Highly motivated voting along ethnic lines was another observation, sadly, in this Southern State with an abundance of ‘esses.’

baracksmile.jpgBarack Obama does seem to be  smiling again, much more than over the last few days.  Our observation has been, that no matter what he has to say, it always sounds better when he’s smiling.    It’s a confidence thing.  He also is not particularly good at delivering a hammer.  The Clinton and McCain camps know this very well.  If anything undoes the Obama candidacy it will be him listening to well meaning but overly enthusiastic pundits who feel he must retaliate.  It is a losing strategy.  It is playing defense and it is not a game he does well.  He should always smile – no matter what he has to say.

Eliot Spitzer : Do As I Say …

10 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA, by Binx101

We Thought We Couldn’t be Dumbfounded Anymore

… a conviction against public enemy and interior decorator Martha Stewart

spitzer.jpgOh yes, it’s a private matter when the nation is informed that one of its more vociferous Governors of one of the most recognized States in the World, has just gotten his cover … suffice it to say that his dalliances in procuring prostitutes is no longer a private affair. Spitzer would be best served by not talking about it again. However, how will he avoid being prosecuted under the same law he so meticulously and endlessly pursued in order to get a conviction against public enemy and interior decorator Martha Stewart?

It was quite clear that the then Attorney General of NY State knew she didn’t do anythingMartha S other than what her broker told her to do. She wouldn’t take a deal to put him in jail so they retaliated. Just the thing one needs for one’s resume when planning a run at the big house in Albany. He even trumped-up the charges further by adding Fraud because she took the step, under the law, to declare her innocence. For declaring her innocence, he charged her with Fraud. Legal scholars around the country were shaking their heads at this and the fact that Spitzer was using White Papers about the economic impact of Mutual Funds as the connection that would make Martha Stewart an insider … which she wasn’t.

Well …. what goes around …. comes around (pardon the insensitivity) and considering the possible solicitation and Mann Act charges, we are truly dumbfounded.

Just What the Extreme Right Needed

“… the Democratic Party is like riding the Cyclone at Coney Island”


You know they will, since Hillary has received enthusiastic and apparently genuine support from Spitzer and the NY Dem Machine. What could she possibly say except shrug her shoulders like the rest of us. No doubt though, there will be jokes about phone calls with Hillary and Silda and the inevitable SNL sketch about the same.

The extreme Right can always count on a Democrat to hand them the help they need when they most need it. It never fails. We’re not energetic enough to post the montage of Democrats shooting themselves in the foot, or waiting until the last minute to tell their colleagues that they’re switching parties. Sometimes the Democratic Party is like riding the Cyclone at Coney Island.

(Special Thanks to Louis M. and Ron S. for the nudge)