Obama: Brand Consistent

Singular Temperament

more revealing of their own lack of discernment and lust for blood-sport.

As a study in leadership, the Obama campaign has been a stunning example of effective leadership and dedicated team building.  This may have as much to do with those creating the message, as it does with those carrying the message.  Supporters, most visibly consisting of the broadest representation of Democrats and Independents, is demonstrably different in composition than the opposing Clinton campaign, and this is repeatedly evident in the arguments between the campaigns,  and the manner in which the respective groups entreaty the electorate.

The Clinton team had routinely been very aggressive and media savvy in packaging and executing each argument, often optioning media opportunities to preview potential major assaults and empowering those that fared well.  The high priced marketing gurus of the Clinton campaign would then, apply resources to arguments that fared well in their crafty focus group approach.  Since the myriad of info-tainment channels are clamoring for content – the campaign professionals would have been remiss to not capitalize on opportunities.  However, after a series of missteps by Senator Clinton, those media opportunities became the testing ground for plausible defences instead of a potential glimpses of policy and values initiatives.

Conversely, the Obama campaign has not altered its strategies, however, it is duly noted that tactically, they have maneuvered the campaign in such a way as to control their own message by not operating from the defensive posture.  In fact, the campaign has demonstrated a patience via a confident pause, which almost without fail, has permitted its attackers to bloody themselves by not protecting themselves from the ricochet of their own dangerous assertions.

Often this patience has been misinterpreted by the corporate media as not effective.  Calls from the info-tainment glitterati and political pundits alike for Obama to hit back and hit hard – have been wide off the mark. Although, to date, not one of the millionaire club of broadcasters has admitted that their poor assessment of Obama’s strategy was more revealing of their own lack of discernment and lust for blood-sport.

Hope Springs Eternal

Geraldine Ferraro began to talk so much, no one wanted to hear her anymore and everyone was encouraging her to seek counseling

The message of hope from the Obama campaign, was never cavalierly tossed about as the Clinton Campaign asserted.  Again, Hillary Clinton, in a show of hubris and frustration, mocked Obama’s message of hope; yet, the single most devastating blow to Clinton, was delivered by her own words as the public, press and youth rejected her argument, chastised her and punished her campaign for the sophomoric and sarcastic speech in which she mocked not only the Obama message, but the sentiments of millions of voters that believe that his message is precisely what is missing from the political landscape.

While Hillary may have had a few seconds of immediate gratification from her animated assault on hope… she paid a heavy price, since shortly thereafter, a number of prominent figures declared for Obama, directly attributing their timing as expressive of their belief that Senator Clinton had convinced them that Obama was the only choice. Further evidenced by the Clinton campaign, again changing its message, reapplying ‘Change’ throughout the campaign and distancing itself from their own assault on Obama.

The Clinton campaign, expensively staffed with marketing magnates, political warfare strategists and Democratic party dinosaurs struggles to maintain a degree of power and relevance even though their politics is obsolete and partly responsible for our present demise.   Geraldine Ferraro, a perfect example of the Clinton dinosaurs, took any opportunity to speak on a myriad of TV news outlets in order to promote her own brand and further call into question Hillary Clinton’s leadership and campaign message.

The pundits, with fingers crossed, tossing hands of coins into fountains and wishing-wells, didn’t get their wish. Obama would not take the bait.  He would not be foolish enough to engage.  By simply exercising a little patience, just like her candidate – Geraldine Ferraro began to talk so much, no one wanted to hear her anymore and everyone was encouraging her to seek counseling, since her conclusions and assertions betrayed any facade of mental health she had previously enjoyed.

A Positive Mentality

They seldom overreact, they seldom express contentious issues with contentious language.

The singular most damaging mistake Obama opponents have made is confusing a positive message with a positive mentality.  It is flaw in critical thinking that further distinguishes the candidates and their respective teams.  The differences are stunning.

The Clinton team has given every indication that they essentially have no plan to win the nomination other than encouraging their supporters to be anti-Obama, asserting that the Obama campaign has called for her to step down.  While this may create enough distracting buzz, it is not without permanent damage to the party and to herself politically.

Conversely, Obama’s team consistently delivers an upbeat message.  They are focused on the Republican Party opposition and apparently trust the DNC to solve the MI and FL debate, which includes Obama representation.  They have managed to keep the issues separate and distinct from matters of governance, public policy and international relations.  Moreover, they have avoiding conflating political issues with public policy issues, another overwhelming shortcoming of Clinton’s leadership.

However, most clearly, the Obama team practices a mature methodology that minimizes negativity by expressing thoughts in a positive manner.  It is evidenced in the language of the campaign, in the demeanor of the campaigners and in the words of Obama.  The messages put out by the Obama campaign and the results of that message were not a secret.  The campaign has trained quite openly.  They seldom overreact, they seldom express contentious issues with contentious language.  They always react in a predictable manner that  apparently continues to frustrate his detractors and win over more supporters.


Obama Speech: Poised, Precise, Powerful

-18 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx101


 “… the very first word that passed his lips was ‘We.’ “

“We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.” This was the first line spoken during the recent speech of Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama – the first sentence of the preamble of the U.S. Constitution.  One would be hard-pressed to find a self-sustaining piointing-obama.jpgmoderately competent individual that wouldn’t be listening keenly to the words to follow with a degree of patience.

In our opinion, this is what sets this leader apart from the field, by a wide margin.  In the heat of controversy, all of which is about other people’s words or other people’s deeds, Obama managed to capture attention by leading not only with an historical American epistle, but the very first word that passed his lips was ‘We.’   The Preamble to the Constitution is recognizable to Amreicans devoid of politics or heritage and the mere simplicity set the tone for a speech that was not about outrage – but about understanding.


“The new visibility, may just impact the reality of the heavily Clinton favored Pennsylvania primary, in a way her camp had not considered.”

He then, didn’t move the discussion away from Rev. Wright’s highly provocative words from the pulpit, but rather steered directly into it.  The Pastor’s words have been largely the focus of the media and the Clinton political operatives Mark Penn and Howard Wolfson have been considering the controversy to be just the party Pinata they needed to sweeten up thier odds.


Unfortunately, it may turn out that instead of a Pinata, they’ve handed Barack Obama the opportunity to be visible in yet another way that is likely to widen his lead.  The new visibility, may just impact the reality of the heavily Clinton favored Pennsylvania primary, in a way her camp had not considered.


“… a lesson in respect of which a battle fatigued electorate desperately needs.”

Obama’s speech never deviated from the posed arguments from political operatives. He even cogently and skillfully disarmed (mentally competent) detractors by equating Wright’s comments with those of Geraldine Ferraro, making it difficult to create a different argument for each of their words, and in fact, dismissing both of them as relics of their own relevance in the current conversation.


As usual, his words were hopeful and some of the most powerful and healthy rhetoric our Nation has heard in decades.  Newscasters were visibly moved as the powerful delivery left them searching for description.  MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was hit his professional high with concise and sober summary.  We hope the rest of the MSNBC team reacts ‘in kind’ instead of cheer-leading or storming the gates of reason.

The CNN team was a bit overwhelmed and in need of hand fans, but while they may have taken a brief respite from broadcast demeanor – it was indicative of the powerful speech in which many “Newsies” thought that the U.S. Senator from Illinois was going to distance himself from Rev. Wright.  Howeer, he very eloquently and directly responded by delivering a lesson in respect of which a battle fatigued electorate desperately needs. Perhaps we will not have to suffer the continous loop of Rev. Wright and Geraldine Ferraro’s comments in the coming weeks.

The entire speech can be read at this Raw Story Link.

Spitzer Resigns – Ferraro Maligns – Clinton Declines – Barack Defines

-12 Mar 08, The Almost Daily Binx, San Jose, CA; by Binx101

Eliot Spitzer – Doubles Over

“… many think he invented crimes that didn’t occur. “

The acceleration of gravity – ( 9.80665 m/s2 ) may just sound like numbers in a text book, but to anyone that has witnessed the effects of gravity on bodies in motion, the effects are unmistakable. Its clear that Eliot Spitzer didn’t have to remember the names and faces of the folks he passed on the way up … because in the whir of his decline, they would hardly be recognizable.


While this is a very sad story for politically tenuous NY, it is a great reminder that the disease of Hubris is agnostic politically. The believing of one’s own marketing collateral tends to be the first tip-off. Just short of walking around New York State in a Cape, the former Attorney General (now former Governor) was a media darling and bubble burster. He made news. In fact, many think he invented crimes that didn’t occur.

Geraldine Ferraro – Doubles Down

“… going out of her way in order to keep the spotlight on this debacle”

From our frightening but true desk, we learn that cantankerous Fox Contributor and former Democratic VP Candidate Geraldine Ferraro is crying foul. Even though she came within 4 milliseconds of calling Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, ‘uppity’, she maintains that she has been taken out of context.

We’ve read the transcripts, we’ve listened the broadcasts and we’ve listened to theferraro denials. We believe that she is correct. She has been taken out of context because if one were to put them completely in context, Geraldine Ferraro would not be seen as quite the Liberal champion of rights that she portrayed herself as the child of immigrants years ago in her speech at the Democratic Convention.  A simple explanation without the rough edge and a kind word would have put this away for good. But Geraldine Ferraro, seems to be going out of her way in order to keep the spotlight on this debacle, using her experience in a Presidential election as the foundation for her strategy.

Hillary Clinton – Double Dares

“… showed far more savvy by not reacting …”

Apparently what’s good for the gander is not good for the goose. Not that this adage is really at play, but we did find it odd that Barack Obama accepted the resignation so quickly of Samantha Power over the “monster” gaffe. Hillary showed far more savvy by not reacting other than to use, good friend and colleague Sen John McCain’s approach to this – by distancing herself from the sentiment but remaining engaged with the person. We think it was the right thing to do – from a collegial perspective, however considering that Ferraro has nothing to lose, a case of laryngitis for Geraldine might be just what the doctor ordered for Hillary.


Hillary took a not unexpected beating in Mississippi yesterday. The Senator from NY made no bones about it, but probably didn’t help things much when she announced “On to Pennsylvania” after the Texas and Ohio races, all but acknowledging that Mississippi was actually a State in the Union.

Barack Obama – Doubles Digits

“He should always smile – no matter what he has to say.”

Obama reigned over Clinton in Mississippi, continuing his dominance in smaller States where the Democratic Machine is not as powerful.  Highly motivated voting along ethnic lines was another observation, sadly, in this Southern State with an abundance of ‘esses.’

baracksmile.jpgBarack Obama does seem to be  smiling again, much more than over the last few days.  Our observation has been, that no matter what he has to say, it always sounds better when he’s smiling.    It’s a confidence thing.  He also is not particularly good at delivering a hammer.  The Clinton and McCain camps know this very well.  If anything undoes the Obama candidacy it will be him listening to well meaning but overly enthusiastic pundits who feel he must retaliate.  It is a losing strategy.  It is playing defense and it is not a game he does well.  He should always smile – no matter what he has to say.